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    I came to this bulletin to get some help with mastitis. I have never had it before, I have it now, in both breasts I think. I am on day 3 of antibiotics, using warm compresses, baby is nursing more often but I don’t feel like the lumps are going away. They go down a bit after feedings but swell back shortly thereafter. I am still having a lot of pain and it is getting increasingly worse in my left breast. Does anyone have any other helpful tips on how to deal with this or speed up my recovery?



    Amanda- my daughter was jaundicy too and the nurse told me to supplement but I didn’t want to so I just kept feeding here. Just keep putting baby to the boob. She did end up needing the billy blanket- it’s a light that goes under a a t-shirt to help breakdown…i forogt what is it that makes a baby jaundice..but that lol- I don’t know if supplementing would have made a difference or not. When was the last feeding? Personallly i wouldn’t want to but….baby should have peed by now. also it is hard to tell when a baby pees sometimes. The nurses told me to hold an empty diaper and compare to the one you just changed. There were many times I didnt’ thnk she pee’d but could tell a differnce between a new diaper. I hope this helps. I know others with chime in someime soon! Good luck and keep at it!!!!!



    Over-the-moon…if you can..spend as much skin on skin time you can with your lo..thats helps up your production. Fermented oatmeal is a big help with me (1 cup steel cut oats/1 cup water..soak at least 7 hours..heat and eat-add things to make taste better) and tons and tons and tons and tons of water! Bm is made up of mostly water so if you have a bad intake of water your output will be horrid. Drink till you pee clear! ****Lilmamafuller-try latching when baby isn’t feed on other side and then latch on that side that they have troubles on…does that make sense? Sometimes they have a bad latch and popping off and back on only frusterates mama and baby when baby is starved. Man o man i hope i’m making sense! LOL*****Mrsmom..your pedi is a moron. Run run run! First-stop all cookies and goodies until later. Baby needs a good foundation at eating. Start slowly but consistant. Offer one thing that she likes (and you know she will eat) and offer something new or something she’s a little sketchy eating. Keep offering this ‘different foods’ many many times. Some kids are the most pickiest things in the world. My son for example…he’s 3 and eats only a handful of foods. Its a struggle each and every day-BUT at his daycare he will eat almost everything they give him. Drives me crazy! But honestly…i would stop the cookies and stuff. You can do it! Have you tried breastmilk in a sippy? warm or cold? My 6 month old takes bm in a sippy but it has to be cold..she won’t drink it if its warm..but her bottles at daycare have to be warm. Crazy kids! Experiment with your lo and try different things in the sippy. Maybe its the sippy she doesn’t really like..have you tried different ones? I have like 5 different sippys for my son and he only liked probly 3 of them…the others i will try with my dd and hope she will like them..if not..then they will be given away. I’m just throwing suggestions out there. I sure hope you can find some solid ground with this. And really-don’t take what your pedi said to heart as he sounds like he slept thru the breastfeeding mothers class in medical school.


    hey everyone. this is weird i know but, i gave birth 2 months ago and me and my husband have had sex a couple times since. i haven’t had my period yet but i’m feeling like small kicking sometimes in my stomach. does that sound weird? also i saw some kind of discharge a week ago or so. i know this completly weird but has anyone else gone through this?


    chellebob – this will depend on your specific body type, weight, height, frame and how much you want to lose. There are many ways to find out how much you should eat to lose weight. I recommend using a site called Although, nothing is very accurate since they are all ‘general’. But it should give you a good ballpark figure. The site will also take into consideration that you are BF’ing and you can even add in exercise and the calories also change based on that. For example: I am 5’4′ and weigh about ~145. I have a small frame and I’m 30 yrs old. I want to lose 20lbs. I am still nursing with moderate amt of activity daily. I eat about 1500-1800 calories a day and I should be losing about 1 lb a week. I could eat about 1900 a day maintain weight. The site gives you all sorts of calculations. You can even enter in your hip/waist ratio and there are ways they determine your body frame as well (small, medium. large). So… to answer your question… the answer is diff. for everyone. The site I mentioned above is not free, fyi. I’m sure there are other free services that are similar, though… good luck! 🙂



    Also, when Sadie was about month old she’d only have a poop once or twice per week. Somebody already mentioned it, it’s because there is little waste with breastmilk. EBF babies hardly ever get constipated. So don’t use the poopy diapers as a barometer, as long as there are wet ones, baby is doing fine:) You’re doing great, this is the hardest couple of weeks when you first start breastfeeding, hang in there, it will be fine!



    Yup, I go to bed/lay on the couch and there is a check list BEFORE I sit (hubby is at work during the day)! WATER-check, REMOTE-check, CLOCK-check, PHONE-check, BOPPY-check, BURP CLOTH-check!! What am I missing…. oh, yea! BABY-DOUBLE CHECK!!! Then I never have to leave where my fat ass is… but that might not be a good thing, LOL!! Hugs to all of you ladies!!



    happy out- with twins i can’t imagine that there is any extra milk, but do you have milk pumped and stored? Maybe they’ll take that better?



    mrsmom – Is it during nursing? My opposite breast has a pulsing pain while feeding. It’s my letdown. Some women feel tingles and other pain and still others don’t feel anything. I didn’t feel it last time but this time I do.



    cosmama, i just do one side at a time. That way he gets more hind milk, which is more filling, and most times the one boob is enough for him. If he is still acting hungry when he’s done I offer the other side, but most times he doesn’t want it, or only sucks for a minute or two. Only once has he had a good feed from both sides in one feeding, and he was going through a growth spurt at the time.



    momofcash…its sooo sad isnt it? thats what my dd does and it breaks my heart cuz mommy cant fix it. 🙁 ive already cut my dairy, chocolate, and spicy foods. nvr drank caffeine so idk what else to do. ill try the gripe water n c if that works



    *wyatts*mommy* – How long has he gone without feeding? His tummy might be hurting or something along those lines. Has he poo’d? Keep offering the breast as much as possible. Eventually he’ll get over this nursing strike. I know it sucks but it won’t last long. During the strike watch him carefully though. Make sure you only offer the breast. Alex has done this a couple times. It only lasts a few more hours then normal. During that time I pump his legs to see if he has gas. I walk him and make sure he’s feeling alright. Don’t get frustrated or upset. He’ll sense it. Just be available for when he’s hungry again.



    I’ll ask again: it’s 1 part oatmeal to 1 part water, right? Not 2 parts water?



    joanna2 -Breastfeeding does create a whole new set of hormones. When mom weans before she and Baby are ready it can throw her body out of whack. Women can actually develop depression from it. Also, the first period that comes back often gives moms a fright because it’ll give off the same symptoms as pregnancy.



    well…….i didn’t even do perineum stretching whatsoever and i didn’t tear my perineum, thank God…but i did tear internally because little missy decided to come out with her arms crossed tight in front of her. my doctor told me it heals faster and easier than perineum tearing…yeah right apparently….i thought all was good until she stuck that thing in down there. OUCH!!! and i haven’t even tried the sex thing yet and really don’t want to after that. eek!

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