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    Greetings ladies, jumping ahead from week 31. I was wondering if anyone tried or did any of the old wives tales on delivering early on the expected DD? I’m telling my LO to arrive at 38weeks, lol. Tips anyone?



    Felicia Marie – My bottle says 6 per day, 2 taken at each meal but I’ve read somewhere else you can take 9 per day.



    kez – you should be fine…here is my novel.Hi – I went back to work when my daughter was 9 weeks old, and while she took one bottle a day from 3 weeks, that weekend before she started to refuse. I was sick about it and talked to my lactation nurse. She suggested that my MIL try giving her a bottle right as she drifted to sleep, because baby’s will suck and it worked! This at least helped her get 4-8 oz while I was at work, and she nursed more at night. I switched to MAM bottles about a month ago and she took to them well. She is now 22 weeks old, and we have only used a small can of formula because she went on a nursing strike when I didn’t have any extra milk saved (I balled through the whole bottle!). I pump 3 times a day at work – From walking in the room, to walking out, my pumping sessions last 10-15 minutes total, and I only get about 3 total oz each time. I do pump on the way to work (my hubby drives) – so I have a total of about 12 – then, at night after I put her to bed I pump and usually can end up with around 14-15 oz total. I can usually save up 6-12 oz over the weekend which helps me take care of the overage. At 22 weeks, she is taking 15-17 oz/day. She takes 3 bottles,( 2) 6oz, and (1) 5 oz… but up until 4 months, she was still taking about 16 oz… just every 2 hours, so I left (4) 4 oz bottles for her. It is exhausting pumping so much through the day, but I am totally in a rhythm now and it doesn’t bother me so much. I am on vacation next week, so I am looking forward to stocking up in the freezer a bit!!



    sherB, i would leave it in the fridge, the next day i would smell and taste it. you can tell it if its spoiled.



    Amanda… i am not BFing… i tried at first.. but still after a week my milk never came in. My son was jaundice and had to go under the light. The thing is they need to pee or poop. The light breaks down the billrubin ( I know that is not how to spell it) and send it to the intestines… but if they don’t eliminate it just gets reabsorbed. ANYWAY.. back to what I was saying… my Doctors weren’t toooo concerned until he went 3+ days without pooping. Then they told me just to add 5ml of formula per feeding. .. after two more days he finally pooped.



    rissasmommy – I dont know how you would get her to take a paci, my son just took to it automatically. I hear some babies just flat out refuse them. Wyatt got thrush when he was about 9 months old. It was no biggie I was expecting way worse. It presented as just white specs inside his cheeks (like milk residue). He was never in pain and he never gave it to me so it was just a mild case. Gave Nystatin for a couple days thats it. As for the pulling back. Maybe when she goes to do it, just stick your finger inside her cheek so she unlatches? That way she’ll learn if she pulls back she has to come off thats the rule. I remember those days. It’ll get worse when shes older and has lots to see around her! As for using you as a pacifier, at 1 month old I dont think thats necessarily a bad thing. Any nipple stimulation will keep your supply up and she may just want the comfort. Maybe massage your breast so she is always getting the milk flow when she is latched and then she will be content and come off?


    thanks guys. you are probably right. 🙂



    phatbaby – Until my son turned 6 months, the solids were always in addition to the milk not as a substitute. He would always get regulary scheduled breast milk feedings after which I would sit him in his highchair knowing he wasnt all that hungry. He looooved the concept of solids! Cereal I gave him regularly mornings and nights because I put so much breastmilk in it that I considered it a bonus. When I introduced the new fruits/veggies I just gave it to him as much as he wanted at his own pace (he was never hungry for it). When he got used to one I incorporated it into one of his ‘meals’ getting him used to breakfast/lunch/dinner times. The goal of introducing one food at a time is to be aware of any allergies they may have. Once introduced with no reaction there is no harm in offering more than one regularly. If you still want your baby primarily on milk, just make sure you give milk before solids. You will see in time they will prefer the solids more and after 6 months its completely natural for them to cut out milk feedings for solids since they are actually getting more required nutrients from the solids.



    My son is 13 months on the 20th, and he is definately a happy nurser! I am with you, felicia marie, night time is our bonding time (I work full time). Although he sleeps through most nights now, he nurses at bed time, any time he wakes, and in the morning first thing. Then right when I get home from work.
    He hasn’t taken a bottle since he was ten months, and drinks from a cup great, but evenings are definately for nursing here 🙂



    expecting-2b-patient – sounds like you have oversupply and over-active letdown.



    Wow, so I officially have a blood blister on my nipple 🙁 I thought it was getting better ‘cuz it was feeling good last night and it got to rest for 14 hours overnight, but nope. Ugh, so not fun.



    jacquecmsu – i wear a tube top ALL the time under everything, i did before i was pregnant, it really is quite convenient for nursing. i like it cause i can put anything on over it and it does not look frumpy.



    Not give solids upto 2-years-old?? Babies don’t actually need breast or formula past 1-years… They need the nutrients/vitamins (especially iron) through food… By 6-months, the iron stores are dwindling, and they need actual food… Maybe she needs a second opinion??


    I had dd 4 days ago and my nipples are so cracked and sore. Im using Lansinoh brand lanolin. I’m not sure if the pain is coming from the cracked nipples, or a bad latch. When she pulls off, the nipples are flat on the bottom. The health nurse came by and said my latch was good, she was positioned right. I bf’d my first for 15 months, and was admitted with him when he got jaundice to the hospital to get help because my nipples were so bad. I dont want that to happen again.



    Also.. Ella is 8 months old, and lately my nipples have been hurting! Like a burning sensation! It feels like they are on FIRE! What is that about? She is finally teething, i think, but she isn’t biting me so I don’t really think it’s that. Anyone have any ideas?

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