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    Leslie!!!! YAY!!! I knew you could do it. And with the house on the market everything is just going your way. Just think, this time next year you’ll be in your new house and staying home with Lawson everyday. Gotta love it! I’m so proud of you. You gone through a Hell of a lot.



    JessieDee, sounds like he’s clusterfeeding. My son did that every evening for the first 2-3 months of his life. Your supply naturally is lower in the evening, as your body has been working hard all day. I also used to say that Braeden ‘stocked up’ during those hours. The rest of the day he would eat every 2 hours like clockwork, then he’d clusterfeed all evening, and sleep for 5 hours in a row afterwards. I figured he just ate so much so that he’d be full enough to sleep for a while. He doesn’t do it any more (he’s 6 months now) but he also doesn’t sleep 5 hours in a row anymore. We’re back down to about 3 hours. Which kind of sucks… LOL. Anyway, I think it’s completely normal. I don’t know if there’s much you can do about it, he may just be ‘stocking up’ If it is a supply issue though, fermented oatmeal will help, as well as fenugreek.



    Leslie you and Keri should just move here!! We still need to plan our play date ladies


    Interesting read, Bri. Thanks for sharing. It’s these types of articles that give me the motivation to keep on doing all I can to ensure Alyssa never touches a drop of formula. Every little bit of encouragement counts!



    PG- that is absolutely adorable. I started doing it at 9 months, but no one (her daddy, aunt who lives with us) would do it with me so I gave it up. I’m going to start doing it again, because i think it’s really cute and fun for them, and a great way to communicate.



    Since I only have the date that we had sex to go off of I really haven’t a clue what day to test. HAhA! I also didn’t get a positive until 3 days late last time. I was already sick and couldn’t believe the first two tests that said it was negative. They are so darn expensive too. At least the digital ones so I think if I wait until the next grocery run to get one then that’ll work. I have to go today but will probably go again towards the end of the week or the beginning of next. HAHA!



    Hi all 😉 I do have a question for all the experienced BF mum’s – Florence always get the hiccups after feeding, am I not burping her enough? And if not how can I get her to burp? Sometimes she does straight away, and at other times I can pat/rub her back for some time and nothing…. I would like to make her more comfortable for sleep.



    i think before i judged i’d want to know the circumstances and the effects it’s having on the family. i would think my hubby (who is very supportive of my bfing) would be uncool with me going to 11. i really think my cut off time is about three. but hey if going to 11 works for the family then by all means go for it! it’s not my boobs or life so ultimately i have no say anyhow.



    phatbaby- i agree! There are so many people who act so funny about their sleep! Like.. you had a baby. Of course you’re not going to sleep as much as you used to! Makes me laugh.


    UKbelle. my son is 6months and still wakes 2-4 times a night.



    chell-it doesn’t sound like it’s the nips that are bothering you to me. i think you are suffering with engorgement. i’d take a couple of ibuprofern and put some frozen peas on it. if the cold makes it feel worse try a warm bath and hand express some to give yourself some comfort. unfortunately it takes a while for you milk to regulate but it certainly gets easier so hang in there.


    morning all



    Lo using you as a pacifier/dummy check out this link it’s very interesting…


    Hi ladies.ive researched breastfeeding quite alot on the net last night and came upon a site-ive always thought some foods and drinks are not allowed when breastfeeding but they say it a old wives tale,is this true?



    I started pumping again the other day, my baby is 6 weeks, i did it for a few days to help bring in my milk when she was first born then i stopped cause it was getting to be to much with everything. I wanted to start building up a freezer supply for when i have to stop nursing so she can get bm still along with formula . the first time i did it, i only got 1oz, last night i only got half an oz..but the most im getting at one time is 1 oz when i first started pumping when she first came home, i was getting 3-6 oz at a time. is it normal to get such a little amount? and will it increase after a while?

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