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    Miami – TRUST your body hon! We are beautiful creatures!! 🙂 I think you may be having your phantom period, I am naturally an over-producer but when I had my ”period’ (I literally had like one drop of blood, sorry if TMI) I dropped low, to the point where I wasn’t pumping but 6 oz a day. My LO nursed at night for 1.5 hours!!! Then after my ‘period’ was done, I was WAAAAAY over producing because of all the stimulation.

    You may want to consider pumping a little bit first to get a let down, then baby won’t be so frustrated


    1blessedmomma – I know, it’s all a bit ridiculous! I told the hubby that if these things don’t figure it out when I’m done bf then he has to buy me ones that will! lol Some things just aren’t fair!



    katjak – funny you say that because I’m constantly asking DH to get me a drink of water as soon as she latches on and it drives him crazy! It’s not my fault I wasn’t thirsty until I started feeding her! 🙂



    Hey ladies, I am not breasfeeding at the moment (lol, not even pregnant YET) but I will breastfeed baby #2 eventually 🙂 I was just wondering if any of you had ordered ‘udder covers’ from… I just stumbled on a conversation here on IAP about getting scammed by the ‘deal’ – where you get a ‘free’ udder cover, paying shipping only (under $10) but then your credit card is billed three times the shipping charge. I Googled it, and lots of different sites popped up mentioning the scam, while some did not have a problem, others did. I guess this is a heads up for anyone who used paypal or their credit card to get one to check your statements to make sure you were not overcharged.


    i just gave my LO his first bottle of BM the other day…we used the adiri bottle…expensive but worked great!!!



    cosmomama – I would suggest just feeding as much as he wants and let it be. If you become engorged then just express some out in the sink…unless you need to save it for work or whatnot. My son only feeds on one side at a time because I have plenty. It’s starting to go down so I am not engorged by the time he wants to feed on the other side. Just offer what he wants.



    phatbaby: by 9 month, there is no reason to feed your child at night, unless the wake up still and want it. But they should be able to go throug thr night no problem. My son was sleeping throug the night well before that, and that’s fine. Just don’t wake them up. If he wakes up, of course feed him if he’s hungry. If he doesn’t wake, don’t feed them. There is absolutely no reason to be waking him still. My dr told me to let my baby sleep til he wakes up for food and he’s only a month old. Same with m first baby and he’s 19 months and has been sleeping throug the night sice 1 month old! Sure, he woke up at times to eat, and we fed him. Mostly though, he slept, we slept…and he’s perfectly healthy! Listen to your doctor. And yes, crib rot is a big concern with teeth. The less sugar from milk that gets on their teeth at night, the better off.



    shazzy10feb, if baby is used to take the breast from you, you might find it very difficult for baby to take the bottle from you. You will probably have to have someone else try and offer the bottle while you disappear into the next room. Babies can smell mommy’s breast milk and if they are used to getting it from the breast, they will hold out until mommy gives in and gives the breast.



    Just wait ladies. When they are six months plus they’re worlds expand passed the breast. It becomes harder and harder to get them to eat a full meal. Many moms I know have to kick their husbands out of the room or their babies won’t get anything to eat. Quiet rooms become the norm.



    parkersmommy: any tips on how to wean successfully to a sippy cup? when and how did you do it? mine is the same, not a bottle drinker, she gnaws on a sippy right now, what did you put in yours? thanks!



    The dh n I are having the sex issue as well its not so much painful ad it is uncomfortable ,I have an issue w dryness tmi sorry but I just seem to stay like the Sahara no matter what. LOL



    Petskies – my DD is almost 12 months and recently started doing the crazy feeding in bed in the mornings as well. Sometimes I just lay on my back and let her go at it. She’ll get on her hands and knees to nurse or sit up then launch herself towards me to latch on. At first I was discouraging it, but now I just let her play. I figure she’ll eat if she’s hungry and otherwise she’s exploring what her body can do and how things work. Plus, I think it’s kind of cute 🙂



    I don’t cover in public. I was using the wrap to carry him around on vacation and then he got hungry while we were walking around sight seeing. instead of stopping everything i just uncovered a breast and let him go at it. Never missed a step and dh was thrilled that we didn’t have to stop and wait.



    dominique23 – i use the playtex bottles with the liners. only thing that works for us. ***tkp- i had a cup of coffee and my baby stayed up for 14 hours so i never did it again



    Another thing (I know im getting annoying with this) Have you done the elimination diet? Its helped me so much so thats why i keep bringing it up.

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