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    why are people freaked out when they see breast feeding in public



    Question – I am the mom of 4 now (just had my youngest son on 1/19/09). Lukas is my first to actually BF. Had multiple issues with previous 3 – allergies, reflux, and latching/sucking reflexes. I am still learning about everything with BF. I go back to work in 3.5 weeks and wondered if anyone has any advice on pumping and storing breast milk?? I am not sure when to pump or how to store the supply I do get. Please leave message on my profile so I put the advice to work. Thank you Mommies!



    I used the medula manual pump up until now.. my supply dropped alot last week and I decided to rent a hospital grade pump. Best decision ever.. I’m pumping after every feed to have extra in the freezer. The manual was fine for occasional pumping but it can take a good while to get a letdown.



    Are pregnancy signs and symptoms different if you get prego while BF vs. not BF???



    aidensmommy1- i understand where you are coming from, i’m 22 and some of my friends just don’t get it that my lo is more important than getting a drink. don’t let them discourage you though you are doing what is truly best for your lo and one day when they have kids they will understand. as for your mil maybe allow her to help feed your lo solids if you are doing that but explain to her that this is what you feel is best for your lo. i go through that some with my bf sister about giving mine mashed potatoes and she is only 4 months! just be honest and it doesn’t mean you have to be nasty. good luck. thanks angela and bri, i just worry about these things. i’m going to see what a ‘full’ diaper feels like.



    Bri- and anyone else who used fermented oatmeal how soon did you see a difference in your milk supply? I started taking it on wednesday, once in the morning and i haven’t really seen a difference. I do about 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup mixed equal with water in the evening before and I heat and eat in the am. Am i doing this right???



    anyone ever have problems with their little one gaining weight while nursing? my son’s ebf and gets solids 3x a day….he’s a little over 7 months old but he weighs just a bit over 14 lbs. we go in next week for a weight check and i’m worried that if he hasn’t gained the appropriate amount i’m going to have to supplement with formula. he used to take a bottle when i was away from him but now that i’ve gone back to only nursing he will drink about 2-3 oz from a bottle and that’s it. so i try not to be away from him cuz he’ll only drink like 10oz of pumped milk when he stays with my parents if i have something going on. should i be worried? he seems very health otherwise and head/length he’s fine but he’s just not very chunky. i’m hoping that he’ll have gained whatever is needed and then i won’t have to worry about it.



    kym22- you sound like me saying your day revolves around pumping and getting enough to feed your lo. what is brewers yeast.? Where can i get it, right now i am doing malted milk and fermented oatmeal, have seen some good results but need more. I get so angry when i can’t get enough which i’m sure doesn’t help me produce. I have the PIS too and i must say i LOVE it, i had the avent manual before this and that was okay but the PIS is SOOO worth it!


    parker bites my feet all the time. im trying to get him not to, but my husband laughs, so he keeps doingit. thankfully, he has only bit my nipple twice, and that was like 2 months ago.



    Lol! I know what you mean! I had to do the block feeding as well with both of my kids because I have such a forceful let down they get way to much foremilk. It can take some time to even out the boobs. But you can pump the other side to relieve the pressure if you find it is to uncomfortable.



    hi ladies i need some help i am in tears as i type this my baby is 2 and a half months and we are breastfeeding (she flat out refuses a bottle and dummy’s) we were feeding great from the day she was born gaining weight well until recently she has had a couple of slow weight gains of 50 grams to 75 grams a week ( she is tiny she weighs 4.3 kilos) but the nurses are not concerned about the weight they say she is gaining and that is great. That is not my real main issue it is the fact that i want to run and hide when it is feeding time she hurts me so bad. I had a lactation consultant come out yesterday and my latching on is fine, she bites me and pulls away at the same time, and i just want to go through the roof it hurts so much, the consultant thinks we may have a thrush problem could this be what is causing me so much pain while feeding, and could cause her to be off her feeds for the last 2-3 weeks. She only feeds for about 2-5 mins and i keep offering her the breast every 10-20mins for the duration of the hour feed. she would be lucky to get 5-10 mins feeding all up. I feel trapped because she has no other way of feeding and i just want to stop this pain. and for her to start gaining more weight, ant help would be great.



    thanks girls.. i appreciate the help.. does anyone know how to fit themselves correctly with sheilds?



    Just ate my first bowl of oats. I added a little splenda and a banana to help with the taste. I will soak another 1/2 Cup and eat it tonight. Hopefully I will see an increase in the amount I pump so that I can get a good freezer supply going before returning to work in October!!



    erin b – You’re awesome!!! That is sooo cool. Breastmilk is the best a baby can have a definately for a preemie. Holy Cow! If we could all donate milk then there would be less death in the world. Your fiance is part of our crazy society that thinks breastmilk isn’t as natural as cow’s milk. HAHA! If he were educated on how breastmilk helps preemies fight for their lives then I’m sure he’ll change his mind. If my baby was in the hospital and I couldn’t feed I would forever be in debt to those like you that donate! Keep up the good work.


    Ella- I had the same problem with my son. He wasn’t gaining and spit up/threw up all the time. My OB was more worried than his doctor and wanted me to give him formula I refused and he slowly started to gain weight. He still throws up or spits up from time to time. For me I just waited it out and he always seemed fine other wise. He never acted hungry or upset so I just kept going at it. He’s now a little chunky monkey at 4 months.

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