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    I was wondering how often to change my pads too!! My right side seems to always have a slow leak when its full… when penelope cries its like someone turned a faucet on high!!!



    I’ve been trying to get them to move here for months now!!! HAHA! I think they’d both love it here. There are even jobs here. Seattle is very supportive in regards to alternative life styles as well. HAHA! AND, pumping would be easier, if she were working. AND, she’d have a baby-sitter in me. AND, we’d have a friend here. AND AND AND…..



    scarlet begonia – There is also reverse cycling that you can look into. I’m not really sure how it works but I know a lot of working moms do it. Basically you child feeds during the day like she would at night and feeds at night like she would during the day. I would think this would only really work if you were co-sleeping? Might be an idea though?



    scarlet – good job! I can’t imagine pumping 2oz in a day, let alone 7!



    So i know this is OT, but a friend of mine from high school just died and it is really, really making me so sad. He was my first real boyfriend and we were friends after that. And he just died! Like why? Why do people do drugs? Why are people so stupid? He is the 3rd person from my high school to die THIS year. And my graduating class only had about 60 people in it. So that’s a lot! We only graduated in ’07!!! We’re 21! It’s insane. I’m really sad about this, and I wish hubby were home. He’s at work, was supposed to be home by now and hasn’t even left yet. And I call him and he’s just so insensitive. He said ‘Don’t worry, tons of people from my HS died, too.’ Is that supposed to help? This was my friend, and I’m sad. Why can’t he just come home to help?



    Hi ladies, big favor to ask! Everyone is so informative in this forum and I have asked questions or made comments in Month 1 and no one has responded. If any of you have the time and can go to month 1 and see if you have been through anything similiar as I am going through with my 6 week old baby. It would be so much appreciated!



    OH thank you for any help you ladies can offer!



    My local bf support group gives different workshops. I’ll be taking one about the introduction of solids in September. I’ll let you gals know what the recommendation is for breastfed babies. 😉



    I have blue eyes, dh and ds have brown. My lo started out with bright blue and now at 4 months they have brown flecks – is this a sign do you think that they’ll turn brown or perhaps green?



    oh and could you imagine going through all that family went through. i was a mess just having a normal baby on a normal day.



    : regarding the sore nipples, lanolin worked wonders for me!! fortunately i was blessed and only had sore nipples really bad once or twice but each time i used the lanolin, and instantly i felt better. it was like a miracle lol



    chellebob- That first one is always so much fun after a long stretch 🙂 Only cause you haven’t had to change one in a while LOL. It’s funny the things that make you happy when your a mom.


    Mypridejoy3- i completly under stand i couldnt handle bf with my first child but am doing awesome with my second whos now 5 mon. Some will be like your doing bf much longer than you said you were goin to how much longer.
    i feel like people are degrading people who breastfeed. I do exclusively and yeah its not for a lazy peron. I know girls that have just has babies that never even tried bf just gave bottles. Has anyone ever notice the smell of a bf baby compared to formula wow big difference. Altho my first was formula and i wish i could bf but theirs notjing wrong with it. Everyones different just wish theyd be a little more considerate



    @campimama- Thanks so much. I am so thankful that she is doing so well. I will let you all know how she does tomorrow.



    I had to exclusively pump for my son’s first month of life. I took warm showers before i pumped if I was having a hard time letting down. Or a warm washcloth adn a gentle massage. My breasts adjusted to the pump adn it was fine. Another option is to weigh the baby before and after feeding adn you’ll know just how many ounces he/she is getting 🙂 My sisters baby had issues gaining weight and that is what the lactation consultant did. Good luck!

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