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    I take a woman’s multi and a folic acid


    Oh, and it took me about 4-5 days to get my milk in. It was a terrible experience. Perhaps it would’ve been better if I had been told (or if I had read somewhere) that I should nurse all day and night. I was nursing every 1-2 hours. Sometimes for very long stretches, 1-2 hours. Still baby was crying crying crying. Everyone at the hosp told me she wasn’t hungry… just fussy. Not until 4 days later when her pedi saw her that she told me the poor thing WAS hungry. The colostrum she was getting every 1-2 hours was not enough. This made her very tired and now, nursing became more difficult as she wouldn’t nurse at the breast, instead she’d fall asleep. So, I HAD to supplement. Luckily it was only for about 2 meals then I started pumping and supplementing with extra BM after she nursed. Between my milk coming in and the extra boost from formula, my LO’s energy came back and she started nursing like a champ! It was pretty scary though… she lost 1lb in just a few days and it paved the road for a very worried mommy for about the first 4 months of her life. I still worry at times that she’s not getting enough. But, the diapers and her development speak for themselves!



    How are my sore nipples supposed to heal when baby keeps need ing to feed off them? I have bought some nipple shields but not sure if they are a good idea as I am treating thrush and it’s just another source of infection to sterilise. Baby is getting lots of milk and gaining weight but it’s just so painful in so many different ways. Now the thrush pain seems to be easing off I have a really stingy right nipple and I am scared UI have got a blister. Will this never end?


    How much breast milk is your LO’s eating? Mine is 6 weeks old and eating about 4.5 oz each feeding. Just wondering if this is normal…



    I really hate to suggest this because I exclusively breastfeed my daughter as well, but have you thought about giving baby a bottle before bed with some rice cereal to fill up the belly so that maybe your LO will sleep better? My daughter is 5 months old and every night at dinner time I give her some baby food, usually a fruit and a veggie, and nurse her and she sleeps all night long. For example, we eat dinner at 7 and she has her babyfood and around 830 or 9 I will nurse her and she will fall asleep and she will sleep until about 630am. Maybe your LO just needs a fuller belly to sleep well?? This is just a suggestion, good luck and keep us posted!



    lilasmommy10, baby only needs 1-1.5oz an hour so plan on packing the larger amount JIC. Let Grandma know that you packed extra and not all should be used. It is VERY easy to overfeed a baby with a bottle!



    Hey ladies I have been breastfeeding my 8 week old for about a7 weeks now and now Im going back to school. im only pumping 2 onces everytime I pump he eats close to 4 onces or 5. He will be at the sitters house for about 5 hrs while I go and he eats every 2-3 hours. How3 many bottles of milk should I take with his sitter while im at school?



    So i have acouple questions ladies…someone please help. It says you should start pumping about 6 hours after u give birth and then again every 3-3 hours, so are you suppose to store that milk in the hospitol, if so how? Also, What if I cant get used to breastfeeding, can i just pump and feed my baby that way? when I get to 5 or 6 months or when they start cutting teeth, can i just pump and feed that way and use my milk ive stored for the last couple of months?? one more…do you just start breastfeeding by yourself in the hospitol or do you wait for the nurses to tell you to or how does this whole process work here? i want to do it on my own, i dont want people watching me and stuff, can someone clue me in here?



    I am wondering… If you are TTc while BF, how do you know when to POAS? we have been BDing in a random order and I haven’t had a period since bubs was born (10 mths ago) boobs always feel swollen so guess im just waiting for the morning sickness, right?



    Here in the US, my doc and nurses have always said to not have alcohol if possible. He said always safer than sorry. He also said that it (like Bri said) clears the breastmilk and it clears your blood. So a couple weeks ago i went out for the first time since Jake was born (other than for an hour for a quick dinner) and had 2 drinks. I had fed him at bed time, put him down to sleep and then went out. I drank 2 drinks before 11pm and didn’t nurse again until 8am. It was fine. I think it should be fine if you want a little. Of course i waited until Jake was over 12 months old before having my first drink since October of 2006. I prob wouldn’t have done it sooner in fear that he would want to nurse in the middle of the night. Now he has a very strict nursing schedule and neither of is are willing to change it! haha.



    Ok I have a 11 day old baby and my milk supply does not seem to be enough for him. So I have to give him about an ounce of formula after i breast feed him. I have been considering taking Fenugreek to help it. I have read about it extensively. Has anyone else used this? Does it work? Please help!



    ok ladies i am desperate. my son is now 3 weeks old. the first week after my milk came in i was able to get 2 ounces per pumping session. (my son is in the NICU) then it dwindled to about an ounce per session. yesterday i was excited because i got 3 ounces in the morning. then i got 2 ounces next pump, and then an ounce, then half, then it was drops. i pump every 2 hours for about 20-25 minutes depending on how long it takes. i wake up during the night to pump as well. overnight i was only able to get drops. this morning and today its drops. not even enough to fill the bottom of the container. what can i do? i really want to do this for my son.



    Heather- IT WORKS!!!! I did it with my son. He had gunk in both eyes and I just squirted some in there a few times a day and then did it for a few days after they had cleared up.


    Member a professional pump. get on motillium, have oatmeal everyday and take fenugreek everyday too. and just keep pumping, my boobies went from just getting a few drops out to now filling a 5oz bottle to the brim…but I had to work at it. also goats milk is ok to feed baby and its better than formula..look on dr sears website for the recipe. I just add a drop of corn syrup to a 5 oz bottle and he loves it and digests it great too. People that can’t digest cows milk usually can handle goats milk. I almost make enough milk myself but some days need to add a bottle or two on the days I pump at work I seem to get out less probably because of stress. good luck.



    m.m.masi- Whittlestone makes a pump that massages and feels almost like it is baby there. You can barely feel it sucking yet after a few minutes milk starts running into the bottle. Its pretty cool.

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