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    number2luv-i’ve fed once or twice in the bathroom when lo was much younger but it was so uncomfortable sitting on a toliet i made my self get over it. plus inevitably some lady would always come in while i was getting arranged and lo was fussing and ask if she could do anything to help. i was always like ‘umm, no’. is there really mother out there who would hand their baby to some stranger while they used the bathroom or otherwise? also the man on the plain unless he was giving you a creepy feeling probably had a baby or bfing wife. i catch myself staring at bfing moms in public. i can’t help it. i’m just drawn to watch. not sure why. i’m sure i’ve creeped out more than one mom out especially since i find it most interesting to look at babies younger than mine.


    I breastfed by little boy for 13 months, and only pumped if i had to leave milk for him when i was out or whatever. In my opinion the best thing to ensure good milk supply is to be relaxed! DS started sleeping 7 hours (1am – 8am) at one week old, and never looked back. Between 10 and 12 weeks he started sleeping 12 hours, 8pm – 8am. I never ever pumped in the night, or fed him in the night after 10 weeks, and always had enough milk during the day.


    herecomesbaby~ Have you looked at the Adiri natural nurser, now that looks like a breast! I almost want to buy one to try, but have already decided on a game plan for when this baby is born. I had to be back at work at 6 weeks with my daughter and she refused to take a bottle until the last minute. I plan on risking nipple confusion this time by offering a bottle after every time we nurse.



    OMG, are you kidding, jacquecmsu?? That’s priceless! I have had people asking me why i am still nursing my son since he was 7 months old but 3 months?? WOW! lol



    Hey ladies, I have a question. How many calories can I safely eat and still bf and lose weight at the same time? I really want to lose the last 25 pounds, but still want to bf for as long as possible, prefer until the baby is close to a year. thanks



    T3POandR2D2 – That’s awesome growth. Alex was a 11lbs at birth.



    I see everyone talking about cosleeping I took a nap with him todat to see if I felt comfotable doing it as im sssooo scared he will get in the pillows or blankets but im gonna try it im not a heavy sleeper so I feel comfortable and he can turn his head pretty easy he slept so much better next to me and the cuddling is the best ….im so afraid of SIDS though :S



    vanessag7 – I’m all about baby led weaning! My first son weaned himself at 22 months. I didn’t think he’d wean before the new one arrived but he did. Give it time. She’ll give it up when she’s ready. The WHO recommends 2 yrs anyways.



    Babybellybliss* I’m looking for a wrap/sling to use w my 4 mnth old, he’ll be 5 soon. Do u like yours? And check YouTube for vids



    ellas..that commercial makes me so mad! its false advertising at its finest and i feel for those that actually believe it. some people out there just dont read up on these things and might not know how to read between the lines



    styx, anywhere from 5-8oz a week for an infant 0-4mo. Here is a link from kellymom, with the exact info…



    Aww, I’m really sorry she’s gone 🙁



    I saw the Boobie-Beanie on another site. I love it! It’s a little warm to wear one now though and Alex is getting bigger. I think it would be really cute on a itty bitty girl since it is pink and mauve. When it’s on the head you don’t really think anything of it. It’s only when you breastfeed that it looks like a boobie. HAHA! Oh and I agree with Horseygal that for those that can do NIP. The more exposure we have the better and more common it becomes in society. I want my sons to grow up and big pro-breastfeeding and supportive of their wives when they do it. I understand those that just aren’t comfortable with it though. Especially in the beginning when you need ten pairs of hands to get the right position. Once you get it down pat, practice in front of a mirror and you’ll see you can do it without exposing any skin.



    Is it possible to over feed? My lo is so chubby! He is 14 weeks and about 17 lbs at least.
    He also needs to be held constantly, and won’t take a dummy. I did invest in a swing and it has been worth its weight in gold!

    He also does not sleep well on his back. After a few minutes he flings his arms, and waked up! He hates the swaddle and likes his hands free, so I usually lie with him and as long as he feels me he sleeps well.
    I just don’t know how to or when to put him in his own bed. Its also easier to night feed with him beside me!



    Sorry but what is NIP?
    I try and prop my arm up on something, the arm of a chair, cushion or changing bag – I’ve also tried sitting baby on leg facing me belly to belly – this works sometimes but my lo gets cross as she’s not used to it. Also crossing legs can help a little – you rest their bum on the higher one. I can’t use a cover as my lo gets cross with that too but I’ve just worked out my breast pad will stay on my boob just long enough to get my lo in place. There’s nothing worse for feeding than feeling stressed or embarrased is there? Feeding in public is always hard work for me!

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