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    It’s so funny, I will be fine and not thirsty at all, but then literally the second my daughter latches on I feel like I am in the desert and haven’t had a glass of water in days haha! Well thank God our body has such a trigger because that way we obviously get the impetus to keep ourselves nice and hydrated and keep that liquid gold flowing :o)



    she sleeps from 8 to 8, though. so i can’t complain



    MIAMIMOM2B – I was going to mention a sippy cup too. Also, has he started any solids yet? Because if he has then he doesn’t need the milk ALL DAY like a newborn. Just wondering because he is a 6mons, so if so you might have JUST started and can’t rely totally on that of course. Try offering a sippy cup. The nipple is probably what is making him so mad. I do think it’s good to intoduce a bottle to your baby, just once in a while– ya never know when you just might HAVE to be away from them and you want to make sure someone else can feed them. Good Luck! I can only imagine how scare you are!! Let us know!!



    Cosmomama – your supply will regulate to your baby’s needs. If you pump after each feed, you will continue to make more than your baby needs. If you don’t, your supply will regulate itself. If you want to pump, then try to find a way to do so after a feed but, if not, I wouldn’t pump afterwards. That will just cause you to keep producing more. Don’t worry about draining a breast at each feeding, this early on your supply is still a bit crazy and needs your baby to let it know how much to produce.



    I have a Mirena IUD and so far no problems. I got it 6 weeks ago, and my daughter just turned 9 months. I havent had any problems with supply, but I dont know if its just because its been well established for a while now or the IUD itself has had no effect. I was uncomfortable for a few days after having it put in, waited to have sex for just over a week. I am still spotting, but I think they say that can happen for 3 to 6 months still. Its a little frustrating just because I hadnt had a period yet and have now been spotting for the past 6 weeks. Because I had 2 c-sections with my kids my dr perscribed a medicine to dialate my cervix a little for easier insertion.



    glad im not the only one! if i could only nurse with the right side i would. i love nursing on the right but not so much on the left lol. and i always start with the right which i know is bad but i just hate starting with the left haha. usually he can get most of his feeding outta the right and the left is just for dessert haha. and now that im typing this i kinda feel like lookin in the mirror cause i must be lopsided!



    omg, , my baby is doing the exact same thing guys!!! she will come off and will pretty much just play with my nipple…..she will be doing just fine but then will pop off and smack her lips with my nipple in her mouth a few times….just like you jessica i have to pretty much push her head into my boob and she will latch sometimes and others i just take her off completely and take a break. she has only been feeding for like 5-10 minute intervals for the past couple of days.



    kickboxerbaby – I’m more concerned why are you bleeding for that long? For me, I’d continue to nurse through the strep. It’ll go away and your baby will be happy again once his throat doesn’t hurt. It’s not a reason to stop. Maybe you can suppliment a bit and pump while it still hurts but with meds the strep should be getting better soon. I’m concerned that you are bleeding. I know some women experience heavy periods for the first time around but a month is extreme. I would worry about your own iron levels from the blood loss. Have you talked to your doctor?



    You ladies are scarin the CRAP outta me lol…I had another section so I am hoping sex wont be too bad after 6 weeks I dont dare try before lol…Anyone in here have 2 sections with a little advice on the sex….Lawsons I am glad you asked so I didnt have too lol how do they do it haha



    thanks butterflykisses 🙂



    I’ve been looking at milestone charts this morning and feel a little better. While she is lagging in a couple (reaching for things) she excels in several, too (she’s 4 months and holds her own bottle, when she gets a bottle, has been able to bear weight on legs for over a month, etc). So, maybe the toys she has just don’t interest her. I’ll go shopping, when I get extra spending money. Maybe it’s time for an exersaucer. That might keep her awake! lol



    Ya, I have wondered about decreasing dairy…my ped did mention it as an option (he must be one of the better docs, he has never suggested to stop EBF and switch to formula with all these issues). Since the prevacid is making a difference I will see what happens over the next few weeks.



    god-iva- I wish I could give you a hug cause we are going through the exact same thing!! I just wanna sleep lol This isnt easy and the reflux thing makes it even worse. I also have a very energetic 22 month old and Im exhausted. I feel you sister. Remember to take breaks from her screaming! Go outside or to the bathroom splash some cold water on your face reassure yourself that this will pass. Thats all I can do right now. Its horrible. If Tori was my first, she would of been an only child FOR SURE!



    Funny Bri! My little one is a year old and weighs only 20lbs 10ozs. At the rate he’s growing I’ll be able to carry him until he’s 10! Oh and now I’m thinking about the Scootababy. Crap! so many good options!



    Lawson-I would struggle with being able to pump enough at times (I was a lazy pumper), but not nearly with the obstacles you’ve had. I always had a good freezer supply. I could pump Friday and refridgerate and use Monday, and my guy was/is never shy about the boob. He pretty much loves it, so on the weekends we would nurse a lot and by Monday night I’d be full again.

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