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    anne- have fun tonight and don’t let the possibility of a leaky breast ruin it! I think that happened to me maybe 3 times. Not very often and isn’t like you start spraying all over, i don’t think my bf noticed it except for the time i told him. don’t worry and enjoy yourself!



    Yeah, if you flinch, yelp, and/or take him off the breast, he will get the hint about biting. Better to do it now while he still doesn’t have teeth! 🙂



    bedrest: Both my kids would eat until they threw up. I ended up finding out that my son has silent reflux and that he was nursing so much to soothe his pain. I hear moms all the time say you can’t over feed a breastfed baby but that wasn’ t true in my case. My son is now 9 months old and still nurses 8+ times a day.



    I agree. Some girls it doesn’t hurt at all and other it is a whole different story. Keep feeding and pumping. Use your lanolin cream to help heal the cracked nipples. Use it religiously! Also, if it gets bad you can put ointments like neusporin but make sure to clean your breast before feeding again. Most won’t hurt Baby but it won’t taste good either. It will get better, trust me! In time your nipples will adjust and ‘harden’ to the suction. Good Luck!



    ToRiMiLi – I am definately not the norm on this site. My son is almost 20months and still breastfeeds. The WHO actually recommends breastfeeding until 2. I love it! It’s so much easier now as well. He drinks fine in a cup and drinks milk during meals. He nurses a couple times a day. I’m also 13 weeks pregnant with my next child. I’m letting Kekoa self wean. It is the healthiest way for both child and mother. My husband nursed until age 3. I was about 2 when I self weaned. Both mothers believed it to be the best thing and research suggests that they are right. If you have any toddler questions I’m here. I don’t comment on here as much because there are other ladies that are awesome but I check in every once in a while.



    Thanks for the input ladies! I ordered fenugreek online and it should be here soon and i went and bought some blessed thistle tonight so hopefully my supply issues will soon be over!



    hey can anyone suggest a good pump…i hv a medela, but its giving me few ml…just hopping its that and not me…hmmm



    proud-mum – Pumping can be a pain, especially if you aren’t a good pumper but have a good supply. I would suggest going that route before formula. I know formula has it’s place in society and has saved lives but it also is filled with junk and chemicals that I wouldn’t ingest let alone feed my child unless it was absolutely needed for his well being. That all being said, I did both bottles and breast last time because of work. My husband rarely gave the bottles because they were for when I was at work but sometimes when he was sick and I couldn’t stay home he would. But this time I’m not. My husband has no problem just handing him over when it’s time to eat. For lack of a better term it’s almost selfish that he would want to take away something as nutritious as breastmilk in exchange for formula just to be able to feed him himself. Not saying that he actually is selfish because there are plenty of men out there that aren’t engaged with their children at all. I wonder if he really knows what is in formula? That breastmilk is good in the bottle but enyzmes do break down. It’s best from the tap so to speak. There is plenty of things he can do to bond with the child. He can cuddle him while he sleeps, he can bath him, to can read to him, etc. Our nightly routine includes Daddy doing Tubby Time. It gives me a much needed breather and some time for just the boys. Of course my littlest one isn’t part of this routine yet. When he can sit by himself then we’ll start putting him into the tub with his brother. For now he can sit on the sidelines. All in all, I would suggest that you feed him instead of your husband but if that isn’t an option for you then try pumping. Be sure that if baby is hungry and getting a bottle that you pump during that time so your supply doesn’t go down. If it comes down to pumping not working then I would go back to just breastfeeding and skip formula altogether.



    I see all the jaundice comments on here. When RJ was born in August of 08 (YEAH almost 13 months of nursing under our belt) we never had to do the light, but our nurse told us nurse often and put in near a window so he could get the sunlight. That worked great for us. I hope everyone’s babies are doing great. I love this forum and the wonderful women who talk it here!
    With the pooping issues my son would go days (like 5 days) without pooping the peditrician told us that was ok as long as when he did go that it wasn’t hard and rabbit terd like. He was like that since he was born. When he got old enough I would just give him a couple bites of prunes…..



    rissasmommy – My son never took a pacifier. Sorry, some babies just don’t like them. He was also lazy. He wouldn’t hold it in his mouth himself. He wouldn’t hold a boob in himself either. HAHA! Now we’ll find one laying around and he uses it as a toy. What he does suck on is the tag to his blanket. He calls the blanket Key but when he’s looking for the tag he calls it Nana. Probably cause that was the sound he made while sucking on it….nananana. HAHA! Instead of a pacifier maybe try something else. A teddy, a blanket, some other security object. I nursed with this blanket always so he became attached to it. I do have two that we switched off with but h does have a favorite. Maybe try that.



    I hate people who just HAVE to share their opinions on raising your kids. My baby is two months old and this lady was practically yelling at me for not introducing formula. ‘Well you better hope you don’t get sick!’ Which was stupid of her to say because if i get sick i pass immunities on to her. I don’t know, she just really annoyed me. I am going to EBF until about a year (that’s the plan, anyway), and i think people should just be more accepting! Sorry to rant, but she really annoyed me.



    expecting – I always would put itin hot water to warm it up.



    alex- I wanted to add that I also agree that having a routine is the key. I co-slept with my LO in the beginning as well. He is 4 mths old now. I started putting him down in his crib at about 3 months old. My routine is that I give him a warm bath first. Then I feed him his cereal from a bowl with a spoon. Then I nurse him until he falls asleep. Once he is asleep I burp him and lay him in his crib. He usually sleeps thru the night. Our routine starts at about 745pm and he is in his crib by 830pm.



    I don’t think I have an over supply though. I mean when I pump both breast at the same time I’ll only get about 1-1.5oz from each for a 10min pump. But like I said, I think my pumping is over kill.


    just curious as to what everyone thinks of breast feeding support cushions. I use the my breast friend both times and think its amazing. Having given birth to two big babies 11lb 6 oz my first at 10lb 7 1/2 oz my second it has really helped me support their weight.

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