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    Well, LO turns 1 on the 18th and I’m still BFing! I never thought I’d make it this far! And we found a cup she’ll drink from! That took a while! She refused cottles and sippy cups of any kind but we tried the cups with straws and she’ll take milk from that, thank goodness! And there is no more co-sleeping. She sleeps in her crib all night now. She goes down at 9pm and sleeps until between 7:30 and 11am. Wow, what a year this has been!


    Lovingmomof2- Yeah its sad how twisted everything can get. When people start looking at Breastfeeding as unusual and formula feeding as natural.. You know we have a problem. Also My eight mth old has yet to catch anything even though the rest of us have been sick several times! This whole process is amazing!



    Oh and if your more comfy try laying down with lo to feed. You will get the positioning down eventually but stay calm and keep trying to get baby to latch.



    hi ladies!! I have a pumping question!! My baby is 2 1/2 weeks old and would never latch due to a tongue tie, so I have been pumping pretty much since day 1! I pump and then bottle feed her. How much should i approx. be making do you know? She eats about 3 oz every 4 hours and i pump about 4-5 oz every 4 hours! because i’m pumping and not nursing, how will my body know when to make more, once she starts eating more? should i pump more often? I’m so confused about this! lol I breastfed my 2 year old up until he was 8 months old without a problem and rarely had to pump so I;m not too educated on the pumping! any help, advise and or input would be great! thanks! 🙂



    I agree, usually when you feed milk while sick it does pass on the immunities. It’s a wonderful thing even though breastfeeding while having the chills and throwing up isn’t much fun. Neither is getting up 10 times in the night. Although, chicken pox can be dangerous. Unless baby has had all his/her shots they may come down with it themselves by being exposed. I wonder if you can pump and have someone else feed baby while you are sick? I wonder if the milk wouldn’t be safe? Definately consult your doctor (if you haven’t already) and follow those orders. Or contact your local LLL and see what they think.



    august20 – The pull out method isn’t really reliable because well ovulation can be so everywhere and even what comes out in the very begining contains sperm. I have a friend from high school. She got pregnant as a virgin. Her and her boyfriend’s ‘parts’ got very close but he never penitrated and she ended up pregnant! Get that one! But as for early signs, for me it was the same except for the sore boobs.

    littledebbie99 – I got mine back when Kekoa was 9months, I didn’t get pregnant until he was 17months. My first several periods were about six weeks apart and I thought I was pregnant last September but I wasn’t. Take precaution unless you want to conceive or you don’t care if you do.

    stacka – Good Luck! That’s what we did. Well I didn’t chart anything but we just had sex all the time. It worked!



    Well, I made the awful choice of wearing a silk wrap shirt to work today, had to pump quickly before a meeting and had little ‘drip’ marks everywhere!! Ugh!! I hate pumping!!!



    Hey. I am having some problems. I need to know how to increase supply or get my baby to gain weight. She is almost 4 months old. (longest I ever breastfed) and was up to almost 12pd about 3 or so weeks ago. I had surgery three weeks ago and yesterday I weighed her and she is down to 10pd and 3oz. (clothed) I am afraid the doctor will tell me to give her formula. Emily and I have struggled with breastfeeding for a long time, she has really taken to it in the last couple of weeks, I don’t want to give this up, if you have any suggestions please let me know. Or just let me know there is still hope. I am seeing an LC today so we’ll see what she says
    Thank you



    Cluck, my son has green poo sometimes. According to his Dr breastfed babies poo can vary widely and as long as they aren’t fussy or displaying any signs of illness not to worry about it. If it makes you feel any better contact your ped and get their take on it though.



    OMG 30 oz?? I got excited when I was able to get 4 oz out lol. My boobs are HUGE with just 4…i couldnt imagine 30!



    notsmithers – Do you have a long weekend? Can you do a nursing marathon. I know silly when they get older but what the heck, right? My supply has shot up. I don’t need a lot anymore. Kekoa has one sippy cup full every day. I nurse before taking him in at 7, again at 11:30 before nap and when I pick him up at 4:30. I pump twice daily and only NEED six oz. Well, I usually get around 7-8 nowadays. Today I pumped 10!!! I think it is due to all the snow and hanging around the house for a week! Good Luck on getting your supply back up. You can do it! Have you tried soy formula, just in case? It might work for you for the what ifs? I had a can and used it a couple of times. Now I have organic whole milk and Kekoa is doing fine on it. He gets such a small amount so it’s no problem.



    andante- I was feeling EXACTLY the same as you! Pumping is so time consuming and you feel you have no time with your LO once you get home, make bottles for the next day, make dinner, etc. and all the worry about whether you will make enough milk for him… Let me suggest to you what i did after expressing my conserns on this page and getting feedback from these wonderful ladies. First, i take 12 fenugreek a day and about the same amount of Blessed Thistle. I also take the RX Reglan (not for everyone). For one week, pump an extra five minutes after the last drop when you are at work & pump for 5-10 minutes after your LO nurses. Just for one week. I did that and i now get 15 oz when at work and I only need 12-15 for the next day. I also pump one side first thing in the morning & LO nurses on the other and gets full. That always gives me a little extra just in case. I usually end up freezing it. Also, drink LOTS of water. Drink a full glass of water 1 hour before you plan to pump. I always get more when i drink a lot of water. I drink about 132 oz of water a day. I know that seems insane, but I am a thirsty person anyway. Yuo can do this. I think abotu giving up all the time because it is so time consuming, but I have to think about the health of my baby.



    angie2008 – Oh and be sure to do it every day at the same time. You want your breasts to get used to it and know what’s happening. I’ve heard of women not getting their breaks often or drastically different times and then loosing supply or not letting down. Good Luck!



    I think its really sad that Motilium isnt available in the US. It is awesome for increasing milk supply and there are no side effects. I do notice i get headaches sometimes but if i increase my water intake they go away so this could be form breastfeeding, hormonal or the tablets.. not sure.
    I take it 3 times a day and now have no supply issues even when she is off her milk for a few days my supply doesnt drop. It takes ALL the stress away from supply issues and worrying if she is getting enough. She is 8 months now and feeding better than ever. Literally.
    I have no doubt we will make it till she is 1. I wish you could send drugs through the post and i would send you all some! I think you can order it online though if your in the US. I highly recommend it for anyone having supply problems..



    i have a question: Can you mix a defrosted EBM with a freshly expressed to get a full bottle?

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