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    not feeding on one breast for 7 hours could very well slow your milk production…I’d atleast pump the other breast or manually express it until it atleast lets down and be sure to feed from that one first at the next feeding…
    dec~ if you need to pump some extra milk after a feeding or your just trying to boost your supply you’ll have to pump for a while…sometimes it takes 10 minutes for your breast to let down when using a breast pump , in those first few weeks for sure!! try waiting 30 minutes after the feeding and pumping , you might not have to wait as long and if you pump an only get a small amount and you need more keep pumping your breast will keep letting down but it just takes a while in between let downs…
    and #2~ in those early days your nipples can be sore from just nursing so often as well as improper latch,your nipples will toughen up quickly
    and you said you feel confident about your baby’s latch now. just stay positive and remember a few days or weeks of soreness only last a little while while a positive breast feeding experience will last for many months to come and the health benefits a life time!!! if your having soreness after week 2 or 3 I’d recommend you find a local LLL leader to get hands on advice. breastfeeding takes time an a lot of effort to get it right!



    seems like such a simple concept.. but honestly I probably don’t drink enough water especially when its cold outside. I’ll up my fluids tomorrow and see if that helps. Thanks angelag3girls



    Maybe the reason I have issues with production is my breast never got any bigger. I was a D cup before pregnancy, through pregnancy, and after delivery. I mean 7-7.5 oz is 2 bottles for him, but only getting 1-2 oz a session is depressing. But hey that is 2 less bottle of formula he has to have. The closer I get to a year the less I want to give it up. I love our cuddle time. I hope God blesses me with the abilitly to continue until RJ is done.



    I just realized that it has been over a year since the first day of my last period, Feb 4, 2008!!! Period free for over a year!!!! EBF twins for 5 months!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!



    Here are some pics we took ver the weekend!





    ozbaby I would do it very slow like take one feed a day out for a few days and then take another out. Does she feed any at night? Does she bite at those feeds? If not you could stop the weaning at those feeds and pump maybe twice a day to keep it up and give her those from a bottle that way she will still get some bm until she is one. For now are you using heat before pumping? If you use heat for about 15 min. pump then back to heat and then pump you might be able to drain them out enough to stop the mastitis. I am sorry she keeps biting you. Did you ever try the antibiotic ointment? If you haven’t been able to find one ask a pharmacy they should know or might could mix one up for you.



    TheWeastBunch how often are you pumping and how long do you pump for? At his age you should probably be pumping atleast 10 times a day for 20 minutes. Right now you milk is trying to establish itself so you don’t want to skip if you don’t have to. Is there a lactation consultant that could help you get the latch right? If not you should be able to find a local LLL group (La leche league). They have helped me out alot. A baby is much better at getting the milk then a pump and would help your supply much better. You can use lanolin and breast milk on your nipples to help them heal. I would use it after every feed or pump. If you have some really bad cracks you can use neosporin but wipe it off before nursing or pumping. I don’t think there would be anything left to hurt your LO but just incase. If you like oatmeal you can also soak 1 cup old fashion oats and 1 cup water over night and just heat and eat in the morning. You can also sweeten it how ever you like. I hope this isn’t sounding too choppy I was just trying not to write a book. I hope this helps and Congrats on your new one.



    nena-I had a friend who had ‘inverted nipples’ her little girl had trouble latching too. The lactation consultant said the baby needs to keep practicing the latching and they WILL get it its practice practice practice. She managed to nurse her for 14 months in the end. Good Luck!



    thanks for the advice! when did u notice the depression start? and how long untyil i see a boost in supply my x says 1 pill every 6 hrs for 6 weeks, will my supply go down after that



    I sleep with my 8 month old, and she’s getting her 4th tooth. I slept with my previous babies until they were like 1 or2 years old. Only one of them ever had any tooth decay, and it was an adult molar, so no correlation with co-sleeping. Babies produce a lot of saliva, so their teeth are protected by that. I do brush Baby’s teeth though, once a day, with no toothpaste.


    Kelly I am now pregnant with twins but have breatfeed my other two sons one for 8 months and the other for 5 months and they both weaned themselves….i put them on formula (which i know you object) and they did fine….goat milk or any milk for that matter is said to be hard on babies intestines and may cause bleeding so i would def talk to her doctor before doing this….goood luck…



    Hi Ladies, I need some advise. My daughter is 14 months old and I am pregnant again..she has been completely breastfed until this point(she wud not take BM in a bottle as well)..I am trying to wean her to whole milk for the most part and keep the morning and night feedings only..But she does not seem to like the whole milk and keep refusing to drink it..Did any of you have this issue? Is there any other alternatives you can suggest for me like adding flavoring or some other kind of milk she may like..please help…If possible, please post on my vip page..thanks in advance..



    Suz & Natasha- The old fashioned oats work the best, but in a pinch you can use the quick oats. (Quaker or whatever). Instant does not work as well either. It has to do with the amount of ‘husk’ that is left on the grain of oat. Soak it overnight on the counter and then heat and eat. I used soaked oats to boost supply for several months. I never pumped so I don’t know what the actual amount extra was, but my son went from unsatisfied to content. After I figured out what caused the low supply and started eating the oats to build back up, it was all good. We’re now 11 months in and going strong 🙂 Hope that helps…



    Girls I need some help and a BIG hug. My lo is 12 weeks old and I have been exclusivly breastfeeding. I only experienced engorgemant when my milk first came in, and I have never been able to pump more than 1oz at each breast, even if my baby has been asleep for hours. Out of nowhere my supply dropped, and after pumping both breasts (madela double pump) I can barely get 1 oz. Yvette would suck for a second and then get pissed, arch her back and scream in frustration. She won’t suck long enough to encourage let down. I tried for ours last night and she was just so hungry and screamnng. We went through my entire milk stash in the freezer last night just trying to keep her full. This morning my husband had to go out and buy formula, I cried! I’m pumping every 2 hours, drinkiing/eating and I’m not seeing anything. I know that if she gets too many bottles she will refuse the breast and that is the last thing I want to happpen. I am so comitted to this but I don’t know what to do. ?????? 🙁



    *****question for you breastfeeding experts!! Today is day three and my milk isn’t quite in yet. I don’t want to supplement at all but Jordan hasn’t peed or pooped since 730p last night and it’s 330p right now. Is this normal or do I need to supplement him :-(? He is a little jaundice too but it’s a beautiful day so I’m going to take him out in the sun.

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