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    Does anyone have any experience with Fenugreek pills? Just wondering if that alone will increase my supply or if should also be taking something else? My supply is WAY down and I’m not able to pump as much as my LO needs the last few days. It’s very upsetting and I just want my supply back!!!



    Thanks Ladies! I got the oats soaking as we speak, i’ll give a try for the next few days and hopefully i’ll see some imrovement:)



    Do youladies have any advice onhow to get my LO to take a bottle? I neded to go with my husband the other nightto a work thing and so we had our LO stay with grandma. My concern was that he is EBF and I can’t get him to take a botle. We were gone 4 hours and when we got back he had apparently made a huge fuss about he bottle. I boughtthe playtex one that is for BF mothers. It has a let down and the top is shaped like a breast but he still would not take it =and so they had a very fussy baby on their hands and he normally never fusses. Any advice? I usually never have to leave him but when I do what can I do? He refuses a bottle!



    brie – My son was about 9 or 10 months when I started working dairy back into my diet. Once I was fine with it I started giving him some cheese. He didn’t have cow’s milk until he was 15months though.



    PGFirstTimer- The weaning went really well. He was feeding 1-2x during the day and 1-2x at night. The daytime feedings were more just because I would offer it if he was a little fussy. He didn’t really care when it wasn’t offered. The night time ones were hardest because he couldn’t understand why mommy was just holding him. Thankfully I had started singing a song at bedtime so he understands that cue. I bounce him on the yoga ball, sing him his song for a couple minutes and put him back to bed. He now sleeps better than when he was nursing. I am happy to have my body back, but you are right, it is a mix of emotions…especially since this is probably our last child.



    nikkiandfred-the feeling in your stomach is most likely gas bubbles! I have had that happen to me, and it freaked me out at first, until I realized what it was 🙂



    Campimamaâ€We had a very slow grower too. Babies grow when they are good and ready to, and unfotunatally, often times it is not right in line with the “curves”. Our daughter only put on about ½ lb a month and didn’t hit the 10 lb mark until she was 5 or 6 months old. Ours was in the 3-5th percentile until about 9 months when she started packing it on. Even now at a year she is only in the 20-25th. Sure, rice cereal will add empty calories and help “fatten” her up, but most experts will agree that the longer you can wait to introduce any substance other than BM is better for them later in life. Be sure to read the studies on early introduction of solids before you decide what is best for you guys. In fact, some people delay introducing solids until 12 months and have perfectly happy/healthy children. As long as she is having wet/poopie diapers, you should be fine. It doesn’t help you worry less, but your child will grow when it is her time! Mine currently eats like a football player, but is still a petite princess…it is just the way she is. Hang in there; you’re doing a GREAT job!



    My dd is going to be 9 weeks tomorrow. Ive fallen into the habit of cosleeping and whilst im not against anyone doing this Its something im anxious to end asap. What methods do you ladies use when trying to settle your lo down? How long on average do you spend trying to get your baby to sleep (I am feeding her until she drops off – not good I know and again something I wish to stop) Any advise would be very appreciated. I did manage to settle my first daughter who was bottle fed and never once slept in my bed however that was some 17 years ago and ive forgotten the stratagies I used back then! Thanks in advance!



    …P.S. How could I forget the number one thing I make sure I have in front of me at all times… my LAPTOP! It is my only access to the outside world, LOL! So I can breastfeed and talk to all of you lovely ladies! Oh, how I’ll dread going back to work part-time in the spring!!!! Boo-hoo!!!


    yeah a little but not enough to do a bottle every night. they were taking it well, see i was topping up to start with because they were so small untill my supply came in. i wanted to continue with a bottle feed to keep them used to formula, make weening easier when i go back to work and so i could have the odd night out here and there. but i might try a bottle of breast milk, them ill know if its the formula or the bottle they have taken a dislike to, thanks ellasmommy



    mommynetty – Keep pumping and trying to latch your baby on. Also, you can take different types of herbs to help with your supply. here is a link to on herbs to increase your milk supply.


    are there any breastfeeding mommys on here that are ttc? Pretty soon we would like to try again. We would like our babies close in age.



    i’m certainly not the one waking him. he wakes on his own and i know it’s comfort feeding except for the 3:00 one. i was just asking the ped for her advise. the dentist asked the typical is he sleeping through and gave her two cents. i just thought some of you might have had to night wean as well and have some helpful hints.


    wyatts mommy, I put an overnight Kotex pad in my little one’s diaper at night to keep him dry through the night. Not sure how old your lo is…a regular might work…mine is 2 now. 🙂 I’m 8 1/2 weeks preggers with our 2nd.



    I broke down and sent my husband to go buy some formula at midnight last night. Thankfully there was none to be found anywhere. I was worried we were going to have another 4 hour feeding frenzy in the middle of the night and I would have to supplement. She ended up sleeping almost 6 hours straight finally, so maybe (?) we’re getting back on track. If need be, I’ll add some cow’s milk. Good luck to everyone experiencing breastfeeding issues, I hope we can all get the help we need!

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