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    hey mamas i was wondering how many ounces does a 6 week old eat? i have to go to the dentist and i have to pump for my mom but not sure how much.



    ellasmommy, i dont know what that is, but that happened to me a few weeks ago and lasted for a couple days, but they didnt burn they felt more like sore like when i first started breastfeeding. i have read that this could be a symptom of pregnancy…



    expecting-2b-patient – I personally didn’t have any solids until I was over a year. My mom also did baby led weaning but it wasn’t called that 30 years ago. It was just letting baby decide when s/he wants to eat. I just wasn’t ready to eat but when I did I started on soft finger foods. I never ate ‘baby’ food. I was also a large baby. So are both of my boys. Chris was in the 95% his entire first year and Alex is in the 97+%. Chris started eating around 7 months but not on a regular basis. It wasn’t until about 8months that he really started eating. Alex is our Super Chunk. He’s already eyeing our food at the table. Obviously he can’t pick food up at 3.5months but when he can we’ll start with some veggies.



    Lawsonson Mom- Good for you having such a good attitude about this! I’m really glad for you that the scalding helps.



    2ndTimemommy – Your comment about your son crying from your sneeze cracked me up in the awww kind of way :o)


    nic4charlces…i agree with the ladies..i wouldnt worry..i took alot of bfing classes and i learned there are several different kinds of bfers….sounds like you have whats called a nibbler or a snacker….then there are marathon son eats every 3-4 hours at night..every 2-3 during the day..and just like us adults sometimes babies wantjust a little snack…nothing to fill them up but you get my point *wink*…if you are afraid you are not producing enough for him you could always try pumping to up your supply..however..if he is gaining weight…and still giving you poops and pees you are probably just fine 🙂



    balsam- sorry about your friend. that’s annoying. I wish that BF was more mainstream and accepted. It’s silly that it’s not. And my family offers to do the same for me, so i can go out. But to be honest I really like to just be with Ella all the time. I like to go places with her. Also, i hate having ot pump, so i’m not going to miss a feeding and have to pump. I’d just decline. I mean, if you need a break, try to time it so that you’ll only miss one feeding at least, rather than more. Go out and get a manicure or something quick, but relaxing!



    You know I read today in an article that WIC buys more then half the formula purchased in the nation. That’s a lot. Too high if you ask me. The article was talking about DHA/RHA that is in breastmilk but is artificially put in formula. The ‘stuff’ put into formula is looking like it could be harmful to babies since it’s not the real thing. There is no proof that it’s good for babies and it makes formula cost more. Gotta love it!! Ugh!



    what really bothers me is when people tell me its MY breastmilk that is no good. i had someone tell me that yesterday, that its my breastmilk and maybe formula is better. it most certainly is NOT my breastmilk its just certain foods that cant be in my breatsmlk. encouragement or someone that understands would be nice.


    And i did partial EC with my daughter, she caught onto the pee part, but even now at 2 she stillwon’t poo on the potty! lol, I workfull time so couldonly do part time EC, but she was still pee pee potty trained at 16 months. I love the basis of EC, that we train our children to use diapers and suddenly at 2 yrs expect them to use a potty, after yrs of freaking out if they peed anywhere but a diaper… Ahh, sorry, i am I guess a green mom, co-sleep, BF, EC, cloth diapering, organic foods once started, baby wearing… Hope I don’t offend anyone, I won’t force my opinions on anyone but if a question comes up I will answer it to the best I can…



    Lawsons- I am soo sorry you are going thru this crap again…I would also suggest maybe offering some solids maybe avacado high in good fats and might help take a little pressure off…Your an a amazing mommy!!!



    my Lo was 6.1 lbs at birth and because she had jaundice when we went home she dropped to 5.8 lbs. very tiny baby. she’s still into newborn clothes up to now at 2 mos. last time i weighed her she’s at 9.4 lbs and that was last 4th of july.


    Bri… I did know your from Bothell I grew up in Lake forest Park.. Styx I live in Frederickson/puyallup area


    Katiebear so pleased for you that your son put on a lb in one week thats fantastic. Fingers crossed he gets another lb this week!


    Katie- I saw he’s only 1 month old is he still losing weight or staying the same? or has it been up and down???

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