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    jenniewren, we did a 12 hour trip when Zach was about 6mo and Ayden had just turned two. We didn’t take any pumped bottles nor did I take my pump. Just figured we could pull off and I would nurse when needed. I did have a couple of empty bottles in the car for ‘just in case’ moments, which turned out to be a good thing. We were already a couple of hours behind the rest of the group we were traveling with, so toward the end of the trip when Zach was getting antsy and hungry again, we couldn’t afford to lose any more road time. I ended up hand expressing a couple of oz out into one of his bottles. Since I had just expressed it, it was the right temp and I didn’t have to worry about storage for anything. Ended up doing the same thing when we did our four (six if you count the two hours we were stand-still in traffic…) trip to Chicago a few weeks after. Both times we borrowed my dad’s van and both times I had to clean BM off the dash board from stray steams of milk!


    I have blue eyes, hubby has hazel, James has blue and Ollie’s are still blue at the moment.



    precious – yeah, normally I have her right with me. However, my sister was cooking it was making Zoey sneeze so I opted to put her in a different room to make her more comfortable. Go figure. She wasn’t more comfortable at all.



    EllasMommy23 ~ Cool! Not a lot of Spanish-speaking mommies in the whole site! Good to find one that is also BF with passion. 😀 My favorite quote: ‘Dar la teta es dar vida’. (To give boob is to give life)


    Sandra…oh no! I had this happen with my first…no one told me if you nurse they would refuse the bottle…I couldn’t get her to take one until she was 6 months. She would scream the whole time. I started introducing the bottle much sooner with my last 2. If she takes a pacifier you can try finding a bottle with the same nipple. Warming up the actual nipple with warm water helped make it more like a breast. You may have to introduce food sooner, closer to 3 months. This is what I had to do with mine since I had to work.



    Has anyone heard or used Fenugreek to increase their milk supply? I’m having trouble with breastfeeding and have been on antibotics so I’ve been having to pump and dump til I’m done with the medicine.



    micaellaâ€In addition to the Federal health care policy, each state can have their own policy too. I think in Oregon, where I’m at, you are allowed two 30 min sessions unpaid for the first yearâ€this is in addition to your lunch break. Check with your employer and see if they are willing to modify that…for example, see if they will let you take four 15 min breaks, or three 20 min breaks to accomidate your pumping. If not, remember are also entitled to lunch breaks, so you should have no problem pumping at least 3 times. I moved to another company when my daughter was 5 months old and was very clear that I needed to pump four times during the day because I’m one of those women that ONLY get 2 oz each time I pump. I actually just call it my hour lunch break so I don’t have to stay late or come in early. I know other mothers who will adjust their start/end time to accomodate extra pumping. My new employer set me up in an empty office and put blinds up and said I was welcome to bring in any pictures, or a radio or anything I needed to make it comfortable in there. Everyone knows that is the pumping roomâ€in fact, there is another mom who will be using it when she returns from maternity leave in a few weeks.



    charmedby3tobe -I’m so glad i popped over to this forum and saw your LO is almost 2months old and she is starting to sleep longer stretches at nite and i was really worried about my supply. You are right tho, i have ntoiced she gets what she needs dduring the day and then by the morning i’m full but not too engorged. Good post!



    natasha– my lactacian consultant told me the best thing you can do for your supply is stick to a schedule.. whether you pump every 2 hours or 4, always pump that far apart.. and always for 20 minute even if you only getmilk for the first 10.. the repeated stimulation even after youve emptied your breasts is supposed to stimulate production.. The herbal suppliment Fenugreek has helped me alot too.. I have tried just about everything with the help of my consultant so if you need some advice on boosting supply just ask!



    Angie! When I got pregnant with Kekoa my last period was February 4th. My due date was Nov 11th but we had him on the 4th. Kekoa only nursed three times today. I think I’m ovulating now but I’m not quite sure what my body is doing. I have been having cramping feelings all day. Ovulation, implation or something else? I just don’t know. I am starting to obsess about though. I hope things go well. If not then I guess it wasn’t meant for this month. I orginally wanted to wait until end of summer, early fall to have a spring or summer baby but I just don’t want to. If it takes that long I might go crazy but in the end I will be happy.



    Morning ladies! I hope everyone is having a safe winter or summer for all you Australians….lucky ducks! It’s snowing like crazy in Seattle and we only own maybe one plow in all of King County. Grrr! I just made it to work for the first time since Wednesday. It’s been fun staying at home and wish I could do it full time but I didn’t ever get a chance to jump online. When Kekoa was napping so was I or I was cleaning. Very tiring! But at least I have a clean house unlike when I’m working and say to heck with it. HAHA!

    As for the heating milk thing. They say that it ‘can’ grow bacteria. I never keep mine out and if Kekoa drinks it it alway was thrown away because that is daycares policy. Although….since he now drinks his milk cold it is ok to keep drinking from it and putting it back into the fridge all day long. Now I just fill his sippy to the brim and send that to daycare. He drinks on it all day and it’s fine. I never keep it more then that day though. Whatever is left by the end of the day gets thrown out. Even at almost 14months I’m producing more then he drinks so I’m ok with throwing it away…unlike when he was 4 months. That is heart breaking to pour it down the drain.


    professorpreggers – thanks for the tip




    Im looking for ways to boost my milk supply, at least naturally at first. I driky plenty of water, have a good diet, and try to nurse or pump every two hours. My supply is steady but I don’t think I’m making enough to make my baby full. So if anyone can please help respond to my page. Thanks!



    Oh my gosh Bri, I hope Kekoa gets better soon! Poor little guy. Good job with the breast feeding though that is another good reason….However this weekend I was thinking about you and Kekoa although I didn’t know that he was sick. But my Elijah has starting biting! and I know you two went threw a phase of that… What did you guys do to get threw it because my goodness that is freaken painfull and I wanted to just pinch his nose… although one time this weekend he bite me hard and it scared me and so i yelped out and he started to cry.. then an hour later we tried to nurse again and he did fine right up till the end and he got me agian!!! Help me!!! what am i supposed to do~ tell me before i lose a nipple! 🙂



    Yeah, my husband spent the first week home with our son so we could both (Kekoa and I) get used to it. We also figured out how much and when. It worked. Kekoa does do a lot more nursing in the evenings but it’s more for bonding and comfort. Mommy’s not going anywhere. So, first thing when we get home is sit down for a nice nurse and sometimes a nap. Depends on how he slept during the day. Now that he’s in the toddler room he only gets one nap. If he only slept an hour then he needs one but if he got the full 2.5 then we are good to go.

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