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    you would know if you don’t have any more milk if your lo latches on and not feeding. He/she may arch their back or begin to cry because they are getting upset that nothing is coming out. If your lo seems happy, is gaining weight, and has atleast 5 wet diapers a day than they are getting enough.



    kebler98- how do you do the solids? After a nurse or before? I have been afraid to start in fear she wouldn’t want to nurse and I’d lose that stimulation. Sometime at night I can not pump because DH gets home late and i have my LO with no help. She is a hold me baby so I can’t put her down to pump. I do have an exersaucer but she will only play in that for 5 mins at a time. She also refuses to let Daddy put her to sleep. I have to nurse her, then cuddle for about 30 mins until she falls asleep.



    natesmomma – Watch for side effects! If you experience depression or anxiety stop the drug imediately! It should work within a day if you can handle the drug!


    horseygal, i wouldnt worry about it right now. she’s still young, unless she’s a really early teether, you don’t have to worry about ruining her teeth. if it works for you, why not. i know someone with a 11 month baby that jsut stopped the cosleeping/nursing, and another with a 10 month old that is still cosleeping/nursing. and, if it works for you, why not? my son still wakes a lot in the night, and sleeping together is even worse.



    DulcianasMom- is there anything else is in your freezer that could give the funny smell? I know a woman on here a few months ago thought all her milk went bad but it really just took on the smell of some food that was sitting around her frozen milk. Is that a possibility. Her milk was fine and her son drank it no problem. Also, if your lo isn’t spitting it up or getting an upset tummy, i wouldn’t worry. Hope this helps a little.



    torybailey: does your baby eat alot? I found that with my second child, she just didn’t know when her stomach was full, so she always threw up after every meal, after a few weeks, she learnt how to control that by herslf. I could be a number of things: reflux, overfull, cold, intollerence etc. Google these topics to find out more.



    I think its a more rare experience to NOT have nights like that! We’ve had a couple of allnighters where we just could not figure out what the trouble was. I read that babies waking at night (even when they normally sleep through) could be linked to major developmental milestones – even other than teething. For instance, crawling. Its so draining and frustrating but we get through them. On another note, my son popped his first two teeth this weekend. At 11 months!!! Haha. Still havent been bitten thank goodness. Hes is very proud of them though and is always jutting out his bottom gum and laughing.



    ash070658 : Sounds to me like your little one is getting frustrated waiting for a letdown. It can take a few minutes to have your milk letdown and some babies ( mine included) would get very upset waiting for it thats why they arch their back and come off. My advice is to try adn keep the same routine before feeding so your body gets the cues your about to feed and will letdown faster. I always went and sat in the rocking chair and found my letdown came much faster if i just relaxed adbn waited for it. The more you stress the longer it tends to take. or you can expreess a little before putting baby on and get your letdown that way so bub doesnt have to wait. I hope this helps :o)


    Luv2: I took her to get weighed today. She has gained back all her birth weight, plus 10.5oz in ten days. The LC happened to come in while I was weighing her, so I talked to her about the spitting up. She had an odd look on her face when I wold her the birth weight, and todays weight. i was worried that it wasn’t enough weight gain. She told me it was great, most babies take 2 weeks to gain back birth weight, let alone gain almost a pound. She told me its probably due to a fast letdown, making Peyton gulp. I know I have a lot of milk, I pumped 8oz in 2minutes the other day, from 1 side. She told me to make my letdown happen, then off the breast. Also, not to pat her back to make her burp, but rub it while I have her laying on my chest, and let her lay still after each feed. So far, its worked for this last feed. We’ll see how it goes later.



    OK! I have a new problem. I went on a four day vacation over the weekend and now my 3.5month old is cluster feeding between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. This is causing me two problems. First, I get up at 5:30 to go to work, so I’ve been exhausted the past couple of days. Also, I pump right before I go to work and could typically get two bottles, but now I’m only getting one. I only work five hours a day so I normally don’t bother to pump at work, but if this keeps up I’ll have to. Do you ladies think he is having a growth spurt and it will end soon, or is his routine messed up? If it’s a routine issue, how do I fix it? I was lucky before because he has never had a problem with mixing up day and night. HELP!! I’m so tired!



    Curious what breast pumps brands you ladies are finding you like/dislike? Also, any preference in bottle brands that aren’t interfering in BF?



    I am having a tough time with BF’ing the past few days. Maybe thinking about formula even… Suddenly my supply is really low & my LO is not happy about it. The mornings are fine since I have a lot of milk but as the day wears on my LO becomes frustrated on the boob. Since very little milk is letting down he starts kicking, flailing, crying & pulling off my boob really violently! Both my nipples are sore & purple. I feel so bad because I think he is hungry, he isn’t sleping well either – which makes me further believe he isn’t getting enough. He also refuses to take a bottle so when I pump I basically throw it away because we try to have him drink it but he refuses & then we dump it out. I am frustrated & feel like giving up. My family is super supportive & won’t let me give up but ughhhhh this is a tough week! By the way I work at my fathers office so I take the baby to work with me a few hours a but this angry nursing & mad – hungry baby is just not working out.



    lorelai:–a B and a D haha!! I only nurse from one side (too many issues on the right breast for it to be worth it) so one of mine hangs down lower than the other! lol!!! I’m gonna look like a National Geographic magazine cover when this is over with! hahahaha!!!!



    Remember too ladies all the calories that are being burned during feedings! Wa-hoo!! That is bound to take a toll on you. But I think you really feel the toll during the first few weeks after birth.



    My LO is 6 months old and still nurses every 3 hours. She nursed every 2 up until she was like 4 and a half months old!

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