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    amorgan..thanks. I herd that sometimes you can have low milk . I’ve had my meds increased by 50 mcg already and I’m only 10 weeks so I was wondering if after you have the baby is there any worry you may be getting too much and it can pass through the breast milk…?



    I if you need help soothing a cranky LO check out Dr. Harvey Karp’s happiest baby on the block soothing techniques it is not baby training but gives a natural method to calm a fussy/non-sleeping infant. It saved my sanity in the early days a nursing. LOL



    nikkiandfred – I conceived when Chris was 17months and still breastfeeding five times during the day. It’s hard when you haven’t gotten your cycle back. You never know when your cycle will return and therefore it could be lots of frustration. How old is your baby? If your baby has started solids then you’re more likely to get it back anytime. Just have fun and maybe? There is a TTC while breastfeeding page on this site too.




    Probably a daft question, I know – I have a slight tummy upset and was wondering if there was any chance my 14 week old could catch it through Breastfeeding? Thanks x



    thank you ladies very much it was all very helpful. so what i will do is pump and pop it in the frig and then at the end of the day all pumped frig milk i can combine and then freeze it. right!???!!!
    i have those pumps on my nipples too they make my nipple sore i dont have a clue what they are but i would luv for them to go away.


    Bri–the ppd thing is so good to hear! This pregnancy has been so very different than Evin’s. I have been super tired, nauseated and grumpy the whole time so far. I am soooooooo happy to be expecting, but I am so not me that it has worried me that I might get PPD. Anyhoo, of course we will nurse again for at least a year and a half–more if the baby is interested. I am a few days shy of being out of the 1st trimester and I am hoping that the rest of the pregnancy will be as fun as Evin’s was soon…if not, it’s just another 6 months and I’ll have to make the best of it to get to meet our sweet new bundle of joy!



    as for sex,-my daughter is 4 months and we have done it once, we have talked about it and neither of us have the desire to, and if we do then we are to tired to. i had 3rd degree tears with layers of stitches inside and out…it had more to do with how quickly i pushed her out than her size though. personally i thought the healing process was the worst part…TMI, but i thought the first poo after delivering an almost 9 lb baby vaginally was my painful than labor and delivery HAHA!


    Member DS will be 14 days tomorrow. He still wants to nurse ALL THE TIME. During the day it’s pretty much every hour, sometimes 2 (or 3 if he’s sleeping). At night he does one 4 hr stretch, then every 2-3 hrs. But he usually only nurses fir 5-7 min. Sometimes 10, 15 rarely. I was afraid my milk was gone after 5 min, but I can express milk still, he just isn’t interested in eating anymore at that time. My LC said her only concern would be him not getting enough hindmilk, but he IS gaining weight, so she’s not too concerned. But is it really OK for him to eat every hour for 5-10 min??



    HannahKay – As for charging, I would have set times of picking up at set times and cost like a daycare does. As for nursing, if she wants to drop her baby with you then she’ll have to deal with you nursing in front of her son.



    my baby farted in church the other day. it was quite funny!



    question… i got my first period in april, and the next one came 40 days later. When should i expect my periods to become more regular? as of right now based on a 30 day cycle (which it always has been in the past) my next one should be due on tuesday- but my husband had a couple slip ups and im worried- blah-


    Bri- Does oatmeal help milk production? I know that I have enough but I get so worried because she only takes from one side at a time. I keep thinking that the other side will dry up before her next feeding lol. I guess its just that over protective mommy instint that we all have that makes me paranoid!



    I am right there with you ladies with the older baby nursing exp I cannot wait…I bf my DD till 8 months and she was starting to crawl and latch where she pleased lol I cant imagine how he will be at that age lol



    I was just gonna say that I had the only smaller baby on here! My DD was 6 lbs 9oz at birth and 19 lbs 13 oz at her year appointment on June 25th. The funny thing is that my MIL calls her ‘Chunka Munka’! Chloe would be dwarfed by all your kiddos! She is also somewhere between 27.5″ and 29″, there was a difference between how WIC measured and how her Drs office measured.

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