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    Hi ladies! I have a quick question not bf related. Jazz is almost 7 mos and recently began suffering from separation anxiety. My girlfriend watched her and she hollered for the whole three hours. She instantly stopped crying when she saw me. I hav a nice extended family that wants to spend time with her but everyone is getting scared she is gonna cry the whole time. I love the bond I share with her but mom and dad need some alone too every once and awhile. Is anyone else dealing with this and can share some suggestions?



    dylanzmom: my LO is 5 months old and I’m bf’ing as well…I don’t have any experience on the co-sleeping, she slept in a bassinet next to our bed until she was 3 months old and then we put her in her crib. I nurse her every night and she falls to sleep usually while she’s nursing, so then we lay her in her crib. if she doesn’t fall asleep nursing, then we rock her and she falls asleep pretty easily, we use a sound machine as well. We didn’t start letting my other one cry it out until after she was 6months old, it’s when I felt comfortable doing it and she’s a great sleeper now! that’s what we’ll do with our new LO, too! As for when you should stop co-sleeping, I think it’s totally up to you and what works for you both!



    i breastfed my daughter until she was 26 months. She rarely slept through the entire night. Even now, she gets up and wants me to cuddle with her until she goes back to sleep. I don’t mind it at all, I figure one day I will miss these days when she is a teenager and talks back to me, lol.



    Ladies, I’m new to this forum…been on week by week and baby development but didn’t realise this page was here! My baby is a month old today and we’re officially going to start bf’ing exclusively….until Friday at least. I’ve been’exclusively’ pumping since 5 days pp. I had a really low milk supply and finally have it up to 28 oz. Aiden takes 32 oz most days but he’s also gained 3 lbs in the last month (he’s one month today) and I’m hoping he’ll do better than the pump and get what he needs. The reason I was pumping to begin with is because he didn’t know how to bf-didn’t know what to do with his mouth (that is coming straight from my lactation consultants mouth). I continued to practice with him and finally it seems like he is able to get milk. He still doesn’t have a good latch, but it doesn’t hurt and he has milk in his mouth so I’m going to try over the next two days and have him weighed Friday afternoon. I’m so worried about him not getting enough. I tried this about 10 days ago and he would sleep through feedings or only nurse for 10 minutes then not even take a bottle afterward because he’d be asleep. I only lasted 1/2 days and went back to pumping. I’m also worried about my milk supply while I’m trying this. It was so hard to bring in what I’ve got now I’m afraid if we only nurse for two days and he’s not draining my breasts that my supply will decrease. Any thoughts or advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated!



    Prob leave 2 1/2-3 bottles



    I am not sure how long the supply will last…Bailey is only eating 30-45 ccs at a time (1 ounce and a little bit more). I was hoping to do it for a year, but I can not for the life of me get this yeast infection to clear up and lucky me I now have chicken pox. Bailey already gets formula. The NICU put her on it. I basically use my milk as the water ingrediant for the formula. For example I am supposed to mix 4 ounces of water with 2 scoops of forumla so I use 4 ounces of breastmilk with 2 scoops of formula..I’m just not sure if I should keep it up or not…..



    KainsMom2008 – I got a negative the day before I was due and a positive two days after. There is a margin of error. It’s best to wait until after your period is due. Oh and most tests are only 55% correct 4 days before your missed period. They say 5 days earlier because the tests before were for the day after. I wouldn’t count yourself out yet. If you don’t get it when it’s due then try again.



    hi girls plssssssssss help 6 month old boy is tooo windy esp night time is hard,he wakes up every ten mints crying ,,cries until he passes wind.he s been breast fed n formula scared to put him on solids in case it worse.its been like that all six months now,imreally stressed now.and my c section still soreeeeeesuggestion on my page will be wonderful.


    parkersmommy: I made a paste with the acidophilus for my son when he had resistent thrush and it was the only thing that finally got rid of it. I’m not sure if thrush causes the lips to be swollen though, with my son it was always just the white spots and I’ve read that if you scrape them off they can get red and bloody, just not sure what the swelling would be from. Also, little babies are just prone to an overgrowth of yeast, it might not be from anyone or anything in particular.



    My baby is 4 days old and my breast were very engorged the past 2 days. I finally got Soren to feed long enough to empty one breast and then i pumped the other until i couldn’t get much out anymore. My engorgement seems to be gone now but I am feeling sharp pains around where my milk ducts are… is this a normal feeling after breast have been emptied? comments on my page please!



    I’ve also read that about the eyes. I think it’s worth a shot. I’m not possitive but I don’t think it would do any harm if she diesn’t end up having an infection.



    notsmithers – I had the same problem. Well kind of. Kekoa had a round of Amoxicillian and from then on couldn’t handle cow’s milk. That also meant that I couldn’t drink/eat any dairy. That’s hard when you love ice cream as much as I did. Anyways, it is very common for little ones to not be able to handle dairy. You can try soy formula if you truly don’t want to nurse. I of course recommend building your supply back up but that is your choice. To build your supply you will have to work hard. Keep pumping and taking suppliments. If you want more info then I can certainly message you. I think I’ve written so much on the subject that I don’t want to bore anyone that has read it a million times. Good Luck!



    Okay, so Elijah will be 12 months next month on the 1st. We have been breastfeeding well since day one. However my supply has run very very low these days (maybe due to the return of aunt flow) but its making me more nervous then usual.. I had planned to stop pumping so much after he turned one but at this point I am barely getting 6 oz during my days at work wich is not enough for the next days feedings. Should I suppliment with formula, or is that ridiculous since he is so close to being one? I have thought about goats milk too? for now we are just using up whats in the freezer but my supply is so low that I can’t even get one bottle ahead during the weekend. I am eating oatmeal taking fenegreek I ordered Marshmallow root, what else can I do to make it to the 12 month mark?



    seabird -try hypollergenic formula (soy is hard on most babies and gives them .gas)



    My baby is 4 months old and is exclusively bf. His poop has been green lately. Is that normal?? Someone told me that it is because my milk is changing?

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