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    YAY! It was a NEGATIVE! YAY! Ok, I know it could be too early but it’s been 16 days since I had sex it’s a good sign that I’m not. HAHA! Now to figure out what in the bloody hell is going on with my body! Annoying cramps for a little under two weeks is not normal. Especially for me. Grrr!


    My hair tends to always be a few inches past shoulders don’t want it short. It is always in a pony tail. My MIL is 51 and her hair is just past her shoulders she suits it.



    Luv2Bamama – I don’t think anyone will blame you. EP’ing is freakin hard! Talk to Leslie though. She went through the exact same thing. She is away from Lawson for 12 hours a day. She now EP’s. It sucks but she is able to do it and will until Lawson turns one. She can give you some tips.



    how not to feed



    whats a ‘dummy’ ? just curious… and my lo will be 3 wks old tomorrow, and also is emptying me pretty quickly, and wanting to nurse often.. i just figured he was building up my supply…i do give him a pacifier but after he pulls himself off after a feeding but still wants to suckle.


    Thank you ladies so much for your advice…. Unfortunately I can’t take any herbal remedies or other pills (ie domperidone) because I have a heart condition and take medication for it that could counteract with them. But what I will do is offer him the boob every hour or so starting tomorrow so that I catch him before he starts getting hungry. We’ll see if that works… I’m so tired of him screaming through feeds (bottle or boob). Thanks again… 🙂


    Just try to do as much as possible, maybe double oats, twice as much fluids. I was 10 months into bf James when I also fell pregnant no period had returned. You may find she does wean early. Congratulations x



    Yay Im so happy to hear someone elts is nursing an older baby..PGFirsttimer how long are you going to nurse for?



    Krystal; you’re doing a great job taking care of your daughter and continuing breastfeeding! Something to think about are the benefits to your baby by prolonging your BF relationship versus the benefits you gain from dieting. You are so close to reaching your one year goal, maybe start dieting then when you can introduce cow’s milk and not worry so much if your supply takes a bit of a hit. In the meantime, in my household, we are not “dieting” so much as we are eliminating most foods from packages. Instead of using canned beans to make chili, I use dried beans and soak them overnight…or use the bread machine to make fresh rolls/biscuits instead of the Pillsbury ones. We are also eating more fresh veggies versus frozen ones, and making our own trail mix instead of getting it pre-packaged. In addition to bringing our food bill down to under $200 per month, both my husband and I have lost about 10 lbs each in 4 months by doing nothing else.



    Hi mamas,
    I am enjoying reading about breastfeeding techniques in the lead up to my DD although am worried that i may not be able to breastfeed and might need a formula to supplement my milk supply.
    Can anyone recommend a certain brand they have used in the past so i can begin my research.
    Thank you



    Kaddy – I have taken it twice. My son wasn’t latching so my doctor gave me some. I didn’t see any effects that time. But around 8 months I tried it again because of a low supply and it was awful. If you have anxiety or depression issues then don’t take it. I couldn’t sit still. I took it for less then a day and I could help but cry. It spend my heart rate up as well.



    argff this weaning is hard… with my first it was way easier!!! but this time around being a sahm its hard!!! he doesnt want anything but the boobies!!!



    ok ladys I have a question. A friend of mine is still breastfeeding her little one, he is 8-9 months old. He is also eating babyfood, Homemade. She makes everything with tofu and egg yolk so he can stay ALL naturel. But….she eats faty foods, sugars, and anything that you and I eat, does the breast milk not have some of the fats and sugars in it from what she was eating?



    Lydia, I’m sorry to say that other than the ointment and the medela breast shields (hard shell/cup worn over your nipples between feeds that keep your bra off of them while they are super tender) ,NOT nipple shields, the best thing you can do is just breastfeed. You can’t avoid BFing by pumping and hope that your nipples will adjust that way. Unless your LOs latch is off it will get better with time. You also might want to try a milk bath – express some milk on your nipples after you feed and let it air dry. Best wishes, I’m sure the other women here will agree with me that time is what’s needed… just keep breastfeeding =)



    m.m.masi, my supply varies so much every day! especially during the weekdays. I think stress does lower your milk supply a little, but as long as your little one is nursing regularly, your milk supply should keep up!

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