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    Hi ladies. I gave birth to my gorgeous little boy on 01/05 at 35 weeks gestation. He’s doing great..but I’m starting to get frustrated. EVERY night he has to do this cluster feed. It lasts usually between 7pm – 10 or 11pm…with about a 15 minute break. The pediatrician says its because he’s gearing up to sleep longer through the night…..butttt he doesn’t. He’s up every 3 to 4 hrs…which is fine, but why the cluster feed?? Anyone else?? Also- I can NOT get him to stay asleep in his basinet. He only sleeps well next to me or on top of me. I’m terrified of what can come because of this…but I don’t know what else to do. I tried rolling up blankets to put around him that smelled like me…to give him the feeling of being held..nopppee. The basinet rocks…so I tried rocking it constantly..nope..
    Tried keeping my hands on top of him..that worked, until I needed my hands!!
    Advice??????? Anyone else dealing with these issues?



    hello everyone.. so my daughter is 14 months old and i am still breastfeeding. we have also slowly started to introduce milk. she doesn’t seem interested in it at all. i know eventually i’ll stop nursing and she’ll be drinking only the milk. i’m just worried she’s not going to transition very well.. any of you have this problem or any advise??
    thanks ladies!



    phatbaby- you could also try using a humidifier. it might make you feel better about the thirst thing.



    ellasmommy, i dont know what that is, but that happened to me a few weeks ago and lasted for a couple days, but they didnt burn they felt more like sore like when i first started breastfeeding. i have read that this could be a symptom of pregnancy…



    butterfly-i went back to wok part time at 3 months and didn’t pump at work and got a huge freezer store that i thought i’d never run out of. at 6 months i started full time. by nine months my not pumping at work started to backfire. i was down to about a week’s worth in the freezer so i called the lactation consultant to confess my sins and get help. i got really lucky because she thought she would have to put my on a prescription to get my supply back to where i was pumping. she told me to try to start pumping at work and if by wednesday i didn’t pump enough to support him to call back. i was one of the very few lucky ones. my body immediately reacted and i have been able to pump enough for him. i think mostly due to all the night nursing i was still doing. most are not so lucky. i would strongly encourage you if any way possible to buy a double pump and do it at work as well.



    Lawson’sMom- I read back as to why you were throwing your supply out! I know the taste you’re talking about from thawed milk. At times I’ll defrost one and give it a taste and to me it’s nasty. But it doesn’t hurt the baby, it’s not ‘bad’ DJ takes to it just like normally. Even really going to town on it. Also all your milk might not be like that! Oh, what a shame!



    Sex finally feels normal now after 10.5 months. The only problem is that we hardly ever get the chance to between dh being away for work and having the baby cosleep, so by the time we try again it has like closed shop again (sorry for the tmi).



    I remember way way back reading about someone’s DD standing on her mom’s lap and nursing upside down and the same mom saying her DD would try to take her nipple with her and thinking there’s no way my DD will ever be big enough or active enough to do that. It seemed so far away. Well, we’re there now, and I love it. Not that I’m a fan on having my nipple nearly ripped off… 🙂



    balsamfir…i had to do the same thing n walmart and a worker told me that n e time i need to bf that all i have to do is ask for a key to the fitting room. i had nvr thought of that. about ur friend… i have the opposite prblm. my sis n law will stare at my boobs the entire time. AWKWARD!! when they r over i go n my bedroom to nurse now lol



    styx – I knew you’d love it!!



    Please help… I have no milk!!! My af returned 2 days ago and since then my milk has decreased and it’s now getting worse. My lo just wants to nurse constantly but there is nithing left and its becoming painful. She is frustrated and unhappy. I’ve started eating oatmeal and drinking bf tea but is there anything else I can do to get back on track?



    Ok I’m sick! So sick with a head and sinus cold. Can I use a nasal spray like otrivin? I am desperate to breathe, I can’t even talk bc I can’t inhale through my nose at all, and now its turning into a cough. Boo hoo



    I didn’t realize the cold medication could affect supply. I’ll just tough it out then. What about Halls? They just have menthol and Eucalyptus oil?



    jeniwalker – I am jealous of the onesies that your daughter can fit in! Savannah barely can fit into 24 month onesies from the gap now. I’ve had to order onesies for 3 yr olds from a special place online! For pants she is in xs (size 4/5!) shorts that have an elastic waistband at gap kids and I have to buy her size 3 or 4T for shirts and dresses, depending on how they run. She is very tall so the doc says that it is ok that she weighs as much as she does because it is proportionate. I’m not sure exactly what her height is now but we will be finding out at her 1 yr appt in a few days. She was 30.5 inches at 6 months. She has always been off the charts for height and weight. She doesn’t look like a freak of nature or anything haha, just older than she is with a pleasant plumpness to her. I just can’t believe she has quadrupled her weight. I’m 5’4 and 113 lbs and her dad is 6 ft and just over 200 lbs, so he is I guess above average in size, but by no means huge. I don’t get it. I do have 3 uncles who are all 6’4 so maybe she gets it from them, who knows? Even though the doctor says she is healthy, I can’t help but worry sometimes in the back of my mind that there could be like an endocrine issue or something. I mean, she outweighs some 3 year olds for God sakes! But again she is proportionate, just a very fast grower I guess…


    Social momma I hope you said that because its funny! Speaking of cute breastfeeding shirts when my son was 2 (in1999) I bought him a shirt from le leche that said I’m a lucky breastfed baby . It was so cute. Unfortunately all his baby clothes got lost in a move or Clementine would be wearing it as well.

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