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    Lawson- for me I think what you are doing is amazing! all the way around…. Also I think its the ff who are total nazis about it. I don’t hang out on my month page because they’ve all pissed me off before and i just feel like i can’t relate. Bri- I read what you wrote on the 2 month ppage…very well written and supportive. I often go to those first few months pages and redirect breastfeeding questions over here because they will get no support there. I think that we should be fair and welcome all nursers supplementer’s and ep’s!



    Ladies, I need some help! My little one is coming up on 8 months,he has been with me and I’ve never left him not in the nursery or with family. Well now its gotten to where he won’t even stay with daddy while I run to the bathroom! His seperation anxiety is terrible,if I’m out of his line of sight he instantly starts to cry/scream. Ive started to try and make the transition easy like going and sitting in the nursery with him at church so he. Will become comfortable but I don’t know what else to do. Any advice is needed wanted, accepted.



    momofcash – You’ve never heard how horrible baby-wearing is? How are they supposed to learn to crawl, be independant? No, babies need to be on the floor or in strollers….blah blah blah! HAhA! As for signing, that’s so cute. We never did signing with Chris. Haven’t with Alex either. I do know a friend that did with her son and is very thankful because he’s now austic and doesn’t talk. It’s good to at least be able to communicate with him.


    But if you test at least you’ll know either way! Then you can stop worrying.


    1katieann- My son is 6 months and he slept bad then great then worse and just these past few days great. i’m not getting my hopes up because I’m sure we’ll be back to every 2 hrs again soon. BF babies do not sleep as well as FF. I have adjusted to his sleeping so I make it through the day. On the the poop it just may be gas. My son popped tons and still had badgass now he hardly poops and still has gas.



    i agree, i cant see myself personally nursing my 11 year old, and given the society i live in i doubt i would ever see or hear of someone doing it, or that my daughter would even want to nurse at the age of 11. that being said if someone chose to i would not judge, actaully i would give props to them, who knows we might be a much healthier world if more people were nursed that long.



    Bouza- You could keep trying to use bottles… if she doesn’t take them at 5 months you could try a sippy cup, maybe she’d take it? But definitely go home on your lunch! What a lovely time it would be for you. Scarlet (on here) goes home on her lunch to feed her LO and i believe it makes it much easier on her. That way you don’t have to pump as much, and it’ll help keep your supply up! Plus i think it would be nice to see her in the middle of the day!



    hi ladies.. now 4 and a half months in i still find myself feeding my lo often at night, she is waking a good 3 times in the night for a feed/cuddle.. is this happening with any of you?? thanks.. a very tired me



    that’s basically what i texted her when she said ‘still holding my breath that my milk will come in’. i texted her back and said ‘just nurse as much as possible and feel good about all the colostrum he’s getting. you’re milk will come in.’ she was induced b/c she had a leak, but she was full term. I’m sure it will come in but she’s a first time mom and i remember all those worries with a newborn even though it’s been 14 months. i’m ready for another. i wonder if af will ever come back. thanks ladies for all your quick responses!



    Ok, so I just had a horrible experience. OT of course. Hubby thought he was was being thoughtful and bought lingerie. Gross! I used to wear that stuff but not since I’ve had babies. So he got very nice stuff, nothing horrible at all. I tried them on and it was just nasty looking on me. I have a fold on my tummy. Remember how big I got? Well, there’s a price to pay for doing that twice. I’ve lost weight but my tummy is now just deflated. It’s so awful! Just makes me want to cry. I really need to lose another 30lbs before I’m happier. But really there is no changing the skin without it being cut off. Just bummed out my entire evening. I guess it’s gotten me more motivated to lose the rest of this damn weight!



    Hey guys, it’s 2ndtimemommmy, changed my name as I’m now TTC again. Just have one quick question – Braeden is 7.5 months old now, and all of a sudden, in the last week or two, it feels like my nipples are bruised when he nurses. It’s not thrush, I’ve had that before, it’s not the same. His latch is good, so I don’t see how that could be the problem. Any ideas anyone? I have not got AF back yet, …but I did have the tiniest bit of pink spotting about 2 weeks ago…. not sure if this is AF related, possible pregnancy related, or something else. Has anyone else experienced this?



    fenugreek is supposed to be good. I’ve never had a supply issue myself, but from what I hear, you take 3-4 capsules 3-4 times a day. When you smell like maple syrup you are taking enough. You can also try fermented oatmeal, which many women swear by, and which I will be eating when I go back to work in January. Just mix 1 cup water with 1 cup old fashioned oats, let sit on the counter for 7-12 hours, and then eat it with whatever flavouring you prefer.



    ok so i know its been explained before but i cant remember lol. how much milk do we send when baby goes to grandmas house? she’ll pick her up saturday and bring her back sunday but im not sure what times. i think i have plenty of frozen milk but i dont want to send to much extra since i cant refreeze it (it wont stay frozen because they live two hours away so i have tto pack it in an ice chest and it still thaws a bit) and i dont want to lose perfectly good milk. i also have formula i can send in case she drinks all the milk. i just have no idea how much to send



    thanks dominique. I think I am going to call a LC to ask them some questions about milk production and my supply. I think it is fine now because I’m feeding her every 3 hrs still, and pumping at night and when I’m away. You guys said I can eliminate the night pump, I just think that my supply will lower because of that.



    Hey everyone. I am thinking about stopping the whole pumping thing. Bailey is almost 10 weeks old and we still have milk frozen in the freezer….litterally the 7. cubic feet freezer is packed full of milk. I also have had an infection (yeast) since I started pumping when she was born….I am not 100% I want to stop though…any advice if I do or advice for me in general??

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