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    Expecting~ Yes, normal! Lol my breasts are exactly the same, my left makes more, pumps more,is actually bigger in the mornings because it gets more engorged, but my right makes thicker milk. so when I pump I pump first from my left filling half the bottle with foremilk, then pump my right and fill the rest of the bottle with hind milk (if I pumped a full bottle frommy left it would be all foremilk). Then I pump into another bottle from my left breast and get more foremilk and the hindmilk. Oh, I pump into the 2.5oz medela bottles, just to clear that up! i wish I could fill two 6oz containers at one pumping session…



    So Ollie is 3 weeks old! Time is flying by. Breastfeeding is ok except my left nipple is STILL damaged and my milk seems to be coming out really fast these last few days and feeding just goes on forever, usually over an hour what with trying to get him to stay on and him coming off and milk squirting everywhere. I feel like nothing is improving even though I’m trying so hard 🙁 I would really like to go outside for more than a few minutes but I feel awkward at feeding somewhere when feeding is so long and messy.



    If anyone is mostly or exclusively pumping and bottle feeding, what are your thoughts/feelings about it? My baby is 4 weeks and I don’t feel ready to stop nursing but he still has a hard time latching on sometimes, just wondering if I pump would it save both of us from getting stressed. ( Sometimes when he is having a hard time I can tell he is frustrated 🙁


    i had forgot about the boob beating they do. Not looking forward to that!



    phat, I was telling lies and throwing fits to get out of the hospital. I even threatened to walk out to get my point across. my hub was kinda embarrassed but I was so sick of the hospital getting in our way. I honestly blame them a little for my son not being a total breast feeding baby. they seriously need to leave experieinced mommies alone and let us do our thing. and inexperienced moms, they should set up and step back unless needed


    Yes I ordered my cloth diapers the other day thanks to Mere-and-girl!! She came over and showed me how to use them, along wit hthe difference in all the brands. I’m super excited to get them. I shouldve done next day shipping!! lol



    swinter – At least they were doctors. They’ve probably seen it all before. HAHA!



    Wow! thanks so much for the quick responses! I will be adding oats to my grocery list for tommorow 🙂 The ‘slimy’ comment has me not at all excited to taste it though! lol perhaps I will find something nice to add with a bit of texture. Berries and nuts maybe… I shall experiment. 😀 Thanks again ladies! Side note.. I bought a medela pump tonight off of kijiji for $200! It is like new and it would usually cost $360, yay me!



    phatbaby- love the last line of that: ‘So for God’s sake, please breast-feed.’



    rodazie, no judgement here! Of course you are welcome in this forum 🙂 Glad that we have helped you, though we didn’t know it, and sorry about the nasty FF debate!



    Thank you Deeyour. I was just getting worried cause he eats so much… he is constantly on the breast. I thought maybe I wasnt producing enough. Today was his doc appointment. He was born 8 lbs 15 ounces – left hospital at 8 lbs 11ounces now weighs 9lbs 5 ounces so my fears are gone.


    Quiet tonight. I loved my breast friend first time round. Really helped me support James. This time haven’t used anything.



    I totally recommend everyone seeing the movie Babies its very interesting to see different cultures with their babies its really good



    On the freezing and storing issue. I did what LAWSONSMOM did and I just pumped extra, after feedings and night time. And stored up a good supply. Was able to use it when I had to take meds that I didn’t want for Keira to get in her breast milk and was able to supplement with it for quite a while when my supply began to diminish for the previously mentioned reasons.



    Dee…..LMBO! A lot of people do believe that. I really feel that it depends on the person. It can change for some. But, some are likewise able to still pull off the long hair. But, I do feel that there is usually a time to stop wearing certain clothing….LOL! Such as half shirts and mini skirts and probably short shorts. LOL! But again there are exceptions to the rule…really depends on genetics.

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