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    Its mastitis. Nothing can even brush past my breast n that side! Ive got antibiotics now and it looks liike someone has splashed red wine on me.. IIt is blocked and she wont feed from it so ill just pump until its unblocked and give her formula… I know 9 months is good but i still feel sad… Hubby is rapt to get his ‘girls’ back.



    TheWeastBunch – I have found that if I try to wear a tighter fitting bra for more support it does effect my supply. I have to wear cotton stretchy bras or sports bras. And I can’t wear a tight fitting sports bra. They have to be fairly loose too. It’s a pain because I feel droopy all the time. But it’s worth it to be able to EBF my daughter. And I agree with Angela. Get some help with your latch problems. It’s so much less time consuming to just let your lo nurse than having to pump and feed bottles. And the baby is way more efficient at getting the milk out than a pump. I am never able to pump much, but my daughter has always been able to nurse and get plenty to keep her full and content.



    preggocookie- at less than a month- baby only needs 2-3 oz every 2-3 hours. It pretty much boils down to about an oz an hour…



    Ugh, everyone I know, including myself, had HORRID anxiety while taking Reglan. I HATED it. I got it after 2 doses, as well.



    Question- I had some beer last night (fed LO frozen milk). This morning I pumped. Do I need to throw that milk away? It had been more than 1 hour per beer.



    kaitsmom, once the excedrin has cleared your system and you no longer feel its effect, you should be fine to breastfeed. Drink a heap of water to help clear it out.



    Hi ladies, I’m only almost 16 weeks pregnant but I’m dedicated to breastfeeding my little one for as long as I can. With my last son I was only able to breastfeed him for a few months before the pain got intolerable and I began to dry up. Can I get some pointers on brestfeeding from those of you who are currently do it? Should I invest in an expensive pump or has anyone tried the madela manual single pump? Whats the best way to increase your milk supply? What can you do to help with sore nipples other than cry each time your little one latches on? ( yeah my last experience was terrifying).. Any adive is appreciated and if you would add it to my page that would be best. Thanks ahead of time for those of you who take the time to help and Good Luck in your breast feeding endevours!!


    Those of you who are talking about your baby being antsy, tugging on your nipples, etc: I have no clue! lol My lo has been doing that since he was 9 months old (16 months now). He will nurse for a couple of minutes, play, roll out of my lap, come back, nurse some more. It drives me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re almost done nursing, so I’ve pretty much just accepted it at this point.



    jamiegarcia – if you experienced a drop all of a sudden, maybe you could be getting your period? I got mine back when my son was 6 weeks and the week before my period I ALWAYS experience a supply drop. A pretty drastic one. Always comes back after that one week though. Its a pain but its probably not a permanent drop. Keep pumping especially if you are giving your LO formula in the interim. Give it at least a week.



    i’m on facebook and the hey facebook breastfeeding is not obscene group page and there’s always somebody trying to tell women that it’s inappropriate to nurse in public or nurse in general and trying to sell it to the other women. i get so angry reading some of that! so my point is–thanks to everyone on here. it’s nice to read all positive things about nursing, no major arguments or conflicts–just lots of support for each other. yeah!



    I’m thinking way way ahead, lol but I want to try and start ttc starting may or June of next year, but I plan and hope to still be nursing my son then. Can I get pregnant and still bf? I suppose its possible, as. Long as my monthly comes right? I’m 5 months in now and still have no AF. Just curious bc I want ny babies fairly close together, my two older daughters. Are 2 years apart ;D



    As for breastpumps, I invested in the Medela Pump in Style. On some websites, you can get it for only $50 more than the lanisnoh or others, yet it comes with many accessories, and is built into a very convenient travel bag. Also, extra parts are readily available cheaply at Target and online. Its a work horse.
    I also have the Medela Freestyle. It was more expensive, but as we travel alot, it have been a life saver. Its easy to bring on planes, in suitcases, etc. Its also rechargable, which is nice!
    If you can swing it, and have to work, and are going to bf for the long haul, if you can have two pumps (one to keep at work, one to have a home if you need it) its a big help. All you have to haul back and forth every day would be a cooler and your pump parts.



    jensoon- i’m not sure. it does seem like a lot. look at when the normal times for baby’s feedings are. And you could ask the babysitter to try not to feed the baby close to when you’re going to be home. Maybe i do it wrong, but when i’m away from my daughter, daddy feeds her at her normal times. For example: she wakes up at 8 so normally i would feed her, but if i have work that day he just feeds her a full bottle of expressed milk (which is 7 oz. she’s almost 6months). So somedays i work 7:30- 1:30. She eats at 8 and 11, so that’s 14 oz. So i don’t use the 1 oz for every hour i’m away rule or else she would think she was starving (she gets really mad if she’s not full after a feeding!) But what i do is i pump before i go to work and when i get home for the next work day. So depending on how many feedings you missed, she really could’ve used that much. But it does seem like kind of a lot. Sorry if this post is confusing.



    mybaby- sounds like you had a bit of a rough start, having to pump in order to feed your lo. Now that s/he is latched, relax. Let them use you as a pacifier. It will stimulate your milk. Do not supplement with formula. It is counterproductive. May I suggest quit pumping for a couple of weeks? If you can, take a nursing vacation. Just nurse whenever your LO wants. And don’t worry about being a pacifier. You are your LO’s whole world right now. Enjoy it, it is only here for a brief period. Your LO can only take so much in their tummy. Frequent small nursings are better than big ones. I’d ditch the pump for now and let nature take its course. Baby will regulate your milk just fine. Just eat healthy and drink plenty of water. And don’t worry about house cleaning or laundry. At night I only changed my infant diaper once over the overnight. It was heavy in the am, but it’s rare for an EBF baby to get a diaper rash.



    MOMMYNWIFEY5 : My only advice would be to stop looking at the clock! If he looks satisfied after a feeding, is actively sucking/swallowing, and gainning weight, then he’s eating enough. I feed my 11wk old ‘on demand’ so if he seems hungry, I feed him. Which seems like the whole time he’s awake, LOL! Also the best way to get your supply up is to pump. Whwn my little one is taking naps during the day I pump almost every half hour– but I’m a bit obsessed with having milk in the fridge and freezer! Keep pumping, even if nothing is coming out! The stimulation will have your body make more. Good Luck!

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