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    The only indication i had that i was pregnant was that i missed my period. Started getting sick after that.



    Beyuteful – Ahhhh pumping. Not as much fun as it sounds! lol. I would say the type of pump you want will depend on how much you’ll need it – even looking long term. Are you going back to work before you finish breastfeeding? If so, go ahead and invest in a double electric because it’s a REAL time saver. And every double electric I’ve researched gives you the option to take one of the hoses off and make it a single pump so you could still pump while feeding the little one. If you’re only going to be using it a couple or few times a week, you might be okay with saving the money and just getting a single. Good luck!


    just added a few pics of alyssa. 🙂



    Scarlet- i believe you asked about what people with older babies do after one about milk? I started giving Ella a cup of milk with every meal, and she likes to drink out of it. We do a lot of finger foods, so she’ll eat some food and then take a sip when she wants it. Then during the day we just nurse whenever she wants to. (which is not very often. Usually 2 maybe 3 times. Not including at night.) But yeah, i just give her her cup of milk with her meals. I started with half whole milk half breast milk, then took the amount of BM down as i ran out of it from the freezer. We’re on all whole milk in her cup now. But like i said, we still BF a couple times during the day.



    god-iva She has gorgeous lashes! My boys have the most beautiful, thick eyelashes too.


    I had a C/S and I honestly think the meds they had me on caused some of my issues with nursing. If I could go back, I’d refuse the pain meds and just stick to tylenol/motrin. Well, honestly if I could go back there’s lots I would change since my C/S could’ve been avoided if it wasn’t for the hospitals negligence. I was in labor for over 36 hours before we threw in the towel. Once they said… ’emergency c-section’ I just gave up and said ‘do it’. Now…. well now I’m scared to have a VBAC. I don’t want another C/S, but what I’ve read about VBAC’s scare me… we’ll see.



    I have a question. Some of my friends say they cut their breastfeeding down to just once in the morning and at night after a while. I am curious as to what happens to your milk supply. Do you not dry up or feel super engorged all day?



    Hey ladies! I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl on 1-17-11 via c-section. I have had to pump every 3 hrs since she was born cause she is in the special care nursery due to having a little fluid in her lungs and she was breathing rapidly. I am glad because I have been able to supply her with breast milk and I give it to the nursery. The dr ordered for her to have 10mls. Then she increased it to 15 then 20 mls and I have been able to give her that even though my milk has not come in yet. She is getting the colostrum. I am pumping 30mls per session. I guess it is so true that mommies can meet the babies nutritional needs at the appropriate time. I will be discharged tomorrow and the baby probably won’t be home for another day or so. The doctor told me that I can try to breastfed her tomorrow and see how she does. I am so excited because I was thinking that I would not be able to give her breast milk if since I was not able to nurse her right after birth. Now our next hurdle is to see how well she latches on. I am praying that she will be able to latch correctly. Congrats to all the bf’ing mommas!!!!!



    Hi I have an odd question. I accidently let 5 bags of milk thaw and I don’t want to waste them.

    Does anyone know how to make skin creams w breast milk? I figure if putting milk directly on skin clears things up, maybe I can make a loition?




    hi ladies had my baby 5 days ago via c section, while at the hospital my baby was given formula as my milk hadnt come in yet, now am home and tryn to bf but baby wont take the breast, also my breasts are very big am afraid they might cover my babys face, pls help is it too late to start now and how can i bf safely?



    dominique-thats so funny. Heather is the same way, for a few hrs between 6-10pm, she is just crazy. I hate it because I can calm her down by nursing her, but my fiance and the babysitters are SOL when I am at work in the evenings



    I was wondering if any of you ladies who are exclusively pumping have noticed that all of a sudden your milk is coming out much slower? It’s strange, it just sprays out at few spots and only drips out of the rest. My milk ducts aren’t blocked, I know what that feels like and I have the same amount, it is just taking a lot longer to drain. It’s like my let down isn’t as strong. I’ve checked the pump, I did have a tear in the one valve but changed it now and it’s still the same. Hmmm…



    You can test two weeks after Bding rather than waiting for symptoms but that does depend if you are Bding on set dates and the distance between them. Good Luck



    My baby is 3 and 1/2 weeks old and has only ever had breastmilk and she’s getting about 6-8 feeds a day – sometimes more when she’s unsettled but at night time when she goes to bed at about 11pm I have to try really really hard to wake her up around 3:30 or 4am to give her her next feed because there is meant to be some rule about not letting a young baby sleep more than 5 hours without breast milk – does anyone know about why this is? When can I let her sleep through the night and not worry that I’m starving my baby to death? Thanks for any comments..



    m.m.masi – Good job! It must be hard to be away from them let alone breastfeeding twins! At least they’re getting your milk! Keep up the good work! 🙂 Yay for you!!

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