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    Hi Everyone! I haven’t posted on here in almost two months. I recently switched jobs and don’t have the time to read during the day, and our computer at home died. Today I’m making an exception since I’ve been going through withdrawals! Our little girl is just over 6 months old now. I’m sorry to report that she has already pretty much weaned herself. I think since she has been in daycare, she discovered how much easier it is to take her food in the form of a bottle. I was nursing in the mornings before work, at night and on the weekends, but she progressively starting fighting me…she would hit, kick, squirm, and BITE/PULL my nipple every time I offered her the breast. Now, she may latch on for a few sucks, then she pops off and sucks her thumb (of course once the milk starts flowing)-or just turns her head away and keeps her mouth shut when I try to re-offer the breast. She only seems to nurse now early mornings on the weekends when she is in bed with me and still sleepy. That being said, since I believe so much in the health benefits of breast feeding, I am chained to the pump day in, day out to get her that nice healthy mamma’s milk. I pump 4 times a day at work and 3-4 times a day while I’m at homeâ€hooked to that machine for about 2 hours a day. It makes me sad that we don’t have that physical bond any more, but I still enjoy giving her the bottle and she is content. Sadly, I have had to add 1 to 2 bottles of formula (sigh) to the mix because I simply don’t pump the 25-30 oz per day she drinks. At least 20-22 of the ounces she drinks is the wonderful mommy’s milk! That being said, she is FINALLY putting on weight and got out of the 3rd percentile since we’ve introduced the formula. At her 6 month visit, she was up to 14 lbs 4 oz (15th percentile). Bash me if you want for giving in and using the formula, but after 6 months of trying all the diets, supplements, the prescription medication, marathon pumping sessions, hand expression, different pumps etc. to increase my pumping output with no success, I ran out of options. I certainly feel guilty for giving her the fake stuff, but I keep telling myself at least the majority of her food is the good stuff, and I’m doing the best that I can! I’ll keep pumping as long as I need to. Cheers to all you wonderful mommies out there; it is nice knowing there are so many other parents who really believe parenthood is life’s greatest gift!



    I love my Medela Swing pump. Its perfect for me as a stay at home mom, who only needs to pump every so often. plus it runs on batteries too, so it came in handy for the roadtrip I was on while my daughter was sleeping I could pump. its great because it has that 2 phase expression thing that mimics letdown so you can pump quite a bit.



    feliciamarie – At 12 months I decided to start the weaning process. Since I work full-time we were already down to one nursing session and bottles. First we replaced the bottles with sippy cups and I kept nursing so we didnt do too much change at once. Then I cut out pumping one at a time and eventually stopped altogether so my supply dwindled. When he nursed it was more for comfort than hunger at his age so he didnt care that my supply was dropping. Rather than work hard to get at it he was just done. When I didnt offer it anymore he didnt really care, we would just cuddle and sing instead which further proved he was only in it for the comfort. I was done by 13 months. We never had a tear or a whine or anything we were both just ready. I think he probably would have went on nursing as long as I offered it to him but when I stopped he didnt miss it at all. We were definitely both ready and it wasnt a traumatizing experience at all. Every baby is different and will require their own adjustment time. Good luck!!



    Lawson’s mom, it is sad! I know everyone has their choice and that’s fine but breasts aren’t just lumps of fat. There are glands there with the sole function of producing milk for our babies. They sustain life! For all of man kind’s exsistance we’ve been drinking milk from our mother’s breast. It shouldn’t be taboo just because science has made a very inadaquent substitute. This is one time when women’s lib took a wrong direction!


    Yeah, I still take a huge bottle of water with me at night for that night time feeding. It’s a quart sized bottle and I finish it almost every time I nurse!


    heh ladies, could use some advice. the girls get one bottle of formula at night, many reasons why, i wont go into now, but theyve gone totally off it. im lucky to get them to take an ounce each, but they are hungry coz when i offer them a breast they eat. its my bday soon and id like to go out for few drinks, do you think changing formula would make a difference? any other suggestions? im using closer to nature bottles which are meant to be the most like a breast.



    Hello ladies I had my baby 12/22. I pumped for the 1st month only giving formula maybe 5 times and then I needed to give my rented pump back.( She WON’T nurse) I have since stopped, but I realized I still have milk. What can I do to build my milk supply back? When I try to pump I only get drops! Please help!



    thanks ladies! Great help 🙂 I will just let it be. I wish I could pump afterwards but it’s hard enough exclusively breastfeeding my newborn for 30 min every few hrs while my 19 month old runs around uncontrollably! I don’t have 10-15 extra minutes to pump. So, i’ll just keep feeding him from the breast and hopefully it’ll even out. I just need to decide if I’m goig to only do 1 boob per feeding, or if I’m going to give him both and just have less come out of each. I breastfed my last son too, but he never latched properly, so I never had enoug milk! Having too much is a change! So thx for the info 🙂



    Phatbaby – Take a look at this link that says tooth decay and night nursing are NOT linked —



    hand expressing… hold your breast outside of the areola with slight pressure, pull your hand back toward the body, keeping your hand in the same spot…like you are pushing the breast into your chest cavity. Then with more firm pressure squeeze the breast as you draw your hand back out and away from the body. You don’t want to squeeze the areola or nipple at all. There is already so much ‘trauma’ happening to the nipple that you want to stay far away from it!



    We’re at 10.5 months and if I try to feed my DD in the living room sitting up, forget it! She would rather be looking around, talking to the dog, or best of all, on the floor crawling. She ends up taking a sip, sit up. Take a sip, sip up & talk to the dog. Sip, sit up. Drives me nuts! For a serious nursing session we have to go lay down in bed with a blanket so she can’t roll away.



    Hello, I didn’t really know where to post this, but saw Bri had been posting and remember you as being incredibly knowledgable during the pregnancy months – we were in the same week – so thought I would post here as there was a familiar ‘face’!
    My little girl is 4 months today. And I have been cutting down breast feeds over the past month, with an aim to only doing morning feeds by the beginning of June – I am going back to work and have been unable to express. Since I have cut down the feeds I have been feeling most peculiar – nauseous, funny taste in my mouth, light headed, weird dreams, basically all of the early pregnancy symptoms, I was certain I was pregnant and have done 4 tests over the past few weeks that have all been negative. Could these symptoms be linked to hormones flying about because I am breast feeding less?



    babybean- i had that issue for a while, but it got better after a while. Ella’s almost 10 months now and things are back to normal.

    And also, tearing is not always such a horrible thing. I tore pretty bad naturally and they just stitched me back up. I mean, it hurt for a while, but it gets better! Unless you’re expecting-2b-patient, apparently! =]



    seuban0- I don’t nurse to sleep. Our routine is this, and has been since she was like two months old. She’s 10 months now. She gets up from her last nap aound 3:30-4. At 7:30 we do her bath, which she loves and it allows her to get all her extra energy out at night. Then we do a lotion rub down, if she’ll sit for it, but now she’s getting all crazy and hating sitting still. Then we read books. Like probably two short ones. Then I kiss her and put her in her crib, and she goes to sleep. We did have to work up to this just putting her in her crib thing. I started by singing to her while i was nursing her. Then i started just singing to her while rocking her. Then I rocked her and put her in her crib while she was awake. I don’t know. This is what worked for us.



    rachelz- So glad you got it figured out., There’s nothing worse than not knowing what is going on with your baby.

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