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    Hello ladies – I need some advice. My lo will be 5 mo. on the 5th. I originally wanted to ebf but for some reason i’ve never had very much milk. I went back to work when he was 7 weeks old but even at my best I’ve never had more than 24 oz. of milk on hand at any given time. With my first I could have fed an army of babies, I leaked contantly and was engorged almost all of the time. Now, I never leak, hardly ever feel engoraged or let down, etc. I am so frustrated! I’ve tried nursing more often, extra pumping, drinking water nonstop, fermented oatmeal, fenugreek. I even upped my calorie intake and put back on some of the weight I’d lost. I’ve tried everything I can think of and yet I’m now only getting a total of about 6 oz. of bm from pumping during the day while I work. It isn’t even enough to for the next day. My question is can I just bf in the evening and at night if I stop pumping? Will my milk stay a little or is it just going to continue to dry up? Sorry for the long post!



    Ilovemyprincesses – My 3 month old sleeps 10pm-3am, has a feed than sleeps till 7am.



    babycarter, there are growth spurts at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months. However, every baby is different so it is possible that your baby could be hitting a growth spurt at 5 weeks. Foremilk and hindmilk are a misnomer. The fuller the breast is, the more watery the milk is, the emptier it is, the more fatty the milk is. There isn’t a sudden change, it is a gradual one. Check out this link, it explains it much better than I can!



    Beegee- here s a calculator how much a baby eats you put in age weight ects so you can get an idea of how much expressed milk you would need to leave. even though a typical baby around alexis age would prob have about 8-10oz she would only ever take 5oz out of a sippy cup never took bottles. you could freeze it in smaller bags too that way if she needs an extra oz it doesnt go to waste. like do a few 1oz bags, and i use to do 2-3oz bags only so i never had to throw it out. oh and your prob ok to cut out the night pumping, maybe cut out one of the pumpings, make your last one before you go to bed, you will prob wake up soaked and engorged just pump right away in the morning, your supply will even out to babys needs.



    Natasha- If you are noticing a dip once a month it could be a ‘phantom period’….unless you have your AF back already. Expect dips in supply around that time of month, even if AF hasn’t come back. Up your water and calorie intake and try eating oatmeal for breakfast. Also, drinking a beer can give a nice boost (non-alcoholic or regular, either works). Anything with malt in it. Brewer’s Yeast is good too. There are lots of things you can do to give yourself a boost. You are doing such a great job. Keep up the good work!



    Samj – Congrats on your pregnancy. It goes to show that it can be done! HAHA! Your story also shows that when pregnant and breastfeeding a lot of work needs to go into keeping supply up. I’m sorry you found out so late why supply was low. Nursing and pregnancy both require a lot of work out of your body. I plan on baby led weaning but I suspect that if I’m pregnant (crossing my fingers!) then Kekoa will wean himself fairly quickly. He’s 17months now so I have no worry about it. I will miss our cuddle time but he will have to wean eventually.



    Is anyone else having dehydration issues? I am fine except for my lips… SO CHAPPED!!!!! It has been like this since the day my lil man was born, he is 3 weeks old….. I have tried like 5 different chap sticks…. suggestions???



    Traviesa – I know your pain. I was sick a couple weeks ago and as soon as I started to feel well AF came. It was awful. I did find that Kekoa nursed more often and I was lucky to be able to squeak by with just enough to send to daycare. Of course my son is on mostly solids now so it makes it easier. Are you actually breastfeeding or just pumping? If you are just breastfeeding you could just do it more often. Your supply will come back pretty quickly after the hormones get back to normal. Mine was like a day after.


    i was giving parker about 2-3 tablespoons of cereal with breastmilk for his evening feed, plus the same amount of time nursing. he was waking every hour hungry. i gave him cereal morning, noon and evening yesturday, without cutting down on his milk, and he only ate at 3,5, then at 7 when he woke up. better than every hour. why is it my milk isnt keeping him satisfied anymore? he used to sleep 10 hours straight. he will be 4 months on the 30th. dr told me to give him cereal because he was eating every hour during the day. youd think i never fed him! i tohught bm was supposed to satisfy them for 6 months. could it be his size? he was 7lb 15 oz at birth. at 2 months, 26 days, he was 14lb 10 oz. almost double his birth weight. he doesnt get weighed until december 18th, but i think hes around 17lb, almost 3 pounds in less than a month.



    BabyMomma28 – Congrats! That’s so exciting. As for getting the hang of it. You are two rookies trying to do something so natural but soooo difficult. Some babies take right to it and others more time. Some a lot longer then other. Most should be nursing like a pro within a week but my son took over two months. Keep working at it and soon you will be able to do it in your sleep….literally!



    I’d do a trial run for a few days, if you can. Again, if you go to a center they have food handling rules. They will need you to fill the bottles yourself. Each baby eats different amounts. If you get an idea of what your baby eats then I’d use that plus a bit extra. Then you will need to rely of them to tell you if your baby may have wanted more. My sister has had awesome daycare. It’s a home daycare without many of the rules. What she pumps goes into Marcy’s fridge/freezer when she picks up the kids. Marcy then makes what is needed and lets my sister know how much. She washes the bottles and everything. Pretty awesome.


    ook so this is really wierd. i fed my baby from both sides and then went to pump the rest for extra bottles. nothing was coming out!! does that mean he completely drank all of it?? lol….what a pig. i dont think im runnin low on milk or anything because as he was eating his mouth was full of milk. i guess i just didnt think he was drinking ALL of it.


    Evin has gotten this crazy little habit over the last 3 days. When I get home from work to nurse him, he will start sucking. Then he’ll get a silly look on his face and open his mouth really wide and take more of my nipple into his mouth than he can handle. He thinks this is hilarious and then bursts out laughing. He’s cracking me up!



    Hi ladies, I’ve heard plenty of times that fenugreek (seeds/ tea) is great in helping with milk supply during nursing/ breastfeeding. Ask your doctors or read up on the subject. Hope it helps!!


    Mylittleman–I wear Bravado nursing bras, and they are wonderful. I have never had any issues with them at all! Not that I’m trying to endorse any particular site, but I got mine through–they were affordable and shipped quickly. Also, I had to return one due to being the wrong size and they took care of everything without delay or extra charges. Occasionally, they’ll even have coupon codes to get discounts.

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