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    I think the doctors are just saying that he doesn;t need to eat that often at night. He is probably waking up and looking for comfort more than nutrition. Of course he still needs the breastmilk, but I agree…2-4 times a night seems a bit extreme.



    Lawsons Mom – Oh I know sweetie and with the recent incident with your sitter probably makes you feel more like being at home. I wish all moms could stay home if they wanted to. I know many that want to work and that is their choice. While I do miss the conversations I don’t miss work. I would rather stay home and read books to my boys. As for hand expressing, keep it up, you’ll get it eventually.


    Lately my son has been doing this thing where he’ll fall off the boob and has trouble latching back on. He’ll keep moving his mouth over my breast but can’t seem to get it. So I’ll have to like push his head/ face into my breast for him to latch. Anyone had that problem? Or know what is causing it



    Lawsons Mom – I feel for you. Mine was awful! Mine actually tasted like it had spoiled. So, I never froze my milk. I would just pump what my son ate the next day. Scalding does work but it’s a lot of work. Good Luck!



    Yeah, I think I was having a moment! HAHA! Back to reality and I get it now!



    seuban0 – Routine doesn’t have to be complex just the same. With my eldest we got into the same routine from the time he was about 2 months old. We would do tubby around 7:30, go read a book. I would then breastfeed him and we’d go to bed at 8pm. When he wasn’t co-sleeping anymore I would feed him to sleep in the glider in his room. Once we started brushing teeth it was before tubby. We also added in Hawaiian lullabyes to the mix. When he started getting older I would have the music going while I fed him to sleep, then moved him into his bed. Then he started not falling asleep, then he was wide awake. Now that he doesn’t feed anymore I just rock him while we say our prayers. The one thing that has been constant was the time and order that we did things. We changed it as he grew but only slightly. Whatever works for you is what you need to do. I guess I work well on this schedule too which is why I’m a bit intimadated to put him into a real bed. He’s still in our crib. Ugh! He’s so good with his crib now. He’ll lay in there and kick around for an hour before nodding off. I know once he is in a bed I’ll either have to lay with him or change the routine so he is more tired and goes to sleep faster. I hate change!



    hannahkay – I understand needing the money, but I’d hate to have to be hidden away in my own home. Or take away home snuggles/nursing time from Zoey. Her dad has twins and he tried to say something to me about that when they’re around (boy/girl twins, 4 years old) and I shrugged and told him if he wasno’t comfortable with it, he could take them somewhere while Zoey ate. I’m discreet about it, but they’re aware and don’t seem to care. By discreet, I just mean I don’t go around topless or anything (I tend to when it’s just me and Zoey because she’s a snacker and wants to eat often). Anyway. I’d definitely talk to the mom about it first, but I’d really try to keep your ability to bf in your own home!!



    My daughter was on Zantac for refluz and it made absolutely no difference. We waited two weeks for it to kick in but nope. I cut out dairy and it helped a bunch. I LOOOOOOOVE cheese and chocolate so it was the hardest thing but it made a 90% improvement in her reflux. no medicine needed. I didnt just cut out dairy. I cut out anything cow. It took just a week to see the difference and She looks so much happier. She was sooo unhappy and so were we. She would not stop crying and even though I know she was in pain the lack of sleep made me so frustrated and I had to put her down and walk outside every so often for alittle bit in fear of doing something stupid!!! I know it sounds terrible. After talking to the pediatrician she wanted me to put Tori on formula and rice cereal (where do these Dr’s get their degrees????) She didnt even ask me about my diet. It was my own research that promted me to make the choice to cut dairy and its helped so much more! She still cluster feeds in the evenings but I am positive it has little to do with reflux. If the reflux is really bad and your babies in pain look into websites that explain how to eat yummy dairy free. It works (atleast for me it did).


    She is 3 months and still a horrible latcher. I know this might sound dumb but I really think she hates to breast feed. It took us so long to get it down she had only gained 1 pound from her birth weight at 8 weeks. Now shes growing and i know shes getting enough but now we are on day 2 of a nursing strike. I’m just venting. she just hasnt eaten and when i try to latch her she screams and has a fit. she will only eat for about 5 minutes at a time. Urgh.



    No but he’ll be walking or riding in strollers by then. By then Chris will be 4 so he’ll be able to walk or ride in our wagon with his brother. I just want something that’ll work with my back until then. If Alex triples his birth weight by a year like most babies do then he’ll be 33lbs. He’s already 22lbs and not even six months. Other carriers don’t go up to 30lbs cause they expect the child to be walking along side mom by then! HAHA!



    lawson, its always good to step back and look at the big pic. which is easier to digest, rice cereal or formula? i would think rice cereal is easier, theres no cows milk and bagillion other ingredients involved, and if the rice cereal upsets her tummy then u know its just the rice cereal, with formula there are so many ingredients involved that theres just no way of knowing which part of it is what upset her. maybe she can have a breakfast and lunch while at your moms, while u keep up the same pumping pattern that u have and that way you’d be producing more than she is eating and thereby increase your supply. of course in an ideal world its the 6 months exclusive breastfeeding than solids, but if theres one thing ive learned from this site its that there are always going to be exceptions to the rule and its about using our judgement as moms to figure out how to do what’s best.



    Thanks I am hoping I dont get it but we shall just wait and see…Laura- you also make big ol babies lol they were telling me danny was going to be huge but nope he was 7lbs3oz and my DD was a 36 weeker at 7lbs


    i get 9 months statutory maternity pay then can take 3 months unpaid also.



    2ndtimemommy- ok I know this might sound bad to other mommy’s sorry. Anyways my daughter is now 5 1/2 y.o so this was a long while ago. When she was idk 5-8month getting her teeth she bit me so hard she drew blood my immediate reaction was a swift pop on her head and she sat the thinkin wait. . What just happend and then continued on with her feeding. I was able to continue feeding with NO roughness or biting til she was 15monthes even so I felt it was just time, not that she started actin foolish. Lemme just say that was a ONE time deal. 🙂


    I’m having supply issues today, Think its because he fed all night. But haven’t felt a let down all day. I normally get several a feed. Then when I expressed as I do every night it took 30 mins to get 3 oz I normally get 7oz in 5 mins,

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