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    mrslarge, sounds to me like your family are all avid supporters of formula feeding, not breastfeeding. It is very, very rare for a baby to be allergic to breastmilk. In those cases it is either discovered within a few days of birth, or the baby dies. You wouldn’t have an eight week old who showed up with it. Your baby could however, have a problem with dairy, so you could try cutting dairy out of your diet for a week or two, and see if it helps. It does take about a week for all the dairy to leave your system I think. The doctor shouldn’t have told you to stop breastfeeding, breast milk will not make a stomach virus worse. Cow’s milk will, breast milk will not. In fact, breastmilk is the best thing you can give him when he’s sick, because it’s full of antibodies. Some doctors just don’t know the facts about breastfeeding. I’m pretty blunt myself, but I would just tell your family to butt out, and let you feed your baby the way you want to. When it’s their baby it’s their decision, but this is YOUR baby and YOUR decision, and you are doing the best thing for him! Don’t give up, you are doing a great job!!



    charmed- I didn’t know that my body would shift its production cycle. I thought that if I didn’t pump in the middle of the night, that my body would not make that amount of milk for the day. As it is when I pump I get between 4-4.5ozs. But her bottles that I make her are 5ozs for the day when I’m gone, and a 6oz bottle in the morning because I feel that if she slept for 10hrs, then in the morning she would be really hungry. So here’s a question for you. How much should I put in her bottles for when I’m away at work?



    NatashaMc how often are you pumping and how long? If you are exclusively pumping keeping a regular schedule is key. After Aliyah was 12 weeks old I pumped every 4 hrs for 20 minutes and none at night. Before that though I was pumping every 3 hrs for 20 minutes even through th night. You want to make sure your milk is well established. I went through several breast shields before I found the right size. Even one that was to big and I wasn’t able to pump as much breastmilk with the bigger shield. So maybe you should try the smaller size. It wouldn’t hurt. It is so easy to get discourged when you are an e pumper. But just remember that you are giving your little baby the best and it is so worth it. Stay positive and good luck!



    So ladies, if there are any TTC nursing mommies out there. I checked several site and ovulation should be tomorrow. I’ve been having sex every other day since my period ended, that includes Wednesday and tonight. YAY! So, hopefully somethings going on inside me. I’m taking my prenatals and eating right. Somewhat exercising, yoga. I hope everything is aligned and a new baby will come the beginning of January. 1/2/10 would be the offical due date….until the doctor decides to change it. HAHA! Say a little prayer for me, ok ladies. I need good karma coming this way.



    Thanks Lynna, Kekoa is doing better. Thank God! Friday was the scary night. Our ped sent us to the hospital by ambulance. Sunday was when we were sent back for my blood work. It sucks but he’s slowly getting better. Up until today he has had three ‘meals’ in a week. This morning his appetite is coming back. I came home for lunch and he was up running around. He shared a hot dog with me and I nursed him and put him to bed. His rash still itches but doesn’t look as bad and he can ignore it for a while. It was scary but we’ll live.

    Sorry you are going throug the biting thing. It’s awful! Kekoa is very stubborn but also sensitive. When he’d bite I would set him on his bottom harshly but not enough to hurt him. I would tell him no biting that hurts. Because I would raise my voice but not yell he would just melt. It was sad to see but I would still let him sit on his bottom for a minute or so. It’s forever for a then 8month old. I would then pick him up and cuddle him and tell him I love him but it hurts. He would also be done nursing for that time. It took about two weeks but he finally learned how to nurse without biting. It is the only time in the past year that I was thankful that I worked and pumped during the day. The weekdays were a break from biting. Also, if you put your finger on the cleff of the chin you can keep him from biting. Try it to yourself. You can’t clamp down when someone is holding it open. good luck!



    Hi ladies…so my milk supply is decreasing fast…I was ill over the weekend and so was my son…and now I got my AF again that’s two times in a row…is my body saying no more BF? i’m very sad about this…my son will have his frist bottle of formula today..basically all day…to see what kind of reaction he will get…I’m still going to pump but i haven’t felt a let down in 3 days…is this just a bump in the road?


    annasbaby: try the football hold. the lc had me do that, and it worked wonders. im a dd, not as big as you, but i never had problems after that. for him, thats a more natural position and he likes it better. when we are out, i feed him tummy to tummy, but he doesnt get a good enough feed, or latch that way, and hes almost 4 months.



    babygalge2 ! Oh you poor thing! I did that when Kekoa was really little. It was back when we were still using the ventaires. My husband put the bottom back on without the vent and so obviously there wasn’t a bottom but the collar was on so it look like it. I poured a whole bottle full and when I picked up the bottle it spilled all over the counter. I could have killed him but cried instead! Talk about crying over spilt milk. HAHA!


    i will be pumping when i take my baby to daycare/babysitter so will i just pump into separate bottles. how many should i fill? i still have 4 weeks before i go back to work but it would be nice to know 🙂



    I just wanted to vent for a moment. I bought two really nice Medella bras when I was very pregnant. Now I love Medella and use all their products but I HATE these bras. Target nursing bras are so much better and half the price. But, my only black bra is a medella. Now this is embarrassing. I’m at work and just realized that the stupid latch in the back came undone. Don’t ask me how!!! There are four latches and I was completely undone. HAHA! Both bras do this to me. I just need to go buy a black target bra. I just keep forgetting when I’m there.



    Ethan’s gotten better about biting, now when he’s done he’ll swivel his head like 180 to see what’s going on and that’s my cue he’s done lol! Every once in a while he does a quick little bite to let me know he’s there or something I have no idea cause he’ll grin when I say no and put it away, lil monster! He’s also gotten into the ‘playing with it’ stage, hubby laughs cause it looks like he’s trying to squeeze more out while he’s eating it’s pretty funny lol! but sometimes when he’s doing his head swivel he’ll use his hand and just grab on like it’ll help him from falling off the boppy or something.



    I have to share my frustrations… I haven’t had a period since Sept 2008 as I was pregnant and now breastfeeding, but I get my first period right before Valentines Day! Crapola! At least I can say it is not terrible, I’m bearly bleeding at all. Its more spotting than anything, but still enough to get in the way of any ‘FUN’ my husband had planned on happening.


    angie–you can let the girls go free some of the time. I wore a sleeping bra around the house and at night during the first few months, and my heavier, nursing bra when I was out. Around 5 months or so, I stopped wearing the sleeping bra and was fine. I’m still nursing my 11month old. I must admit that the ‘girls’ are a little droopier than before, but not much.



    kebler98 thanks- its good to now where i am compared to others that pump at work. some days i only get seven ounces. i pumped this morning- first pump of the morning and only got an ounce the is usually the best pump of the day. i hate that everyday i must wonder if i’ll get enough to feed her the next day. this doenst seem like much of a life. ALWAYS worried about producing enough milk and my baby is only 16 weeks.



    Thanks guys for the tips on when to be introducing solids. I thought 6 months was a good time to wait as well but when I went to the pediatrition today she said that I should do it around 4 months and that I should be careful with waiting til 6 months for fear that it will be much harder to introduce the solids. I swear alot of the docs out there don’t read about the latest research ;o) I’ll probably try around like 5 and a half months or later…

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