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    I wish now that I had read up more on BFing. I also thought it would be easy and had no idea how difficult it would be to start! The first night at the hospital, Katie slept 7 hours straight, we thought ‘wow, already a good sleeper!’. Little did I know how bad that actually was and it wasn’t until my midwife came the next day that we found out. By that time she was sleeping and not interested in eating. It’ll be interesting to see how much easier (if at all) the next one is after all we went through.



    deeyore – Thanks – it’s amazing what our bodies know. Like how to grow a baby from scratch. Wow.



    I’m not sure unlatching would work because she stirs very frequently to find my boob if it doesn’t happen to already be in her mouth. I have to keep finding it for her, because when she does lose it, it goes under her cheek and she can’t locate it again lol.



    Ok so I started Fenugreek to build my supply back up. OMG! 24hrs. later I had pumped an extra 2oz. Ladies this really does work. The only down fall is that everything smell like maple syrup even your urine!



    CJSMOMMY:One of the first comments I made after my daughter was born was that my boob was bigger than her head…in fact 11 months later that still holds true! Babies are actually born with their nostrils flared out so they can safely nurse without being smotheredâ€they are designed for it! If you’re worried about starting a BF relationship, talk to the hospital, or your pediatrician’s office. You can always call a local La Leche League member (you can find them in your state here: for more assistance. APRILROSE: My lactation consultant made a profound comment when I was stressing about my daughter’s lack of weight gain. She said something along the lines of: “You trusted your body when you were pregnant. You didn’t worry if the placenta was working right, or that your uterus was working right. Why don’t you trust it now?” At that point I let go of all the fears and worries. Even though my daughter didn’t gain weight quickly (3rd-10th percentile for the longest time), she met all of her developmental milestones, she pooped after every feeding (which was ever 2-3 hours) and we used (and still do use) cloth diapers so it was very evident that when she peed, she peed gallons! She was fine, I just needed to chill out (which is easier said than done). As mother’s it is part of our job to worry about our children, it is just unfortunate that we tend to blame ourselves and our boobs for every little issue our babies have. Remember, trust your body, trust your baby, and trust your instincts!



    I’m going to contact a lactation consultant this morning… or at least try to… but perhaps you ladies here may have some insight… I’m exclusively breastfeeding 17 month old twins… They are on solids now too but still nurse several times a day. I am also 15 weeks pregnant with another child (surprise…lol) Neither one of my babies are ready to wean… And the more I try the more they want. So I’ve decided to make sure I eat lots, double up on my vitamins, let them take the lead and keep breastfeeding… I’m not sure what I’m going to do once this other baby is born… Maybe if I could somehow grow another breast life would be fine! LOL jk I’m not sure about health risks (for me or them) and how I’m going to time manage this… Anyone else in this boat? (even with a singeton…) Thanks!



    oh the reason i didnt pump was because i had chickenpox all over my breast. it was extremely painful to have the pump pop the chicken pox blisters everytime i pumped…which also increased risk of infection….I also was having to pour out the milk i pumped because of the meds they gave me in the ed for the chicken pox. Even though last night I had a great amount of milk today I have had none…so I did dry up. we will be using our frozen supply until it runs out which I am hoping will last a few months.


    Anyone have time to answer a question about ttc?



    Well ladies, We’ve made it to almost 5 months. Breastfeeding is amazing and I still love it. It’s so great. We just started solids and my DD doesn’t like cereal. LOL. At least not by itself. We’ve done Carrots, Squash, and Sweet Potatoes. I can’t believe we’ve made it this long without supplementing. I am so proud of us. LOL! I hope all you ladies are well. 🙂



    So we had Kekoa’s 1 year appointment yesterday. I asked about the benefits of cow’s milk at age 1. Our ped said that the only reasons that we would need to start cow’s milk was if his head was too small or if I wasn’t making enough. She said that many moms stop making enough for their babies around this age so they quit. I owe everyone here for helping me find techniques to keep my milk flowing at higher levels. So anyways, we have decided to hold off on cow’s milk for several more months. When I finally do decide to wean then I will start introducing it but for now we are both enjoying every bit of breastfeeding.



    Mrsdenney: have you tried all the typical herbs and natural remedies to get a better milk supply (oatmeal, fenugreek & blessed thistle)? A lot of women who have LOs in the NICU and don’t get to BF have supply issues, so don’t think you are alone. Let us know what you have tried and maybe we can tell you what to try next.



    I don’t know Izzie. Think of it this way, how long ago did you have sex? Remember it won’t come back possitive for weeks afterwards. Again, don’t worry yourself yet. I’m sure this one time didn’t do it. I tested three times before I was convinced it was negative. I was having all the symptoms and more. I was even having ‘morning sickness’ HAHA!



    notsmithers – Another thought, I nurse during my lunch. It is a big committment but it’s well worth it. Are you are to? I’m lucky enough to have Kekoa 1.6miles away. I run over and spend my lunch with him 11-12 every day.



    So are there any bfing mom’s who are having major cramps?? My son is 17 weeks today and for the past like 2 months I have been feeling like my AF is coming but never does. I know breastfeeding can cause cramps, but my hips,back, everything hurts! I even resorted to a hpt, or 5, which were negative!



    Funny story. About two months after I went back to work I was doing my mommy thing and had my door shut. I even put a DND note on my door. It doesn’t lock. My install manager needed to give me money. He knocked and I told him I’m busy. He opened the door saying ‘I just need to drop…’ I dived under the desk and he shut the door. We all got a good laugh. He doesn’t open my door if it’s closed anymore..

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