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    cjsmommy-nope its never too late…put that baby to the breast as much as your local lactation consultant and get in to see her for latch and help positioning. Its a art you have to work at if you know what i mean. the covering the breast-the baby’s nose is what blocks but you can always pull the breast away if you feel more comfy-i did this when my lo was little and now she’s bigger and does that on her own! LOL But really-call a lac consultant and get in to see her asap and i you will do fine from there! Good luck mama!



    Iam currently about 30 weeks along, but recently found out that my little guy is facing surgery soon after birth….. I have been trying to decide if breast feeding would be best for him being he will be facing so many obstalces. I would however not want to actually breast feed, but pump and use a bottle because I will be too worried that he isn’t eating enough… I think i would just feel safer knowing exactly how many oz he is taking each feeding…… Has anyone done this who could give me some tips..Thanks in advance :



    brandy- I’m just curious…did Doc tell you not to feed or pump while you were sick? My understanding was that is was better for baby to have that bm because you pass your immunities on that your body is making. I’m glad you had a good pumping session though and was just wondering why you hadn’t continued pumping. Hope you are feeling better.



    I finally got AF yesterday, so its great I have something to start with! we are not really overly anxious to get pregnant right away and if it happens, it happens. i will be charting bbt to give myself an idea of when i am ovulating. hope everyone else is going well and baby dust to all!



    i have a question–how many of you breastfeeding mamas drink alcohol? on the weekends i’ll have a beer, maybe a beer and half, after i put my girl down for the night. i find that i really want guiness or really dark beer, which i was never really a big fan of before. i’ve also heard conflicting reports on drinking beer. i’ve been told beer is good for breastmilk, but then i hear you should drink nothing at all. i’ve also read that if you do drink, avoid hard liquor, but a glass or two of wine or beer is okay. hmm…..


    amanda: thats so great. i hope they keep gonig with it for you. when i first started breastfeeding, i thought about quiting and pumping. then one day, he was refusing me, and it broke my heart. im so glad i didnt bottle feed. that closeness is so great



    cluck77 – I’m sorry your baby is sick. That sucks! Green poo is not ‘normal’ but not uncommon. It is normal when your baby is sick. Watch for dehydration. Be sure your baby is getting enough to drink and lots of rest. Poor little one needs to fight off this infection. Watch the wet diapers, if the fontenal starts sinking in and eyes. Good luck, I’m sure your baby will start feeling better soon.



    breastfeeding is going a lot better now. I decided to supplement breastfeeding and formula. It seems as though it is working out a lot better. It gives my breasts some time to heal in between. Also, my breasts are filled more when she is ready to feed and she seems more satisfied afterwards. I don’t feel like a horrible mother anymore because atleast she is still getting SOME breast milk. I guess some is better than none right? 🙂



    thanks ladies on the advice about my supply of milk. im taking fenugreek and will do anything to get my supply back. i want to continue to use b milk as my doc said there is nothing else thats as good, but id like to have some milk in the fridge that he can take if i cant pump or when at work.
    when my son sees me after work he crys bc all he wants is to nurse and get some comfort!! i think its sweet!



    I stopped breastfeeding 1 month ago. Anybody know how long it takes for the milk to dry up completely?



    angie2008 – Depending on your office you could always joke about it. Mine is a very family friendly environment and all the women breastfed and the men’s wives did too. They just know I wasn’t available at certain times of the day. If they forget and I ask I just say I need to do my Mommy thing.



    I agree about eating healthy, Ok, so my son is 15months so this isn’t ‘rapid weight loss’ but….I’ve lost 80lbs since giving birth. I don’t eat fast food or fried foods, I stay away from candy, etc. I eat what Kekoa eats which is good food. For Valentine’s day we got strawberries (minus the cholcolate) for our dessert and ‘treat’. While breastfeeding you can’t limit the calory intake but you can choose what type of calories you put into your body. Now that Kekoa is eating less from me and my supply isn’t very important I am eating less and moving more….the best way to lose weight. I want to lose another 25lbs by summer and 50 before getting pregnant again. I’m down to 190lb! Plus I’m sick right now…I bet I can lose 5lbs from the lack of food. HAHA! I know not the right way to go about it but if I have to suffer then there should be some sort of benefit. Oh oh oh! I have two weeks left of work. Then my real job begins. HAHA! I will have to move my house and take care of a very very active 15month old 24/7. I can’t wait. We are a couple houses down from a park and will now have a backyard! YAY! We’ll be able to go out and play soccer and football. I’ve been teaching him how to throw the football right and he loves it. So, hopefully I will get enough exercise to continue the eat less move more idea.



    An expectorant isn’t drying like a decongestant. It just thins the mucus so you can cough it up. I am pretty sure it doesn’t effect your supply but I just wanted to hear from others. My baby has RSV and will only nurse right now (refuses all soilds) so I don’t want to take anything that will lower my supply. But on the other hand I have asthma and if I don’t take something to help clear my chest then I know I will end up with a perscription.



    I’m using goodstart natural cultures to top off my son’s evening bottle if I can’t pump enough. He’s never had a problem but then again he was 4 months old when i introduced it.



    That is wonderful annie! I am so glad you didn’t have to throw it all away.

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