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    I second what ozbaby said. It is available in Canada and that’s what I took when I lost my supply due to Ava not latching to a nipple shield correctly. It worked like a charm, and the only side effect I had was that my bowel movements were a little softer than normal.



    If anyone has any suggestions for a feeding/pumping schedule that would be awesome. My son is 4 weeks old and i finally bought an electric pump but have no idea where or how to come up with a feeding/pumping schedule.



    rebneter- i use enfimil lipil with iron (however you spell it) on occasion for my LO. she seems to do fine with it. I’ve tried the gentalease and she spits it out. but formula sure does smell bad & the poopie diapers (YUCK). i can certainly tell when i have given my baby formula by the smell of that poopie diaper!



    Have any of you had to deal with Postpartum Depression? If so, what are you doing for it? I have had depression in the past and have had to take medication for it. But now I’m concerned about taking meds again while BF.



    tiffsept15- what kind of pump are you using? manuals take longer and you have to work harder for the milk. I use a double electric the medela pump n sytle and I pump in 10-15 mins. Keep going to get your supply back it, it will happen.



    dannii-Sadie is the same way. She loves to nurse and then ‘play’ with my nipple. what has worked for us is that when she stops swallowing and starts playing, I lay her down with a pacifier and she plays with that. I used to let her play, but since I started pumping on tuesday my nips are a bit sore. But the pac works great for playing.



    Kym, I’m so happy you have had positive results. I was so hoping I would too! Actually, no one told me there was side effects. I had no idea why I was acting the way I was. It was crazy. It wasn’t until I starting looking into the drug that I found out that there can be side effects. I encourage anyone to try it but be careful when doing so. If someone has had depression or anxiety in the past I would steer them away from it. Those that haven’t I would say try it but have caution.

    Thanks Angie! That makes me feel so good. As for needing to suppliment, two months is a long time. You may have a surge in supply as your baby gets older or your baby may not need as much. My son was never a big milk drinker so he stayed about the same from about 4 months up til about 8 months. At 8months he was eating normal meals and drinking milk out of a cup at school. A long weekend is coming up. Can you do a nursing marathon to see if you can boost the supply?

    Brie, the other ladies are right. It really depends on you. I can’t even say it’s genes. My oldest sister never gets hers back until she completely weans. My other sister was over a year before she got hers back. My came back last September so Kekoa was 9months and some change. But like I said above. He was eating three full meals and two snacks plus breastfeeding by then. I’ve also heard of moms that EBF and get it back within a month. How horrible is that! It’s suppose to be a benefit. No periods for a couple of years. HAHA!



    jess0402- What do you mean bf is messy? Just need a little clarification on your question…



    Campimama – I spoke to my Pediatrician at our 9 month appointment about what to do if I cant breastfeed anymore. My supply was dropping and I was about out of freezer supply so I didnt know how much longer I would last (its back up now though). She said if I stopped in the next two months he would go on follow-up formula, but anytime after 11 months cow’s milk is fine because he is getting what he needs from solids. I’m sure she is taking into account his weight and height because he is in the 75th percentile. And my pediatrician is very pro-breastfeeding so I believe what she says and she wasnt pushing formula on me at all. Hope that helps!


    skjunior–The whole milk is rich, so it may take several days before your lo can drink more than a few sips. I also give my 15 month old soy milk (and have since he was 11 months) in his sippy cup. We alternate b/w soy milk, whole cow’s milk, and crystal light in his sippy cup. I still nurse him 1st thing in the morning and right before he goes to sleep at night.



    WOW this morning when I woke up I pumped 15 oz!!! That is crazy.. I think? The Oatmeal and Motellium are really really helping with my breast milk producion. Any more ideas on things that boost Breast milk producion?



    Hi ladies — how long after your period is your output low? Last week I had my first one, and had a dip – today, I have only pumped about 4 oz… I would usually have about 7-8 oz by now. I’m nervous, I went through my freezer supply last week…



    jessica- i just weaned my 1 year old this week. I eliminated a feeding every Friday, starting with the ones in the middle of the day. What I suggest to you, instead of totally taking away, say that 10:00 am feeding, just let your baby have a little sample of the breast at 10:00 am, not drain it. Just let your baby drink until let down, then offer a bottle. That way your breast won’t get super engorged, but your body will learn to produce less milk. Then a few days later, you can try to totally eliminate that feeding. Then a few days later, try the 2:00 pm feeding. Hope this helps. Good luck!! It went so easy for me. We are down to just breastfeeding before bed, and it isn’t much milk for him.



    Is it odd that I only feel the letdown feeling (tightness/tingling/needles) wheN I’m not nursing? I know he’s getting milk and I am positive that there is a letdown while I nurse but I never get that feeling while actually nursing. I also practically never leak….is this okay?



    EllasMommy23 – I’m sorry you had to go through that. You can find many reasons for why formula is not as good anywhere on the Internet. I would have told her that I wouldn’t put those chemicals inside my own body let alone my childs. HAHA! I would have also told her that my child would be healthier if I DID get sick since I pass those immunties on. Plus the intelligence levels of those breastfed are much higher and you’ll be sure to let your child know what his or her employee’s mom said about that. HAHA! I get so sick of those who have to tell us how we feed our children. How many times do you see a mom get critized for giving a bottle…never!

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