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    well AF has made me mad! i was really wanting to start my opks and bbt but i totally skipped AF!!! im doing more solids during the day and hioping AF will come back soon… i dont like this not having AF all of a sudden…. ive taken 8 pregnancy test all neg so i know im not preggers… i never wanted AF so badly to make and apperance……



    Bri, that is funny because I went back to work this week and she is sleeping much better. Hopefully this isn’t temporary!



    Hey Kida!!! Sounds like this LO is just hungrier. Maybe things will space out once your milk is in. Try pumping to get it to come in faster and more. 🙂 Soontobe- I agree with krystal.



    can anyone help? I was sick on saturday couldn’t keep anything down (sorry if tmi) and i’m bf i have noticed a difference in gavin’s temperment i’m afraid my milk supply has gone down b/c i only had the energy to pump twice that day and dh had to give him our storage of frozen breast milk, how do i get my supply back up?? or can’t i??



    my dr prescribed vitamin d (it comes in drops) because it’s the only thing not passed through breastmilk. not sure if it’s the same as poly drops though. that was at his one month appt.



    i have bf and pumped any spare milk ive had since the start (baby is 6 months). i froze the spare milk. ive worked a few days here there, so ive used the frozen milk. i never had problems pumping and have done it in work. i started to ween my son a few weeks ago and it turned out he is allergic to anything with milk in it. my doc said il have to bf for another 6 months. the only thing is my milk has gone down and ive just enough every 4 hrs and i cant pump any no matter how long its been since his fed.It means i cant leave him for long bc ive no bottle for him.Has anybody had a similar prob? i feed him baby food at lunch time and still cant pump afterwards!



    There has to be a less painful pump invented in the near future – I feel like my nipples are being stomped on by an elephant when I’m done after 20 minutes. Ugh!



    Girls, i suspect my baby is intolerant to lactose but i don’t know how to make sure.
    my girl is 7 months and breastfed. She had some formula in the very first days of her life, waiting for my milk to come in, and she took it no problem.
    In the last month i tried to give her formula twice, due to low milk supply, and she threw it all up afterwards. I thought it was because she was teething, and the second time sick. I tried again last week and she didn’t want it.
    Today i gave her some breakfast cereals that contain milk powder: she loved it, but half hour later she threw it all up.



    The more tired my LO is the more he sweats. So when he falls asleep nursing yeah he gets sweaty



    WTF?!?! Why in the world would someone be so stupid to breastfeed while driving?!?! I’m in complete shock…I really wonder about people sometimes.



    kym, I pumped 1 and 1/2 combined at 7:30 then at my 11 am pumping I got 2 and 1/2 from both. I am trying not to stress so much about it but it is hard when you can feed your child at home and they are good but you can’t make enough for when your away. I have promised myself unless the well completely dries up I will not give it up until 12 months. (5 more to go) Mama, as for the period thing, I got mine back normal as before I got pregnant about 6 weeks after my lo was born. I wish I was one of the ones who still didn’t have them as I hate them and we aren’t planning on having any more kids so I could have went another year with out mine.



    oz alternating sounds like a good idea. Have you had any luck on that lump not turning in to full mastitis? I hope you get to feeling better soon.



    Also, my LO is five months this weekend, and has never had to have formula! Just breastmilk, and now a little taste of ‘real’ food every once in a while. (Fruit or veggies in a mesh teether, etc).
    It would be some much easier if I didn’t have to work/pump but if I’ve made it this long, I can make it to at least a year!



    kym22, when you first give solids, it should be very small amounts AFTER breastfeeding. Penny is 7 months, and has solids 2 or 3 times a day; I always BF before any solid food. When Baby is a year old or so, and you want to start discouraging reliance on breastfeeding, then give the solid food first and allow breast feed after. Cereal can be mixed with water but that doesn’t taste good for Baby; after 6 months, most babies can have it mixed with cows milk unless you suspect sensitivity, lactose intolerance or allergy. I also sweeten it with pureed fruit or just a pinch of sugar. Don’t give baby honey until they are much older (2 or 3 years).



    kym22-If you think you’ve noticed just a little extra spitting up, I wouldn’t worry. It could very well be a coincidence.

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