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    I work full-time and have the Pump in Style as well. I love it. It has worked really well for me – and if you have a Burlington near you – a few times through the year they have 25% off Medela products, so I was able to get mine for a good price.



    I have a question??? I am wanting to start pumping so when I go back to work in about 4 weeks my LO can still get breastmilk. I tried to do this with my first but it didn’t go so well. I had to give up at 3 months because I would only get 1/2 ounce when he feed or when I pumped. Is there something I can do to help with pumping and keeping up with his feed schedule??



    felicia – You’re lucky! Towards 12 months I think we were both just done with it. We didnt really have any problems per se, but it just seemed like we outgrew it almost. We made it about 13 months and had no issues with stopping. I had such a great time with it that it was hard emotionally to stop but physically I was definitely ready.


    Mommynwifey – I agree with expecting. Disregard the clock completely! Feed on demand and you will be much happier because you’ll be less stressed about the timing. I take fenugreek and drink mother’s milk tea. Both I got at my local Whole Foods store. I think that most ‘organic-y’ type markets carry them. The oatmeal water has definitely worked for me!



    MyBabySuprise – I had it last time! It was awful. I got it while out of town. It felt like razor blades on the nipple when he nursed. It was the worst feeling ever! I’m sorry you guys have it. At least you have meds. I still have my compound ointment from last time. When Alex was tongue tied it felt really good because I think it has a numbing agent in it. HAHA! But now I’m healed up and getting better from my flu. Now I am working on getting my supply back up. Alex has been a trooper and helping me get it as well. He’s happy to stay on the breast as long as he can. HAHA!


    i need some advice/thoughts/comfort :0) I have 8-10lbs of baby weigh to drop…but i’m too scared to diet because i have an awesome milk supply and don’t want to mess it up! I exercise to tone up, but the weight is still there…AND i’m STARVING ALL THE TIME…i eat and eat and eat and eat and eat…at least i’m not gaining weight with all the eating…i guess i’m eating so much because my LO uses so much milk? He’s a HUGE baby (17lbs at 3 months) and we still nurse every 2-3 hours! any thoughts would be great!



    Nikkiandfred – I got my bfp the day after my sons 1st birthday and he was still nursing quite often throughout a 24 hour period.



    I put my baby in her own bed after her 2 month checkup when her ped. said it was OK. I can honestly say i get 3x the amount of sleep now. I still get up 1 time most nights to feed her. There have been 7 nights she has slept through the entire night, but most nights I still get up to feed 1 time around 2 to 3. Nights that I wake up and feed her and keep her in the bed with me, I feed her 3 times instead of 1 because she either smells the milk or sees her boobies (mine) and gets wants to eat. Moving into her own bed was the best thing for us for sleep because I had gone back to work. She doesn’t seem to miss the milk because she is still in the > 98%! 🙂



    Explo – Probably not. If it’s just an upset tummy then no she won’t but if it’ a bug then she could but unlikely. What’s more likely to happen is that she’ll get the immunities from you and not get it.


    hey ladies..i need help/opinions! i am soon to give birth, and i plan on breastfeeding strickly this time around. however i do plan on going back to work when the baby is a few months old. to avoid pumping at work i planned on tryin to pump and bf at the same time after he is born, then training my milk to bf him at night only when i go back to work. i have a plan i think might work but i need input..i planned on getting a single manual, or single electric..when he finishes one side..i would immediatly put the pump on the breast he finishes off of and pumping an ounce, while he was feeding on the other side..then pumping that breast when he is accumulate 2 oz per feeding to store. i figure by doing in like that my breasts would think he simply nurses for a few minutes longer on each side and it wouldnt interfere with his you guys think this is a good idea? and if so would you recommend a manual or electric single pump? i wont need a dounle cause ill be doing one breast at a time…please give input!



    HELP!!!!! I don’t know what to do, my little one is self weaning at only 3 months. I work 12 hour shifts and so She is getting bottles 4 -5 times a day which wasn’t such a big deal except now she is not nursing through the night. She has had to get more formula than Breast milk lately because of the huge drop in my supply and now I have started spotting again. Any suggestions on how to get her to nurse when I am with her. She seems to get frustrated that it is so much work to breast feed.



    As for dryness, that is completely normal with breastfeeding. It sucks I know. Believe me I know!! I actually went to the doctor last time because I couldn’t get wet at all. She said it’s the hormones. Once we wean it should go back to normal. Another way for our bodies to stay away from getting pregnant too soon.



    Aprilroseâ€I took a birthing class right before my daughter was born and the instructor said something that rung in my ears…she referred to the period called “Fourth Trimester”. She said that it is the first three months of life. Don’t expect the child to be sleeping through the night, don’t expect the baby to be on a schedule, nurse on demand, just be with your baby and let your little one call the shots…it will be over with before you know it. Don’t worry about what other people think. If you lay in bed all day with your child, don’t judge yourself. Pamper yourselfâ€don’t stress about cleaning, cooking, or being supermom. Just spend those three months focused on caring for your newborn. Our babies grow up so quickly, savor their first few months. Granted, if you have older children and don’t have the luxury of maternity leave the 4th trimester is harder to focus on, but I hope you get the point. I’m so fortunate to have had my first three months off before returning to work and tried my hardest just to love on my daughter. Now, she will be 1 on the 13th! I miss the little cuddly baby stage, but am in constant awe over how bless I am to have her!



    thnx ladies. i think ill take ur advice and just feed her like i normally do. doublemama…..i nvr thought of it like that but its true. i havent even met her!!! just have mutual friends. i think she is really young



    just a note i know a lot of women on WIC and the amount of formula they give usually does not end up lasting the entire time before they are issued there new checks. which means they end up having to buy their own formula (or stretching what they are given) . its sad but true.

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