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    Hi Ladies, I start back at work on monday, my LO will be 12 weeks then. I have my pump ready to go and have spoken to my director about pumping at the office. Thankfully, she supports it and is trying to make it easy on me. I am still nervous though. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? Also, if you are working with someone and need to go pump, is there a way that i can say it that sounds professional? I’m one of the only few that have kids at my office. angie



    I was told that green poop is caused by what the mother eats…not an allergy….just a normal change of color.



    Yeah that is crazy I can only think of one reason I would do that well not the driving part but feed is if we were stopped in a traffic jam in between exits because of an accident or something on the interstate. It doesn’t happen often luckily but I have been stopped for like 2 hrs before. I had to pee so bad it wasn’t even funny and luckily it has never happened while any of my kids were babies. Fingers crossed for this one too.



    Kebler98 – I am where you are with the breastfeeding. At work, I don’t really pump out that much. But when I’m at home Trinity she eats and drinks breastmilk. I supplment when she goes to the sitter and on the weekends if she’s away from me. I do feel your pain. I’ve been eating the oatmeal and drinking lots of fluids and fenugreek and nothing seems to work. LOL



    I’m sorry Oz! That hurts! Hope you can unclog it quickly



    Should I wake my baby up to feed every 4 hours. She sleeps all night long. I would hate to extablish a habit of waking in the middle of the night. She is 2 weeks old today.



    Has anyone used malted milk to increase your milk supply???? I just started drinking it and was wondering about how long before i would see some results??



    I have just taken my second does of reglan, im crossing my fingers im ok on it! I would really love to increase my supply.






    marchmomma84: My daughter would also refuse to breastfeed when she got extemely tired or hungry. I would have to offer her a bottle of either expressed milk if i had some or formula. She would go back to normal breastfeeding after that. I suggest you try and avoid letting her get extremely tired or hungry before feeding otherwise just give a bottle.



    Erin – I’m trying fenugreek right now, thought it was working for a day but than my supply went back down to what was regular for me before. Maybe it will help you though because your supply was good? I just left a comment on exclusively pumping about my supply too, so all I can say is I understand but can’t really help, sorry. Actually the only thing that helped my supply when I 1st started was domperidone.



    1Byfaith: That was a normal night for me for the first 6 months of my sons life. He has acid reflux and would wake up every 1.5 hours screaming for the first 6 months. The only way I could get some sleep some nights was to let him nurse while I laid down. I hated sleeping that way but you have to do whatever it takes to survive at times.



    does sleeping/laying on your stomach reduce your milk supply?


    i have a question– My DD is 14 months and I have not breastfeed her since she was 2 months old:( The other day my right breast (only) started to leak what looks like colostrum, I am not pregnant. but I have no idea why all of sudden I would be leaking (a lot). Please help me with any advice! Thanks Tara



    Kathleen112â€my daughter is 10 months old and I have been exclusivally pumping since she was 5 months old…when I had her I envisioned a several year nursing relationship. She did great until she went to daycare after my maternity leave and by 5 months old refused to nurseâ€too much work I guess. Because the health benefits are SO great I was not willing to just stop giving her the BM until at least 12 months, so I pump all day long. I pump when I get up in the morning and every 2-3 hours (4:30 am; 7:30 am; 9:30 am; 11:30 am; 2 pm; 5 pm; 9 pm). My work is very understanding, and I pump 4 times a day for 15 min as my lunch break. For me, I don’t let down well into the pump, so my first pump I get about 5 oz total, and then I get a little over 2 oz total every other time, so I only get about 17 to 20 oz of BM each day. My husband’s aunt gives us her extra breast milk, and we use formula to make up the difference if needed. I’ve used everything to try to increase my supply (oatmeal, fenugreek, almond milk, every diet under the sun, prescription meds, etc.), but nursing is the only thing that works for me, and stubborn baby won’t do that. It is certainly tough on me, but I’m willing to do it because I feel so strongly on the issue! To all of you mom’s willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your children, CONGRATS! They won’t thank you, but I do!

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