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    I used fenugreek when trying to re-establish my supply after a 10day break from BFing DD due to strong antibiotics – I had been pumping &dumping, but had lost a lot of my supply…a couple days of fenugreek and I smelled like a syrup factory, but my supply was back to normal. Oatmeal works well too and it doesnt need to be fermented…regular oatmeal does the trick



    lilas-you could use dry ice. It would keep the milk frozen for more than a day so you could send extra and not waste it. You could bring the extra back or leave it there for next time!



    dulcianasmom-it might be something that you ate. Have you changed your diet at all?



    Brandy there are so many benefits for you and your little baby to continue to pump. I know that it is sooo hard I did it for a year and there were many times that I wanted to quit. I have 4 kids and a full time job. But every time i got frustrated I would think about how I was giving my baby the best thing for her and for myself. It does reduce your and your babies risk for cancer and other health issues. And Formula is so expensive, I can’t imagine having to pay for it for a year. My BF has a 5 month old and he is having a hard time with the formula. She has had to switch it several times and ended up using the most expensive can $26.
    I had a lot of milk stored also. Ended up throwing most of it away. I was lucky had a good milk supply up until the very end. Hope you hang in there but understand if its to much. Good luck and if you need any encouragement or advice we are all here. I don’t think that I could have made it the entire year if it weren’t for this site.



    Ok…so we did the deed on the 13th, I have taken a preg test today and it was a BFN, I should be starting around the 29th, did I take the test to soon?



    Hi, looking for advice. I have an eight week old daughter, was breast feeding from the day she was born up until a week and a half ago. I can produce only very little milk (bout 2 ounces per breast.) My daughter from day one was a big eater. Her first week she would take 8 ounces and now at two months she wants 14ounces. My son was never this much! She is the unfillable baby it seems. Any how, my problem lies at the breast. I feel jealous when I feel my daughter wiggle her tongue on the bottle nipple. I want to breast feed. I have tried over eating, husband has supplied me with milk to drink and still not enough to supply my girl. Another problem is… After my breasts are emptied of their milk it takes nearly half a day for them to ‘refill’. As stated previously, it has been one week plus since she has had the breast. Is there any medical assistance you ladies know of like a hormonal injection that can help my production?



    This is my first week back to work full time. I’m 11 hrs away from my boys 🙁 But I’m still breastfeeding and pumping. 3 and a half months strong. Yay me!



    Thanks ozbaby – I keep trying Clem with cow’s milk in a sippy cup but he really doesn’t like it! Maybe I need to warm it up or something. Or maybe offer it from a bottle to begin with. He looks at me like I’m trying to trick him when milk comes out of a sippy – he likes water from there, so he’s like what’s that!? Alycendamo and imsoexcited – I imagine there’s plenty of hope for you both, you just probably need to spend plenty of time feeding your baby at every opportunity to rebuild your supply.




    lilli1317 – That’s too cute. Kekoa never took a pacifier. He does the same thing though. He drops whatever he was doing and comes running. It used to be a ‘ahhhh’ as he ran over but now that he’s older it’s a ‘mommmm’. HAHA!


    jennys- thanks for that info. i would have never known pumping could cause a let down. i just want to be able to pump extra milk for when i go back to work in 2 weeks.



    Hello ladies, I have been gone for a while since we were moving…
    I was just diagnosed with exteremly hyperactive thyroid that wears me out, got my heart rate to 140 sitting, and I lost 68 lbs in 2 mos. Endocrynologist put me on heart and thyroid drugs that are cathegory D and pediatrist didn’t agree that it would be compatible to feed baby.(PTU drug can shot baby’s thyroid and cause retardation)
    I have to take these drugs since I am in risk of heart attack and thyroid coma.
    I have been solely breastfeeding till yesterday , baby is 8.5 mos. How do I stop lactating ? Any ideas for easier transition?Please copy my profile… I am so upset I am loosing my wonderfull bfing time with my son



    karrieanne, the Adkins diet is not a good idea while nursing. Your baby needs nutrition from all sources and not all of the fat and cholesterol associated with the food on that diet . definitely consult your doc before starting this diet. You will be surprised how quickly the weight will come off just from bf alone. I lost all of the 46 pounds I gained during my pregnancy and ate everything in site while doing so. just a suggestion. take care!



    jmwolf99 it won’t hurt your lo but might keep your lo up a little longer. If you are sensitive to caffeine it could also cause a dip in your milk but if thats what works for your migraines its what you have to do. I take tylenol 3 for mine.



    Drink a lot of H2O. There is also a tea that works great.

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