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    surgery, and pumped as much as I could. But eventually my milk dried up… perhaps I could have been helped… but I felt out of options… it made me really sad… I felt like less of a person. 🙁 I had to work hard to get through it and to convince myself that I was still a good Mommy, but I have succeeded, finally.. and I think the fact that I have been able to EBF my 2nd is helping me out!



    jmuncy- this was my comment…babybellybliss (8.5 minutes ago)
    before judging i would take into consideration that there are many cultures around the world in which it is not uncommon for a child to be nursed past the age of 11. just because it is not the `norm` in your or my society doesn`t make it wrong, or gross. personally i see not harm in it.



    Bri ~ When you eat your fermented oats, do you heat and then add ice-cream or add ice-cream and then heat? I tried the peanut butter, milk and almond kisses combination… mmmm!


    Crazy beautiful I still take a prenatal daily and will until I’m done nursing


    About 3 days with James and about 24 hours with Ollie.


    I speak Spanish…I’m first generation American so I needed it to survive. My mom speaks Spanish and knows a little bit of English. My father is bi-lingual, though. Mom is Spanish, father is Mexican and Italian.



    Thank you everyone, I’ll try your suggestions!



    felicia, yes, it is normal for her to be jealous. She wanted to give her baby the best, and wasn’t able to, so now she has a hard time seeing you doing it for yours. My son turned 1 last Thursday and we are still breastfeeding. He never had a bottle, and I plan to let him self-wean. My BIL is the only one who really asks me about it, but I just tell him that breastmilk is specifically made for human babies, changes just for them as they grow, and that the WHO recommends breastfeeding until AT LEAST two years of age, and as long after as mom and baby want to continue. His comment is usually ‘but he has teeth!’ And my response is ‘yes, and I taught him not to bite. His teeth aren’t an issue.’ He tends to let it go at that, until the next time when he says ‘you’re STILL breastfeeding!?’



    Mrslarge–Quite frankly, if you were formula feeding and your child was cranky or having tummy problems etc., your family would blame the formula…it’s a no win situation. As humans, we want to fix what is broken, and we are always seeking answers, so it doesn’t surprise me that we tend to over analyze and complicate the most basic and natural thing in lifeâ€children and breastfeeding. We are always comparing ourselves to others–how much do you pump? What is your child doing at xx age? Growth Charts Etc. Just know in your heart that you are doing the best thing for your child. A mother always knows best!



    dominique- I’ve used it before and it says that her bottles should be right around what I have been making them, 4-5ozs. I’m asking because a friend of mine believes that you should give the baby a bottle of 8ozs, let them eat as much as they can from it. That way they stop when they are full, not when the parent cuts them off at a predetermined amount, like the 5ozs. I don’t agree, what do you think?



    I tried pumping more often to increase my supply but found myself taking 4 pumps just to get one bottle. Finally I gave up and decided I would just pump as often as he would eat normally (at 10 months every 5-6 hours) and I got the same amount of milk in half the pumps. Been pretty consistent for about a month. He is 11 months in a couple of days so the end is in sight. What a battle though!! PUMP PUMP PUMP. I swear, my pump talks to me I am with it so often.



    Angie and Bri – just had to comment. My last period before I got preggo with the girls was Feb 4th too! My due date was Nov 10th, but they were born on Sept 25, 2008 at 33 weeks. They are now 6 1/2 months old, and this month is only my 2nd period… but it was exactly 28 days! Hopefully my cycle will stay regular and if something happens, WHOO HOOO!!!!



    Melissa: that hardness is your milk coming in! Do not supplement your baby yet (in my opinion) try and get him to nurse. Also, some lanolin nipple cream might help your nips, but if your baby isn’t nursing you MUST pump. I fought low milk supply because I didn’t pump early enough and my baby would’t latch. Colostrum only cuomes out in a few drops at a time, so you wouldn’t have heard gulping or anything. Those few drops of colostrum are all your baby needs until your milk comes in (which is now). Everything sounds like it’s in perfect time, so just feed your LO and pump if he’s not feeding. If your pump is hurting you, you might try different sized flanges (horns). What kind of pump do you have?


    im pretty sure my son has thrush. the tip of his tongue has white spots on it, and half his lip is red and swollen. i dont have it. i think he got it from his great grandma on dh side. she kept kissing him on the mouth, thats the only way i can think of that he got it. i cant see the dr until tomorow, thats if i can get in. is there anything i can do for him now? i have acidophilus pills from when i was taking antibiotics, if i take those, will it get to him, or can i make a paste to put in his mouth so it doesnt get worse until i can get him to the dr?



    parkersmommy1 – Breastmilk doesn’t last as long in their system as formula. Formula has a bunch of ‘junk’ in it that helps keep them full longer. Your baby may have been going through a growth spurt at that time and needed to feed more often, this will then build up your supply and your baby would go longer. Breastmilk is all they need for the first six months. Of course babies are ready for food at different times but the American Ped Asso. doesn’t recommend putting it in the bottle. If the baby can ‘eat’ it then they shouldn’t have it. Good Luck!

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