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    jeniwalker – That is not right! Can’t you forward your dh some decent articles on the benefits of extended breastfeeding? Would it matter to him that it so healthy for your baby still and that much of the world does it? Also throughout human history it has been the norm, before formula was introduced?



    Jessica, you make a great point about size. Many moms want their kids to grow into their shoes. This may be ok for a pre-teen that’s growing out of shoes faster then his parents can make the money to buy them but not for toddlers. They need to be right. I’ve also been advised not to share shoes. That each child needs their own. I’m iffy on that one. Chris’ first pair of shoes doesn’t look worn at all. The soles still look new. Although, I think Alex already fits into those so I doubt he’ll be wearing them when he learns to walk.



    lawsons mom, u can also try little chunks of avocado. its pretty easy to find organic avocado. i have to stop my son from eating the whole thing lol he loves it!



    7 weeks old today.
    started out 6.13 at birth,
    6.8 by the time we were home,
    6.12 at 2 weeks
    7.4 at a month(8 ounces in 2 wks. BAD!) ..started formula
    8.5 by 5 weeks(formula and breastmilk)
    8.10 by this week and wasn’t on formula a for a week. so five ounces in a week is pretty low.
    …honestly, I don’t feel that is enough ounces gained in a week besides the formula week when he gained a lb!
    …the fact that he sucked the formula down this evening and perked up makes me feel my choice is correct. Also he’s sleeping more then 45 minutes for the first time in a week. …poor guy. I seriously have tried all I can think of but I m not willing to risk his weight. hes 7 weeks and under 10 lbs. my first was 12 lbs by this time and started out a lb smaller then him. He doesn’t look health. We were taking him in weekly to the pedi and all and our beginning was a rough one but all that aside I need my kid healthy.



    Arrrrgh. I’ve been saying I’m going to ferment some oats and just haven’t gotten around to it with all that’s going on. But I guess you inspired me, Leslie. It’s not just Bri’s genes (and, as such, her sister’s). I just hate the slime. But you’re right. It’s worth it to not stress about it. Plus, I’m going to be watching some kids (ages 8, 5, 3, 1) to bring a bit of extra cash (they’ll let me bring Zoey! yay!) and I don’t think I can keep up with them all and nurse her all the time so I’ll want to bring some bottles just in case. Whew! It’ll be a handful but it’s so much better than leaving her and I like the idea of her getting to play with little kids…she’s so intrigued by them anyway. So slimey oatmeal, it is. I think I can….I think I can….



    Lawsons-I am so extreemly happy for you! Your such an insperation



    Jessie- My daughter does the same thing, she’s 6 weeks tomorrow. I’m so empty by the end of the day that she’s usually feeding for up to an hour and a half. Last night she fed at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 and 9:45 to 10:45, phew! She’s been doing that since about 4 weeks.



    noah colts mommy – I didn’t know until several months ago a joke was made. Then it dawned on me. HAHA! Doesn’t matter to me. I think it’s great. Ooohhh but I was thinking. I saw something somewhere and it was making me think. Leslie, so how does it work? Is Keri on the birth cert. or is it just you? Does she have gardianship? I’m just curious.



    Hello ladies, if anyone can offer advice or similar experiences, please message me on my page rather than respond on this forum. When my daughter was 2w4d old (she’s 7w2d old now) I started taking the mini pill, as I was advised by the nurses at the hospital when she was 4 days old to start taking it in about 2 weeks, so I did. I have noticed over the past few weeks that my milk supply seems to slowly be dropping, (I pumped a couple of weeks ago, only pumped just under 100mL (around 3.5oz) from BOTH sides, where as I used to be able to pump around that much from EACH side initially, sometimes close to 6oz per side) and after some research it appears that because I started the mini pill before ‘6-8 weeks PP’ that that may be the cause of my dropping supply. I do know that as your body adjusts to your baby’s needs that your body can start reacting differently – less leaking, etc – however I can no longer pump extra milk like I could initially; I produce what she needs and that is it, some feeds it appears she isn’t getting enough. I didn’t take my pill today and I am not going to continue taking it as I want to see if that is what is causing it. I have a parents group tomorrow and I am going to ask the lady who organises it, as she is an LC and child health nurse, and see what she thinks. I found some nursing tea (I live in Australia and it’s the closest thing to ‘Mother’s Milk Tea’ I could find without having to buy it online) which I will try out if my supply doesn’t go back up after a couple of weeks. I just want to make enough to know that she’s definately getting enough at every feed and to be able to pump as well so that I can always have some milk stored for her. Any advice or stories you may have would be great to hear, and again please message my page rather than respond on this forum. Thanks in advance!



    Nelsons First Baby: My sister has 3 kids that all slept through the night after the first month. They never had formula and did not have any rice cereal or solids until after 6 months. I am not so lucky though. Both my kids 3 1/2 months and 2 1/2 years do not sleep through the night well.


    scarlet- i have terrible posture since pregnancy… nursing is making it worse. My back is shaped like an s. It’s driving me crazy. I think it looks terrible but my husband says it’s not so bad (he’s just being nice i’m sure) anyway I did a lot of research and everything said to do palates. I do a palates for posture video a few times a week… it has helped with the pain but I still see the s shape…boo hiss… I’m sure it’s a matter of strengthening the muscles to help stand straighter like Bri said…also I’m large chested and that doesn’t help at all.



    mjs – Congrats. No worries, there are many things that are confusing. You ‘ll pick up on it. It means exclusively bfing, meaning no formula, water, solids. It is recommended to EFB for at least six months by the WHO (world health org). Extended breastfeeding is normally considered breastfeeding past a year but the WHO recommends breastfeeding until age 2 so I personally look at extended breastfeeding as past 2 years. As for pumping. I don’t pump anymore. I did with my first but since I’m not heading back to work this time around I don’t do it except when my son doesn’t eat very well. He’s never had a bottle so my other son will drink it if I do. As for the best time. Since your baby is sooo young I would do it right after a feed so you have the longest to rebuild your milk before your LO is hungry again. I might wait a little while before pumping just for the reason that your baby may be hungry every hour for weeks. Also, you don’t want to give a bottle for several more weeks so unless you are planning on freezing the milk it’ll go bad within a week. Lots to learn about pumping. HAHA! But we’ll all be here if you have questions. Again, Congrats! Glad everything is going well for you.



    for the co-sleeping question: i’ve posted this before, but it’s great and what i’d recommend for safe, warm co-sleeping



    Either that or Puerto Rico! Sounds like Bouza has an amazing Ped! I’ve seen a doctor for women and infant’s health when Alex needed his tongue clipped. She was a doctor that specialized in lacatation. That was awesome! But, she’s not a normal Ped. I do love my doctor though. She’s a mom of three boys and breastfed them all. She knows what I’m going through. HAhA!



    I have green eyes and Tim has blue eyes. Ella still has blue eyes. We have brown eyes in the family, but we hope they stay light. Does anyone know when they are permanent? LIke i know they can change later on, but what age?

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