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    Ellas – thanks for the correction. I knew it was milk but we’ve been using it for so long that I forgot. For ‘water’, I tried doing it with the ‘w’ for about a month and she didn’t get it. I switched it to just patting my cheek with my hand and she picked it up in 2 days! I figure as long as I know what she’s ‘saying’ (and dad and grandma, etc) that’s all that matters. We’re working on ‘please’ right now, which she’s picking up but is rubbing her tummy so far. So cute 🙂


    I burst into tears the second time, didn’t think I would fall pregnant bf and on mini pill. Was so scared of having 2 so young and close in age. So glad the birth control didn’t work now! But I am also terrified it will happen again. I’d like another but not yet Robbie doesn’t.



    Thank u bri for u advice I will try that 🙂



    babybelly- I see where you are coming from. Me, personally, I couldnt see myself doing it but by no means would I look down on anyone for it.



    I need your help! I will be sadly returning to work in November. She’ll be 5 months by then. I’ll have to pump while at work, but only once or twice, since I get out at 3:00pm. I have tried introducing a bottle to Leyla, actually, a few different kind of bottles and none seem to work. Well, not me… somebody else like my DH or SIL. Should I keep trying? Also, I have the opportunity to go to her at my lunch hour. Should I? What will happen if I can’t go one day? Will she expect me and get sad or is she too little to know time? I wish I didn’t have to work!!!


    I have green eyes but hubs has brown. We did a test and it was 50% chance of brown 25% green 25% blue. They are brown. I was wishing for green. Maybe the next one



    For me it took about 3 days. But they say that a baby will not go hungry in the beginning and that all they need is that colostrum. Colostrum really is amazing stuff and baby will be fine. I know it is scary that your baby will go hungry but you have to have faith in your body and in nature.



    noah colts mommy – Babies dream. I’ve read about them having nightmares about birth trama and such. How they know it’s about birth is beyond me but yes they can dream. Of course this is older but I remember I was staying with my sister after Chris was born. I was up feeding him and heard my neice crying. Her monitor had been turned off somehow. Anyways, I went in and cuddled with her but she wanted mama. I went and got my sister and we found out she had a dream. When asked what it was about she said, ‘You said you didn’t want to be my Mommy anymore!’ How said is that! Poor little girl! She was 3 at the time and Mom was pregnant with her baby brother. Heartbreaking!


    Sunflower I’ve read that the tongue clicking is the smart babies way to control flow. Do you have a forceful letdown? Chelo its supply in demand. You’re body will adjust and will even only start to make milk at night. You won’t dry up you’ll just make enough milk for those nursing sessions.



    I have heard of using fenugreek, its supposed to stimulate milk production? I would find a herbalist and get their professional imput before trying anything though. Thats what my herb book is telling me anyway 🙂



    Thanks for the info on pumping at work! from what i’ve read they are REQUIRED to give me breaks for pumping specifically as often as the ‘nursing mother’ needs them. And they are required to give me a place other then a bathroom to pump, where there wont be intrusions and people looking! Most places i have worked (which aren’t many) normally i would get a break every two hours so if i can find a place that does that, then all they would need to do would give me a place to do it! I think i wont say anything about breastfeeding to them until after im hired.. because i live in arizona and its a right to work state, so they can fire me for any reason without reason or anything really. and if they do fire me for pumping theres nothing i can do to prove it cause we all know they would never admit that! i just hope they will accommodated me! Thanks ladies! you guys are my support.. cause my husband thinks i should stop breastfeeding to go to work.. and that i should stop breast feeding if i find a job that wont let me pump.. and i think that if they wont let me pump, then thats as bad as not letting me eat! so i wont stay! and i hope i made that clear to him. my first son i didnt get to breastfeed long, and this one i will not just quit!



    beegee- id say if you think she is full after 4 or 5 oz than shouldnt push more, thats why bottle fed babies are easily over fed, id say if shes still fussy after drinking 4-5oz and seems hungry then try another oz, i wouldnt do another 3 oz, that seems like a lot for a baby her age to eat anyways….kids iv watched and babies in my family they werent eatting 8oz a feeding until about 5-7 mnts. i think you should do what your doing if she is satisfied. when they are jst downing a bottle that large she may not stop when shes full either because it comes out faster and not all babies will just stop .



    lilli- that is so funny, when I first started pumping, I would pump every two hours with this noisy mini electric. I swear it did sound like it was saying something! I’m glad I can’t remember what it sounded like, not something I really want to relive!



    mandarae – You’re one brave girl to be trying so early. HAHA! I couldn’t imagine running after Kekoa and trying for another one last year. If I am pregnant then he will be 26months when this one is born. I think that will be a good time. Maybe?



    I feel like i’m learning how to BF all over again. I even have a blister on one of my nipples, OUCH!! 🙁

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