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    miamimom2b – Have you tried cups? Even a sippy cup? I’ve noticed that a lot of babies that do not take bottles will take a cup or a sippy cup. It could be worth a try.



    cosmomama–I had the same issue w/ my son. My lactation consultant told me to feed him and then pump right afterward. I would feed about 10-12 min. on each side, and there would still be 5-6 oz. left. I would hand him to my hubby to burp and go pump. Hope that works for you!



    For the ladies on birth control – what option did you guys go with? I know they’re more limited when you breastfeed. I like the Mirena iud, in theory. But I just read a lot of horror stories. I know that I can’t depend on them solely because most people don’t sit down to post the good stuff, just the angry stuff when they’re upset about something. Any personal experiences? I’m worried about weight gain (I just now got the baby weight off, 5 1/2 weeks pp) and really want to keep losing, not put it back on. Anyway. Any experiences with any b.c. would be appreciated. I’m certainly not prepared for another little one!



    HI, I’M NEW HERE…LAWSONSMOM-someone posted this website and u can see a great video on hand expressing. i tried it and i have it now! i stopped hand expressing because it hurt but now it doesnt and it works!!



    laura- wow, that is totally different. maybe it has something to do with the women they married, though. Like i know that my hubby would do things completely different if it wasn’t for me. He’s not much into researching things, and he just goes with what i say for the most part. maybe your sister in law does things those ways and that’s why he does?


    My poor little man has strep throat. He just turned seven months and I have really been trying hard to stay away from formula as much as possible. But he will not latch do to the pain he is experiencing. When I pump I barely get 2 ounces. On top of that I am still bleeding (33 days and counting) and my husband is really trying to convince me that this is a sign that I need to stop. I am so torn about this. I wanted to continue till he was a year. It seemed to take me forever to get to this point. Plus personally I don’t know if I am ready to stop having the precious moments with him. You all know the bonding moment I am talking about. The last two days have been so horrible for me as he is refusing me. Maybe my husband is right 🙁



    styx – I’m not sure. B&N didn’t have it. I ordered it off of Amazon. Got it like the next day! It was like $13 or something like that.



    Hi Veryone i am hoping you may be able to help me… My little girl is almost 10 months old. I am currently doing both breast feeding and formula feeding about 50/50.. My question is when i am breatfeeding in bed in the mornings my little girl does not like to lay down next to me any more instead she gets up on her hands and knee’s and feeds that way as she does she she rocks backwards and forwards, tries to push me on to my back so that she can climb on top of me and feed. she also decided yesterday that she would try and feed while sitting facing me and leaning forward and latching on to my boob.. Is this behaviour normal? or does this mean I should cut out the early morning feed.. Thanks in advance



    Hannakay – I live in CA. The home daycares I have used have all charged 25.00 a day regardless of attendence. So if they plan on 4 days a week they would pay 100.00.



    for me yummy dairy= baby n pain= Sleepy mama



    toveandbrody – I was looking into donating some. I am on pills for it and now I have tons. I can pump about 64oz a day so I have been freezing it. But I dont need that much and my baby doesn’t eat near that much. I live in Canada though and I am having trouble finding out how to go about donating it and I keep forgetting to ask my dr.


    OK, checked stats on the Beco. The waist goes to 53 inches, so no need for a waist extender. The weight limits are form7lbs-45lbs. It is a soft carier and it and the ergo are very similar the Beco is organic and has more patterns but is also more expensive. So pretty much depends on your body type, I am 4’11’ and the Ergo would not fit my torso but it is not just height but also your torso, if you are short but have a long torso you would probably be fine with the ergo. The beco fits my DH too btw and he is 6’1′.



    have u also thought about switching pumps? i have a manual pump and ive heard many women that have tried manual and electric prefer the manual. and on the weekends do u nurse her directly? maybe that can be your chance to increase your milk.


    just checked james’s chart he was 18lb 7 at ten weeks. And 14 lb 14 at 4 weeks.



    lauraoct- i’m jealous! where do you live?

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