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    You ladies are very sweet! You make coming here such a joy!



    doctors are so weird! most of the time i just nod my head and just yes her to death. The last time we went my sister had to come with me ’cause DH was working, and when we left she was like ‘I thought you didn’t know how much whole milk you were giving Ella.’ and i was like ‘I don’t. I just say yes to whatever.’ I mean, obviously i’ll listen if it’s something important. But i do my own research and she was telling me to start solids at 4 months, so i’m not going with that!



    I have brown eyes and Seth has blue. Isaac got the blue eyes of his daddy. I pretty much love them. I used to cry (literally) to mom all the time about wishing I had blonde hair and blue eyes when I was younger. Now fortunately I’m just happy being me!



    With Chris he wasn’t latching on right and it took 7 days before I got on Reglan to get it to come in. So it actually took 9 days for it to come in. I did have a section with him as well. Meds are bad news for nursing. It makes everything harder! Tell her to start drinking MMT and keep nursing. It’ll happen. Also, at her PP appointment she should see a LC. At least here we do. They should be able to help as well.


    Chellbob put lanolin on your nipples and don’t sleep in a bra for a few days. Just a t shirt let em breath. Reapply lanolin at night before bed. If you do have a milk blister you will be able to see It. Soak in a hot bath for awhile then let baby nurse on that breast and that should pull it out. If not you’ll have to pop it yourself and it’s very ouch I know cause I had one for weeks before I figured out what it was. It was a nightmare for 2 seconds every time she latched and I thought it was normal. Anyway for your cracked nipples don’t wear wet bras and change breast pads often. Hope this helps I know our off to a rough start.



    I’m not sure how to handle the whole sleeping ordeal either. We co-sleep part time. My LO is 4 months old, and still in the bassinet by my bed. She starts the night there, then we co-sleep from about 4am on since she won’t go back to sleep in the bassinet. I don’t mind co-sleeping a little bit, but if we do it too long, my back and arm get stiff and sore. She stays attached to me the entire time, so I can’t move at all. I’m not sure what to do next. I’m thinking of moving the crib into my room, but there isn’t a lot of space for it. I’m not ready to put her in her own room yet since she is up every 2-3 hours at night still to nurse. If she was sleeping longer, I would consider the crib. I don’t think I could handle crying it out yet either.



    sweety, it really depends on your baby. You can really eat just about anything, but if your baby is sensitive to certain foods, you might need to cut some things out. Some babies get really gassy if mom eats broccoli, for example, or othes are sensitive to dairy. Mine is sensitive to caffeine, so I can’t drink coffee :/



    aprilrose, you will know baby is getting enough by counting his diapers. If he gets 6-8 wet/poopy diapers in a 24hr period. If you are worried about your supply falling, pump after he is done nursing to make sure your breasts are ’empty’ so that it signals your body to produce more.



    Dulcianasmom- babies go threw a period of being fussy at the brest in the evening its pretty normal, usually after a few weeks it stops. mine around 3 mnts every night between 6-10 pm would cry cry cry, nurse , pull off cry, nurse pull off cry over and over this went on for hours. i found what helped us was nursing in motion, like walking around and nursing or rocking and nursing.



    Jess Yes the nurses will help you at the hospital. i always had a hard time making sure my babies were latched on properly. I would suggest nursing your babu for as long as you can. I started around 4 weeks and completly stopped nursing at 6 weeks. You have to make sure that you are pumping every 2 to 3 hrs at the most. I would pump every 2 hrs around the clock. Its alot at first but so worth it.



    That’s really hard because if you aren’t getting a period you don’t know if you aren’t ovulating or if you just haven’t yet. I know this might get old but you can have sex every other day until test a month later. Also, you can buy ovulation tests to see if you are ovulating yet. Although, that could get expensive because it’s like buying pregnancy tests. Have you asked your doctor about it? She may have another way of testing to see if you are ovulating yet. My next thought is, I know that many people do have children very close together but many doctors will suggest waiting until the child is over a year. My doctor wanted me to wait until Kekoa was 18months before conceiving again. This way your body is completely healed before going at it again. It does take that long. But, everyone is different. I would say, have fun. Don’t make it a chore and eventually you will be pregnant or your cycle will return and it’ll make it easier to get pregnant. If you aren’t ovulating yet then you will just cause unneeded frustration since there isn’t anything you can do about it.



    hi new mommy to be. i had the same problem. my son was always a good sleeper. when he was 3 weeks old he started sleeping through the night, i heard that you had to wake them every 4 hrs or they will dehighdrate. my friend has 3 kids and told me never wake your child, if they are hungry they will let you know!! at 3 weeks i stopped waking him up and an odd night he would wake himself. id bf him. he is 6 months and still bfed and is still a fab sleeper. you fed him late enough, you need rest too!!


    ive got an appt at 2 today, so we’ll see what he says. the spots arent wiping off. i have to give him water to keep him regular, so his mouth stays clean from that, so i know its not milk residue. hes been spitting up more too, and is cranky which isnt like him



    Hi all, my baby who is 2 weeks old has had a cough and sniffles with slight sickness since last week..we visited the Dr last Fri but there is nothing he can give her. Today I have noticed her poo appears a greenish colour, is this normal for breast fed babies or should I be calling the Dr?? Please comment on my profile |Thanks



    P.S. I even tried it in my eye first to make sure it didn’t burn and it doesn’t but it did make him a little p’ode at me lol

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