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    I’ve had to cut out dairy due to sever reactions in my LO, but other than that, I eat everything…in moderation, of course. If your baby has an intolerance to certain foods, you will notice. Mine seems to LOVE when I eat anything hot and spicy 🙂


    Have you ladies seen this story about the mom that was nursing while driving? I can’t believe someone could be that dumb!!!!



    bj4- i have no advice for you. I am in EXACLTY the same position except i do not get up at 2am to pump. Any other ladies out there have any advice? Is seems all we do is work and pump!!!!!



    I think i have decided to stop breastfeeding. Emerson is 9 months old and i just keep having so many problems… My nipples still have 2 cuts which hurt like hell when she latches on. The past few days she has been teething so she hardly feeds from me so i have been having to express and give formula. Well last night i was engorged to pumped before i went to bed and ive woken up this morning with the sorest breast and it has the familiar large red welts of masitis. I feel tired and achey and know what im in for. Plus every time i feed she bites me on both sides and still thinks its funny. Im sad that i didnt get to 12 months but i dont think i can handle the pain anymore.
    My problem is i take 6 motilium a day to keep up my supply and i dont know where to start in weaning. I dont want mastitis in both breasts and i wanted to wean gradually rather than just BANG cold turkey as i dont want her to get a bellyache either. Any suggestions form anyone on how i go about weaning would be much appreciated.


    Help!! My son is 10 days old and I am having milk production issues. I was producing 7 oz with both breasts. Today I have gone down to producing 3 oz total with both?? The only thing I can think of is that he is going longer at night between feedings. (ex: 9pm, 2am, 7am) I also started wearing a different bra that is more supportive. Could these be causing the milk to decrease?? Note – I have been pumping because my son wants to just latch to my nipple causing pain and bleeding. Any advice would help…..



    OMG I think just talking to you guys helps! I just got 7.25 oz from one pumping session! Total for today (don’t hate me) 16oz!!!!! I just wish it would be like this everyday!



    Parkersmommy1- I find that Tryn spits up more when she has frozen milk too. I thought it was just a coincidence but I guess not. I hate to throw away 3 months worth of frozen milk. What should I do?


    Thanks tov that’s a great site for the women who struggle



    Hi ladies! Is there an alternative to lanolin cream to soothe sore nipples? I suffer from eczema & lanolin is my biggest allergen, I usually use steroid creams to clear up any cracking/splitting but obviously don’t want to use them when breast feeding! Any advice is appreciated thanks!



    As for prenatal vitamins – I took them throughout my pregnancy and for the first 6 months nursing. After that the OB said I was only taking them for the iron which after 6 months he wasnt getting from the breastmilk anymore so there was no need. The only reason I took them for so long is because they were chewable and really good! I hate swallowing pills (although I am taking lots of Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle these days!)


    Jacque- breast milk is only good for 7 days in the fridge. It’s good for 6 months in a regular freezer and 1 year in a deep freezer. I have found that if my breast milk sits for more than 3 months in our deep freezer of regular freezer my baby wont eat it. I have tasted it and the taste of my breast milk changes and its grose. So it’s really up to your baby how long it stays in the freezer. Some babues wont eat breast milk once it’s been frozen.



    haha yeah the hand sanitizer is definitely sitting right next to him and we’re using it religiously



    *****question for you breastfeeding experts!! Today is day three and my milk isn’t quite in yet. I don’t want to supplement at all but Jordan hasn’t peed or pooped since 730p last night and it’s 330p right now. Is this normal or do I need to supplement him :-(? He is a little jaundice too but it’s a beautiful day so I’m going to take him out in the sun.



    If when he wakes up he goes straight to the breast and eats without fooling around, I would say its a completely normal age to expect this. However, if he is dilly dallying and just wants you and fools around that time of morning, I would be careful with it because it could be that he doesnt really need it, just wants you. If he really does actively nurse I think you should probably just wait it out and see what happens. Is he getting enough before bed? Maybe try feeding him later so it lasts longer? I was always so happy when my son woke up before work because that was one less pump I had to do. But if you rely on pumping that bottle for when you are awayI can definitely see how that can be frustrating!!!



    I agree with 1byfaith, BUT if you are on a budget, try the lansinoh double electric pump which is the exact replica of the Ameda PY, just marketed under a different name

    Talking about 18 and counting being a pro at bf’ing…I had to laugh because she has had PLENTY of practice!!!

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