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    On facebook we were talking about it. Did you know it is NOT illegal to breastfeed in a moving vehicle as long as baby and you have seat belts. Crazy. A lot of women will sit in the back seat and bend over the rear facing seat. Just think if you get in an accident that way. It would smush poor baby. It’s crazy! I’m glad you women are a little smarter then these other women. It’s crazy. What’s so important that if you need to feed you can’t just pull over. I’ve done it while driving to my mom’s house in Eastern WA. I would pull over on the highway or pull off to a gas station or something. I would never take my child out of a seat or feed while he is in the seat.



    Kym they say the Oatmeal with maple brown sugar helps to increase your milk supply. I eat it every day and can does help out a little. I’m thinking because my daughter’s is so much older my supply is decreasing because she doesn’t drink as much milk anymore.



    Oh Oz! That is so heartbreaking. Before giving up you should give it a shot on breaking her of the habit. Kekoa was very stubborn but it took two weeks. You need to be very watchful when nursing. If she is done then take her off or she’ll start to play around and bite. If she does bite then set her on her bum and tell her ‘No, we don’t bite mom!’ Firmly. She’ll break down crying and you wait a few seconds and then pick her up and cuddle her. Make sure you tell her why you were upset. But, for that session she is done. She’ll get the idea. Also, if you nurse with your thumb on her chin increase then she can’t bite down. Try it on yourself. You can’t bite. In the end, if you can’t make it then you did so good. 9 months is a long time for many women. Go slowly, one feed every few days at least. This should take several weeks if not a month.



    my LO bites at every feed also.. I just expect it now. He’s got his bottom teeth and getting his canines through now!! oh geez.. those are gonna hurt.



    Thanks for the advice Judi


    Does anyone have a lo that gorges themselves while bf? My lo will nurse all day long if you let her. I know thats she’s full, she’ll even fall asleep, but if she wakes after a catnap, she acts as if she hasn’t eaten all day! She will eat so much she vomits. Her Dr told me I need to stop her when she gets to that point. That makes sense but then she screams for more until her next feeding. Any advice is appreciated. I almost gave up bf today.



    kym22- you are fine. No need to dump the milk this morning…unless you were drinking till the wee hours and are still buzzed this morning =) Since I’m sure you aren’t, you’re ok. Alcohol leaves bm like it does your bloodstream, if you’re sober, bm is fine. Hope you had fun!



    Kelly- What your LO is eating sounds pretty normal to me. My LO usually only takes 4 or less oz per bottle of BM while I am at work, and while he nurses quite often when I am home, its for less than ten min total both sides. He sleeps through the night normally. He only has one-two small meals of solids. Some babies just aren’t as big eaters as others.



    Lilli – I used to pump but since she would not drink BM from a bottle at all, I stopped..Also, if she even smells my BM in the bottle, she would not touch that bottle for few stubborn little I don’t think mixing would help..



    can anyone recommend a good nursing bra? ive looked everywhere and cant find one that fits right =( after having 3 kids im not real ‘perky’ anymore so basically the top half of my bras are empty so my bras look all wrinkly and bunched up under my shirts. i tried going down a cup size but then i get that bulge b/c the bra is too small. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



    amber — my LO wouldn’t take one when I went back to work, and the only way my in-laws could get her to eat was as she was drifting to sleep – pop it in, and the sucking reflex takes over. I’m a HUGE fan of MAM bottles, that is the only one my LO would take when awake.
    Jamie – the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago with my LO, but it turned out to be a short nursing strike. I only pump a small amount, but when she is eating, she seems to be satisfied – hopefully that is the case with you.



    PLEASE HELP. Does anyone have to scald their breastmilk due to excess enzymes? I’m in this boat and I was told to ‘just heat the milk in a pan until small bubbles form, then quickly cool, then store in the fridge or freezer.’ I only pump a small amount of milk at a time and once I put this in the pan and got it to the point of bubbling, only about one oz remained!!! I have an electric stove and stirred constantly to keep solids from forming but so much water evaporated out. 🙁 I feel so discouraged…what am I doing wrong? At this rate it’ll take an entire day just to collect a bottles worth. Please answer to my profile page if you can help me, I’m seriously ready to cry.



    just reading the breastfeeding posts makes me miss nursing! my son’s totally fine without it but i miss it so much. keep up the great work ladies!



    mizrice88 ~ when I NIP, I lift my top from the bottom, place baby on boob, then let the top drop. That way, very little of my boob is exposed verses when I remove my boob from the top or side… I’m not sure if I’m explaining it right, but I hope you get the picture. Try different positions at home and see what will make you most comfy in public. Good luck 🙂


    Thank you to everyone who responded. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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