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    about the baby acne ollie has it, i thought it had been caused by milk squirting on his face. Is this not the case?



    My Olivia is 11 months and has 2 bottom teeth which she is not afraid to use!! How to I teach her not to bite while nursing?? She is EBF, no pumping since I am a SAHM. I don’t know how to teach her not to bite, and I don’t want to put her on formula for the next month or two, so what do I do?? She has broken the skin a little bit and one side is swollen. thanks



    kelly-roo – I cant even tell you the last time I pumped that much. I have consistently been getting about 2oz when I pump for the last, I’d say 3-4 months. My only solution has been adding more pumps. I wish I could just pump 6oz twice a day and be done. I have to pump 2oz 6-7 times a day!!!



    torybailey: My son has acid reflux and I also had to go off of dairy until he was 10 months old. Dairy takes about two weeks to totally be out of your system so keep that in mind. If your son ends up having reflux they can give him medication to help. But really if he is gaining fine, doesn’t seem to be in pain and has plenty of wet diapers then medication probably won’t be necessary. You might want to google reflux and see if your baby has any other symptoms. But whatever happens don’t let the doctor tell you to switch to formula. First of all the stuff they want you to use is way too expensive and second of all breastmilk is a natural soother to the reflux and way easier for them to digest. If my son wasn’t bf I don’t know how I would have survived the first 6 months.



    We had such a rough night last night!! Me and hubby were both up the baby until like 5 or 6am. It was like nothing would make lil’ Brandon happy. I would nurse him and he seemed content but when I go to lay him down he would wake up again crying. Even when we put him close to our chest and pat his back (usually this would soothe him) he would scream. He was not wet, or hungry. I did not think that he had a gassy tummy b/c he toots ALL day long so I did not think that he had gas trapped in his tummy. We just could not keep him content. Finally I layed down with him craddled in my arms and he slept for a few hours. I do not like to do this because it makes me nervous to sleep with him like that. He has been sleeping in the bed with us but we lay him in his portable soft bassinet. I tried to think back on the things that I ate so see if maybe something in my breastmilk upset him but I could not think of anything that would give him a tummy ache. Yesterday I had a very bad stomach ache but is it possible that could cross over to him?? Have any of you had nights like this??



    ash- you might want to look up nursing stirke online. That sounds like what is happening to me!! My baby and I have been going through the same thing the past week or so… its tough but you will get through it!!



    That is so true on the stocking up on milk at work. The cycle will just repeat it’s self. Thanks for the tips 🙂



    suzm- Girl do I ever hear you. I was the same way. I had to give my son 1 – 2 bottles of formula every day because I only pumped enough for 1 bottle when at work. When I was home with him there were NO issues. He nursed on demand and was happy after each session. I can tell you I had many a day where giving up seemed like the ONLY option. I tried the fenugreek, malted milk, drinking and eating more, soaked oats and all that jazz with NO results. I can proudly say that my son is now 13 months and we are working on self weaning. Once I got to where he was getting cow’s milk and regular food he only nursed at bed time (he has been sleeping through the night since I can’t remember when) and in the morning things got so much easier. We are down to a nightly feed in which some nights when I offer the breast he just pushes it away and cuddles up next to me or hubby with his blanket and falls asleep. Keep up the good work, remember any amount of breast milk is better than nothing. I have found breastfeeding to be one of the hardest things I have done in my life, but it is also the most rewarding!!!



    I love your wording, Bri. ‘they’ll hang out in the sling and hold the boob themselves’ That one of my (many) favourite things about BFing, when she uses her hands to cup my boob and hang on. So sweet.



    As for solids, we waited until my LO was six months. Just remember, the best nutrition at that young age is breastmilk, so any solids they fill up on are going to take away from their breastmilk intake. Many people start babies very young on solids and have great luck, but for us, it was definately best to wait. I had supply issues around 5-7 months, and I needed him nursing as much as he could to keep my supply from dropping. Of course, now, at almost one year old, my son is a foodie, and will eat pretty much anything you put if front of him!



    miamimom-I say go for it if your LO is on solids as well as breast milk, I mixed breast milk with all my babies first foods.



    TannersMommy33 i have the same thing im always so full when i first wake up and in the middle of the night but durring the day i feel empty im not sure it has anything to do with eatting though because some days i will eat breakfast lunch and dinner other days i will only eat breakfast just because i have a really hard time getting hungry and dont have much of an appetite after i had my little boy 4 weeks ago …but no matter how much or how little i eat that will always happen im not sure why though …… i can always express milk though and lots of it durring the day so my supply isnt changing i dont think lol im really not sure



    is it normal for ur let down to hurt? mine is painful



    I feel like I should reiterate that he gets PISSED OFF. Its not that he simply refuses the bottle, he sees the bottle & throws a major fit. Blue in the face, flailing & actually screaming.



    hey ladies. I need help with something. My breastmilk is coming in faster than my baby can drink it. I am making about 8oz, but he’s only 11 days old and drinks about 2-3 oz. I wish I had time to feed him and then pump the rest, but I also have a toddler to chase! Sooooo…what are my best options to keep my supply up without it going away since he isn’t drinking it all? Is it better for me to feed him alittle from each breast per feeding so they both get stimulation, but neither gets drained? Or should I let him completely drain just one side and rotate each feeding? But then I feel engorged if I do that! My boobs hurt all the time cause after 30 min, they are filled again! OR is my best option to always pump it all out every few hrs and feed from bottle? I prefer to not do that, but I’m worried my milk supply will dwindle if it’s not being drained. Anyone know the best solution? Thanks!

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