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    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have. I had my baby 3 days ago. I tried to start feeding him in the hospital. he would only suck to pacify himself, not to eat. the lactation lady said I should supplement him with formula for now until my milk comes in. I went home and have been pumping and only a couple drops of colostrum comes out but I still suck it up with a syringe and give it to him. now my nipples hurt when I pump. I woke up this morning and my breasts hurt soooooo bad and they’re so hard that im terrified of trying to pump today. I don’t knw what to do!



    Good Morning Ladies,
    Well I finally did it. i finally submitted my app to become a donor. I have so much milk. It has completely consumed my deep freezer, my freezer and my babysitter’s. So I decided to donate. I have no intention of throwing it out when there are so many in need. I am probably shipping out about 500 oz. I call that a good start. Anybody else doing it?



    i dont know what to do…my baby has been fussing lately when i try to nurse her….im about to have a nervous break down…she only seems to be nursing well when she wakes up in the middle of the night…other than that it seems like i am forcing her to eat….at first it is coming out too fast after that i have no idea why she is fussing…is she already full from the fast flow or what. does anyone have any suggestions?



    LJess2134 – We live in Seattle and Kekoa was born in November. Our doctor recommend poly-vi-sol or tri-vi-sol because of the vitamin D. Like Anne said, it is the only thing that doesn’t pass through breastmilk…and iron but babies are born with enough iron to make it until six months. After that food gives them enough. Kekoa is still on the drops. I don’t know if it helps any but it can’t hurt.



    How much cereal should replace a bottle when giving it as lunch? My boys drink 5 oz bottles but I want to start introducing cereal for lunch while at daycare.



    My son is now 14 weeks and I have always exclusively breastfed, for almost 2 months I only pumped and fed him expressed milk, well a few weeks ago I decided I would pump less and feed him on demand thinking it would increase my supply and I could store even more. But he wanted to stay attatched all the time and I couldn’t handle him being on me all the time (same reason I exclusively pumped before) Well instead I get less when I pump now. I used to get 4oz. from one breast and 3 from the other if I pumped every 4 hours. Now in 4 hours Im lucky to get 5 oz. from both combined! Please any suggestions would be appreciated, I need that extra milk.



    By the way if you know anybody that takes thyroid drugs please worn them it is not safe to breastfeed. Endocrynologist that prescribed drug said it was OK, then pharmacist told me to call pediatrician and this one said , no way. C and D cat. drugs hurt babies and if their thyroid gets sick they habve mental issues later. American Academy of Pediatrics claims it is compatible (all over the world PTU is considered dangerous)



    I agree on the diet, fruit and veggies all the way! Always works for me.



    Any one know if an expectorant (Musinex or Robitussin) can lower your milk supply?



    =( i need to start supplementing with formula and was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what kind to try. I was thinking maybe similac early shield or the good start natural cultures, has anyone had any luck with either of these? thanks



    oz-please don’t feel upset! think about all the wonderful nutrients that you have provided for your LO. you have done such a great job making it this far, do not be discouraged by the way it (may be) ending. many women have given up at the challenges that they faced when their LO was just born or 6 weeks old (and if you did, that may have been the best thing for you and your baby) it’s a team thing. you can’t just breastfeed on your own and your baby can’t nurse w/o you. so it takes both of you to make it work right. it really sounds like you’re having more stress than enjoying your nursing sessions. for me when i chose to go back to nursing full time unless my son was at day care i realized that i needed to just as much as he did. i had missed it so much. (very stressed about having enough milk or running out or whatever) and when i just went back to nursing full time i let all that stress go and got back to why i had loved breastfeeding in the first place…best nutrients/food for him and that special bond for both of us. if you are in pain and you are suffering, yes you could suffer through it for your child (and as mom’s there’s nothing we woudln’t do) but cihldren can pick up on tension and you could have harsh feelings and a very bad taste in your mouth because of all this pain that you have to go through for nursing! so be proud of what you have accomplished and no matter what you choose, to continue or to go to formula, you have do a very very great job and a very very tough thing! nursing is a committment and you made it above and beyond where many mom’s stop. at first i planned on going to 6 months. well my son will be 6 months in may but i’m going to try very hard to continue til he’s at least a year old. depending on my job it may be very easy to continue nursing or it may be very difficult to have to pump while i’m away. anyway, i hope you’re feeling better about the situation. get yourself feeling good and healthy so you can enjoy your time with your LO!



    anniemarie- In the past 7 months, I maybe leaked 2x during sex. It happens sometimes. Hubby and I laugh about it. I don’t have forceful letdowns, so it wasn’t a big deal. There’s nothing to be nervous about unless your hubby is grossed out by the thought. My thinking, relax and have some fun 😉



    anniemarie, you’re REALLY lucky to be able to nurse and work!! I’d say forget the pumping altogether, if you can nurse when he’s hungry! I used to have a full time job where I could duck home and feed my little one at morning tea and lunch times and never had to pump as long as I had that lovely situation. It was brilliant! I hated pumping and was never good at it. Your supply will soon adjust to the new routine! Good luck!



    I was wondering for the ladies that are EBF and have gotten their AF, when did you get It? I would like to get pregnant in the next couple of months but I’m EBF and would like to continue but have heard that AF could stay away for a long time. I would never stop breastfeeding to get AF I’m just curious on when to expect it. Thanks!



    HELP !!!!
    Okay Miss Kelsey is now 7days old … For the first 3 days BF was great no pain nothing I loved it … OMG now I cry the hole time I am feeding her it hurts soooo bad I have switch feeding positions every thing nothing is helping !!! I have scabs its sooo bad I had to start pumping so that I could stand to feed her every other feeding but now when i pump I barely get 2oz I am sitting here crying just writing this I sooo don’t know what to do !! Help !!

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