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    My LO will is 13 weeks today and I haven’t started any vitamin drops



    Yeah, at first we tried to time his bottle so he’d be hungry when I got home and I could feed him right away. After awhile it wasnt worth holding off a hungry baby so we let him be and it turns out even if he had just eaten a bottle he would still nurse when I got home. He missed me! He just stops everything he’s doing and stares at me when I walk in. Then after he processes its me and I’m home he lets out a huge grin. He’s pretty funny too. If he is sucking on a pacifier and he sees me he spits it out, opens his mouth and just waits.



    on-number-2 – it’s too early for you to start pumping and preserving your milk as your milk supply hasn’t settled yet, it takes few weeks.
    You’re doing great with lanoline cream for the sore nipple, that’s the remedy. If it’s really sore when your baby is nursing, you can use a breast shield for a day or two, so that your nipple will recover. But don’t stay on breastshields too long as the suction is not as effective and it could lower your milk supply on the long run. Hang in there and good luck!!!



    Hi all… well I have not been on here for ages as I am back working full time. Hayley will be 1 in a couple of weeks – cant believe how quickly the time goes. I am still breast feeding her twice a day, and pretty much for every feed on weekends except her last one.. however sometimes a breastfeed works if she is tired but wont go off to sleep… it never fails!

    Ozbaby Hayley does the same thing with my nipple! When I get home from work I spend nearly an hour with her on my bed, just feeding and playing with her. She only has two teeth so she hasnt bitten me yet… but she certainly has grabbed it and given it a good squeeze! The more I try to show her it hurts the funnier she thinks it is..

    She also likes to climb all over me while she is feeding. She has never been one to pull at my clothing looking for a drink… but even when I bath with her she decides its a good time for a drink! Crazy.

    Bri I see you are still on this page so I presume you are still feeding…WELL DONE! I have not really thought about stopping, I just love the ‘chill out’ time I get to have when I get home from work just being on my bed with her.



    ladies, what exactly is it that we CAN’T eat while breastfeeding??? I know about legumes…



    When I was about 17 years old…I was driving along and stopped hard because someone cut me off…after about 3 seconds I was hit hard from behind…the lady who hit me was breastfeeding her infant and driving 45 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone…she was unrestrained…baby survived but had multiple problems…I wont go into more details….but this happens Its very sad. I honestly cried about the accident for weeks.



    .:Mama:. – my daughter is 8 months and I’m still breastfeeding her. I’ve had 1 period. That’s really nerve wracking I find, because I can’t predict when the next one will come so I’m super paranoid that I’m pregnant again! lmao



    angelag3girls : Thanks. I used the Lansinoh cream and it was almost better but then i stopped and the bottom split again… It depends on how she latches to how much it hurts… The normal way she latches hurt like hell. She is so big now its not like i can point her chin to the lump either!
    She is just refusing to nurse from me most of the time through the day. She has just started waking at night again and she feeds perfectly at night and doesnt bite at all. Thats when i want to keep feeding then through the day with her having sore teeth, biting and refusing to feed makes me think it would just be so much easier on us both to give her a bottle. I dont think im up for long term expressing as i absolutely hate it. Maybe ill try and alternate one feed then a bottle then another feed. I also have to wean off the medication as well. Its all just too hard when im so tired and feel terrible…



    my son is 7 months and has had his 2 bottom teeth fo rthe past month or so and he BITES me. it hurts so bad… what can i do to get him to stop???



    hi ladies! i gave birth on april 15th and am breastfeeding but i also suplement with 2 oz of formula because she wasnt getting full. anyways, i was wondering if anyone knows how many oz of breastmilk does a baby get per feeding. my baby only feeds for 10 mins on each breast then she takes the 2 oz of formula. do you think she is getting atleast 6 oz all together? please help



    Kym is right that Reglan can be perfectly safe and help many women. I felt the effects of anxiety within two doses. I was sitting at work and my blood pressure shot up. I couldn’t breath or sit still in my chair. I had to get up and just jump up and down. I wanted to cry and felt like my whole body was shaking. It was a scary time for me.

    On another note on Reglan. I just received this email today out of the blue. No idea how I got on the list but it has a FDA alert about Reglan. It’s used for tummy issues as well but has been linked to other scary things and well here is the link so you can read it yourself…



    Great articles on the benefits of co-leeping in month two section:)


    Kayvee- Congrats on your decision I am now 13 and half wks pregnant with twins i have a 4 yr old and a 17 month old that i breatfed and although my bf doesnt want me too i will be breastfeeding the twins…it is uncomfrotable at first but does not hurt as long as the baby latches on right….if you need support i will be here for you…add me as a friend or just write me a message with any specific questions…good luck in your pregnancy…



    Vickkie – read your pump instructions. It might give you instructions for how to clean the tubing so that you can re use. If you can get new tubing all the better though. I used a second hand pump, no problems, through my multiple birth club (for twins) and they have medela double electric pumps that they lend out. There are instructions on how to sterilise all the important parts before / between uses. Have a look in your manuel. 🙂



    Definately go get the old fashion oats. That was what I was told. I never tried the quick oats but I guess they’re a little different.

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