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    emilee-yes it feels wonderful when I get home from work to just be able to sit down, prop up my feet, pop out a boob, and let him drink. He doesn’t want it every evening now so sometimes I have to wait until bed time. I hate that full feeling, but I love that relaxed, peaceful time when he is still and nursing.



    Savannah was 8lbs 2oz at birth; at 2 months she was 16lbs 5oz; at 3 and a half months she was 20.5 lbs; at 6 months she was 24 lbs 7 oz; at 9 months she was 28 lbs and now at a year she is 32 lbs. Mega Super Chunk ;o)



    I am going to try the hands-on pumping. While I was watching the video I started doing the massages and was able to stimulate let down and get some milk out! I will repeat the website that was given a few days ago by another mom. Thanks!!!



    phat, does he throw fits about other food> …eventually he will give i if you leave it on the plate,
    also, mine will eat anything I eat w/ a smile. maybe laugh and giggle and then offer him something new and eat it with him. I’ve even gne as far as to fight (play)with her over the spoon like I don’t want to share it. then when she gets it she gobbles it up …she’s a sucker! lol


    Bri all this time I thought I was eating fermented oats and I was covering my dish.



    nope thats what I dont get….My nipples have been really sore I chalked it up to the 3 month growth spurt and him being attatched ALL night..He had some white spots but they ended up coming off but it was REALLY hard and now he wont open his mouth lol…I am going to give it a couple more days and see 🙁





    They’re going to Vancouver BC. Think it’s a great hospital, my friend has spent a lot of time there with her little boy, and has nothing but good things to say. Just hoping everything turns out okay! Not sure what kind of updates I’ll be getting either, Damion’s dad tends to forget to update us. I think he thinks it none of my business, but it is Damion’s business, he’s his brother too.



    Oh and on a lighter note for those that care to know. I got my son latched to the nipple shield for approx 1 minute last night. I know that sounds like nothing but he has never latched before. I couldnt get him back on after that but hey, that’s a step i’ll take.



    I feel you scarlet. I want to go on but feelin a little discouraged. Made it to 6 mos now its very difficult for me to stop what I’m doing at work to pump. My supply is suffering for it too. Sigh. Scarlet I saved you as a friend on fb.



    momofcash – you can look it up on google, but it’s basically like milking a cow. Make a fist, open, and repeat. Really though, it can be whatever you want, as long as you’re consistent with it…


    This is Ollie 11 weeks Photobucket



    And one more ?? Baby seemed to be getting better at night waking only every 4 hours and now he seems to be waking like 2-3 hours.. I’m so tired… Any suggestions would be great



    Ok I was just reading the polls a lady said she heard on the radio of a lady breastfeeding her son until he was 11! What is your take on this? To me it seems extreme. I just couldn’t imagine doing that.

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