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    I am 3 weeks away from Evin’s 1 year birthday and all of a sudden, I’ve stopped making milk during my lunch time pumping session! For the last 2 days, I’ve been only able to pump a few drops. The weird thing is that my breasts are full but nothing will come out. I called my lc and she said that maybe it’s time to let that feeding go and just continue my morning and evening nursing sessions and go ahead and introduce cow’s or soy milk at least 2 more times a day. I’m going to keep trying the rest of the week but if it doesn’t improve I guess Ill be down to 2 feedings a day. I can’t believe my baby is getting so big already!



    Morning Ladies:) You all seem to be ‘long time’ Breastfeeders…have any of you gotten your periods? I’m still really new in the game considering my little one is only 3wks so i have awhile yet to worry about that. Are any of you on any type of contraceptives? I’m just curious as to what my options are for birth control while still breastfeeding? I dont go for my post-partum check for a few more weeks and i was just curious…



    n2moola- i used to have a similar problem with my lo when she was born. i found that with the one nipple, my right when i held her it was uncomfortable for her so she wouldn’t stay on. I used a boppy for a while until i built up strength to hold her to her liking. It will get better just use lanolion (sp?) cream on it and it’s safe for the baby too. Some babies do have a preference of one breast over the other and it’s normal. Just keep putting your lo on that breast and it will heal in time. hope this helps, angie



    I have gotten up in the middle of the night to pump since my LO started sleeping long stretches. I only pump 4 oz and stop, but it has allowed me to stash plenty of extra milk. Its a pain in the behind!! but I’ve gotten so I can do it pretty much in my sleep.
    I’ve never been a good pumper at work, in 3-4 sessions I get about 10-12 oz, but luckily I’ve been able to keep up. I’ve never pumped more tham 5.5 oz total at one time, but Raynor will be six months this month, and hasn’t had to have formula.
    So don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a good pumper!



    Brie – I got mine at 4.5 months. However, my good friend has a 13 month old and still hasn’t had hers!!



    Thanks Bri. I enjoy giving her my breastmilk but she is 1 in 2 weeks and i will be relieved to be able to stop pumping! I think i will anyway 😉
    If im pumping how do i wean to whole milk. Half or should i give her a sippy with milk? I dont want to cut back the pumping till i know she can havwe the whole milk with no issues.



    I nursed my daughters until almost one year but my sis is a big advocate for prolonged nursing (her daughter just turned 3 and she still nurses a couple times a day). I’m not one to judge I was just wondering why someone would continue to do it when they are fine drinking regular milk at one year. I guess I never considered the extra health benefits or brain stimulation. Thanks mommies 🙂


    Since my baby is 15 months, I no longer take Fenugreek (I figure whatever he gets at this point are bonus nutrients and not his main sustenance). But, when I did take it, I took 4 pills, 4 times a day (16 a day). I did this for several months and was fine, though I did smell like a maple syrup factory, and so did the baby’s pee. My husband was very happy when I stopped taking them b/c he couldn’t stand the smell, but they worked and helped me make the milk we needed to keep going.



    …hoping, not hopping haha



    Amber – the playtex ones didnt’ work for my little one either. I just recently bought and tried the Smoothie kind, which is in the shape of the hospital pacifier and it worked!



    dazieoo- It is possible for you to relactate…sounds like you aren’t fully dried up. It can be very difficult to do though. I would recommend Google-ing it and finding out as much as you can before starting down that path though…it could be more work than you want to attempt. Good luck making a decision!



    So frustrating. I just posted a big long post and it disappeared 🙁 Argh!!



    Thats so crazy. I know a lot of people who talk about comments they receive while breastfeeding, from complete strangers!! Luckily for me I only had to deal with the ‘you’re STILL breastfeeding?’ from my own family. Went a year though in spite of it. It was hard not to get defensive though. I just like to tell them that my son is in daycare and to this day has never had an ear infection or anything worse than the common cold!


    I’m having some difficulty nursing my 10 day old. She will only take the first part of my nipple in her mouth and not the areola. It’s quite painful at first, but it does tend to lessen as she nurses (or maybe I just get used to it). She is getting enough milk, so I know she’s suppressing the milk glands enough and I’m not concerned about it from a nutritional stand point. But from a comfort stand point, it is killing me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I didn’t have this problem with my first who was an excellent nurser from the beginning so I’m not sure what to do. Thanks!!



    Maybe your ovulating….just a thought

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