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    Thanks for your encouragement everyone. I will keep going with the nursing for now as I really don’t want to give up yet. It’s not actually painful during the feed but in between. It’s almost like my boobs feel bruised. Picking my toddler up kills because he is pressed against my chest and it gets worse as they fill up again. The doc can’t see anything wrong apart from cracked nipples so that’s a good sign. I will try to find someone to look at my positioning this week. Her suck is very strong though and as my boob gets empty she really sucks and tugs it as if she is trying to get all the last drops out. Also at times she feels like she is ‘chomping’, although not on the nipple as she has more in her mouth than that – more on the tissue itself.



    noah colts mommy: How old is Noah? My baby is 3 1/2 months.


    CheleO – There is something called reverse cycling, where your baby nurses mainly at night instead of mainly during the day. I’m not sure how you would start to make the transition but maybe something worth looking into. From what I assume, you’d also have to co-sleep in order to nurse all night long.



    LOL, my first son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 6 years old – literally! My second is 9 months, and still waking between 2-6 times.



    thank you charmed and tunny–I appreciate your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    ladies i have made it a year breastfeeding..well in 2 days to be exact but im so proud ! it was really hard to start with, we are still going strong .baby was sick for 2 days all she did was nurse refused all her food, and her sippys with milk, and shes not eatting very much still think shes getting back to feeling better although for her bday part she did eat a whole cupcake! lol she is nursing allllll night long i feel like i have a newborn again. she did eat some cherrios this morning and drank her milk out of a sippy so hopfully shes good!



    heather – I pump every three to four hours and not at all at night. The last couple days I’ve been pumping more hoping to bring it up but I don’t think it’s helping. I’m definitely going to try a different shield though.
    campimama – It’s funny that you say that about a ‘phantom period’ ’cause I’ve been so moody the past few days and last month as well I was wondering if my hormones were going back to normal but just no AF yet. I haven’t really been eating properly lately either.
    Thanks so much for the support it’s exactly what I needed!



    Bri – I had to cut down breast feeding to 2-3 times a day. My son is 20 months old now and I haven’t been on the pill for probably 7 or 8 months. My periods were fairly regular, with the exception of a few. My son nursed a lot. I finally had to really cut down on breast feeding and my periods came back full force. I had two really heavy periods and then became pregnant in February. I have my first u/s tomorrow. I was so confused on when I ovulated. I just guessed. I bought some ovulation tests that didn’t work. But apparently we picked the right time some how. We weren’t really, really trying. We just thought it would happen when it was supposed to. Now I’m just hoping the u/s goes good tomorrow. My last period was February 3rd, but I didn’t get a positive test until the middle of March. I kept getting negatives.



    mycherished3boys I don’t have PCOS or know that much about it but I did have my first period at 6 weeks postpartum and have had it every month since.



    no i BF…I just pumped 5oz..which I did every two I think I might be getting close to what I need..

    my son yesterday did 22 1/2 oz at the sitters..thats from 8am-4:30 was …I know for sure I can’t make 22 oz…but I’m pumping every 2hrs today..

    He’s taking his formula today…I’m just woried about his acid reflux…the pediatrican gave me an AR formula but its milk based and I we haven’t had dairy in so long…I worked so hard to get his AR under control…now its like we have to start all over…



    Djs girl- I agree, don’t listen to anyone else. Here’s the thing, bf is tough…especially at the beginning. Know that, embrace it and decide going in that you are going to give it 200%. Expect that people will tell you to give the baby a bottle. If you really want to do it, go for it and commit to it. The best thing you can do for your baby is to bf. Your man can bond with the baby in other ways and can also feed the baby solids when it’s time for that. Bf can be exhausting and painful at first but if you stick with it it is the most rewarding experience. Good luck! Torybaily- I gave my son a paci for a month or so just to help him soothe his over active suck reflex. He did not have any issues or confusion. He preferred his hand, so when he started finding that on his own, we ditched the paci. Just my experience 🙂



    EXCITED – You might want to try to give him a bottle of expressed milk BEFORE you leave him w/someone for 4hrs and have them give him the bottle for the first time. What if he doesn’t take to it and you’re away? Especially that he’s 3mons and never had anything but boob. Just some advice, I don’t think you’d want to be out and get a call that he’s not eating and you’ll have to rush home…



    My son seemed to nurse all day everyday when I was home, but since I went back to work he only eats four 4oz bottles in a 12 hour period. I leave an extra one as well as a just in case. He isnt regular either. He goes all morning with only one bottle and then he’ll eat 3 closer together in the afternoon but always the same amount. Would never have guessed it until we tried!



    I am new to breastfeeding. My daughter is now 6 days old and I am trying my hardest to stay positive and keep breast feeding. One of my nipples is chapped(?) I know this is most likely from latch on and I am sure that she is now latching on properly it just hurts so much while she is feeding. I use lanolin cream and breast milk to sooth it. Any advice? Also I am trying to pump and save milk but I am not sure when to pump as baby eats often, shoud I pump in between feedings, after feedings any advise is appreciated…



    armymom- Are you drinking plenty of water?

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