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    Good on you, AnberJ! 🙂



    I had a migrane last night and I took an excedrin around 11:30 w/out thinking. How long does it stay in your system? Now I’m afraid to bf. I only had 3 oz pumped and in the fridge. I’m going to give that mixed w/formula at her next feeding which will be about 4 hours after I took the pill. Her next feeding will be about 4 hours after that. I dont want to give her just formula, but I’m afraid to fb her now. I cant believe I did that. I feel so guilty and I’m scared that its going to harm her.



    erin – I started Fenugreek awhile back and it did nothing for me at 12 pills a day. I read recently that it works best with Blessed Thistle so I just started the combination the other day. No increase yet, but my fingers are still crossed. Some women swear by it, others it does nothing so its pretty much an individual affect. Youll have to try it to see if it will work.



    Thank you — I just started soaking my oats as well…!



    PGFirstTimer – My son has almost a full set of chompers so I know what you mean! He’s getting his 1 year molars in right now so he has been fond of biting, again.Babies sometimes do change their latch while teething, they will eventually go back to normal. You can let them know if they are hurting you but unlatching them and talking to them. It may seem silly but it DOES work!



    Amanda-I had the same issue with my son. He is 6 weeks now. But he was a little jaundiced and he had periods in the first few days where pee/poop would have a time spand between them. But I just kept on putting him to the breast to feed anyway. I did not supplement. For me, my milk came in on the third day and from that point, the Dr. instructed me to bf as much as the baby wants (which has been every hr for my son) and that he was not that concerned. Hopefully, your milk would have come in today or tomorrow. If you are really concerned after that I would contact the dr.



    Hmmmm, Sadie will comfort nurse like five or six times a night. Only eats the tiniest bit. Anyone else? She’s almost six months and is at daycare all day. I feed her rice cereal and she has a good nurse before bedtime.



    herecomesbaby2 – Thanks, last time I stopped around 2 1/2months. I was definately off pads by the time I went back to work. Sorry you didn’t though. I’m thinking it’ll be about the same this time. Baby is 2weeks old and I don’t leak during the day, only at night when I go longer then an hour without a feed.


    Hello everyone. I just wanted everyones thoughts on trying to start my 3 month old on solids. Typically rice cereal. Is it too early? Could this cause any harm to my baby?



    alex – My LO is 4 months. This is what I do. First I BF for as long as LO wants but I don’t let him fall asleep. Talk to your LO, tickle their feet, just keep them awake. Next I give him a warm relaxing bath. I don’t try to stimulate him much with toys & talk, I just let him soak in warm water for a few minutes. Then I dress him in warm snuggie pijamas & give him a pacifier & rock him in our rocking chair for about 5 minutes. By this time he is SLEEPPPYYYYY. Then I just lay him in his crib. He is full, clean, relaxed & sleepy & 9 times out of 10 he drifts off to sleep. He also is sleeping 10 hours straight through the night 🙂 I start this around 830 & he is normally asleep by 9. It is great because it gives me & the hubby time together in the evenings 🙂 Maybe some of this can help! Good luck 🙂



    ~*Omg I’m sooo glad I found this part of the site now maybe I can stop driving the ladies in the 1 month part nuts about this subject haha! Ok so I have a question I have been breastfeeding only since day one only had a few days were I pumped b/c of sore/bleeding nipples but that was at 2 weeks and baby is now 8 weeks today! So I’m getting worried that he isn’t getting enough bm now! During the day he was eating every 2-3 hours and at night 3-5 hours after everyone told me to let him sleep he would sometimes go to 6 hours at night well the past 3-4 days he has been eating every hour during the day but will take 2-3 hour nap once a day then lays down with us at 11pm-12am and eats well wakes right back up at 2am to eat goes right back to sleep then again at 4am then right back to sleep then again at 6am and so on til about 8 or 9am then starts the every hour again he is gaining enough weight as of a week ago he was 10lbs 6oz and was 7lbs 8oz at birth does this sound right and i’m just worried for nothing or should he be going longer between feeds during day? Also I’m gonna try the oatmeal water I also eat oatmeal almost everyday and pretty much all i drink is water as ped has me off milk those pills everyone tells me about where do you get them? Also the tea stuff I keep hearing about where’s that at? Anything I can do to keep my milk up I will do! This is my 5th child but 1st to breastfeed and only to not be sick with GERD and I want to keep it that way b.c my others were so sick they lost weight and had to have surgery for it even tho he is spitting up pretty bad the bm is keeping his weight up great! Sorry so long lol thanks for the help!*~



    For the experienced bf’ers and ladies with first-hand experience: I am seriously considering Mirena as my bc method, but don’t want to take it if it will jeopardize my supply… Any thoughts?



    I put my request in to join the facebook group but it wouldn’t let me attach a message. I’m Jen Klooster 🙂
    I’m not giving up on this site though, I’ll still keep up on it.



    if i was to get a stomach bug or got sick from raw eggs would my lo be affected?



    phatbaby- you said you guys cosleep? He might be smelling you and wanting to nurse because you’re right there. Maybe if you wanted to transition into a crib (maybe even in his own room) it would help you. That way he wouldn’t be right by his food and it would keep him from waking. That way you could get a full night of sleep! 9 plus months of not a full night must be wearing on you! Good luck

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