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    lorelaismom – I wish I could draw you a picture, its so much easier to explain. My nipples are HUGE so I have a similar problem. 1st – make sure the baby is opening his/her mouth WIDE before letting her/him latch. 2- you can try to grab your skin on either side of your nipple on the areola and stretch it gently side to side, making your nipple more narrow and then offer it, latch, then let go. It was a trick a lactation consultant taught me so that baby has more breast in the baby’s mouth


    1byFaith – I’ve heard about the eggnog thing, but I got to tell you, I’ve been drinking eggnog pretty much daily since I found it the day after Halloween (I’m crazy about the stuff, it’s a sickness really!) and haven’t noticed any differences in my supply on the days I drink more. Oh well though, at least the eggnog is making me happy! lol


    I have an over-active let down as well. When it lets down she has a hard time staying with it and it sprays all over. It makes those public feedings a little more difficult. Not only am I worrying about staying covered up, but also about making sure to have the burp rag ready to catch the sprays when she can’t keep up.



    babybean3 – I would contact a lactation consultant. Many times it may not be a supply but a delayed letdown which causes baby to get frustrated and pull away. This may lead to a supply problem if baby keeps pulling away and not actually eating. A LC would be able to help you latch on and weigh baby before and after. This is the best way of telling how much baby is drinking at one sitting. She’ll then try to give you the best advice on what’s happening.



    Just did the math – 6 weeks is prime time for a growth spurt. It will be over before you know it!



    First timer-when you say “exclusively breast feeding” does that mean you have not introduced any solids yet? I certainly know parents who do not introduce anything but BM until 1 year or later, but if you really think it is hunger related, it may be time to start feeding him solids. Otherwise there are a few different techniques you can use to help a baby sleep. He is old enough that he should be able to sleep the night without waking, but he likely wants the comfort of mom. Have you tried a paci or encouraging him to suck his thumb? He may have a strong suck reflex and be using you to sooth. Have you tried a special bedtime animal or blanket? Keep giving him different options, and he will likely glom on to something to sooth himself. Some parents I know play the radio so if their child wakes up, they feel comforted by the music. Have you tried sippy cups/bottles of water or BM instead of nursing? This may satisfy the hunger, but help him grow less dependant on you specifically. Lastly, there is always the “cry it out method”. You pick a Friday night and just let him cry for 5 min..go in and comfort him without taking him out of the crib (even if he doesn’t quit crying)…do this a few times, the up it to 10 min…then up it to 15 min…then 20..etc. They say don’t let a baby cry solid for more than an hour, but eventually he will start getting the hint that you’re not picking him up. Eventually he will exhaust himself. I know of kids who fall asleep leaning against the side of the crib, or sitting up, or in crazy positions. Each night gets easier and easier (or so they say). It typically doesn’t take more than 3 or 4 nights if you’re consistant. Lots of my friends swear by the Healthy Habbits Happy Baby book. Fortunatally, we never had sleep issues, but hang in there, you’ll find something that works for you and your family. I’ll be praying for you!



    The important question is, how do you feel about it? I co-sleep with my 11 month old. She wakes up to ‘sleep nurse’ a couple of times at night. Then at 5am. Does she need the milk? No. Does she need the comfort? Yes. Do I care? No. I love the private time that we share. In a few months, this will never ever happen again. I am cherishing every moment. When I got pregnant I knew that it would be a long while before I had a full nights sleep. I love cosleeping and i love nursing so I am in no rush to end either one. Go with what you feel is right.



    okay so now i have a pretty TMI question here… so my lil guy just turned 8 months old and i havent had a period yet, but maybe once or twice a month i will notice just a little blood tinge when i go to the bathroom. but thats not my question, my question is, is it normal for me to have soo much discharge? I had a lot while pregnant and am annoyed that it hasnt gone away. i frequently run to the bathroom thinking maybe my period has arrived but its not.



    seuban0 – It’s really different for everyone. Does she eat a lot during the night? I know when Alex is on an eating rampage at night I feel completely empty in the mornings. With Chris I was always full first thing in the morning and NEED a good feeding. I feel most full after lunch around naptime. I think it’s because I’ve got food in me and ready for a relaxing couple of hours.



    Lawsons Mom – That’s so happy. Not about throwing the milk away but because you are able to scald your milk. Even if it wouldn’t hurt her some babies just won’t drink it! Chris was one of them. He would rather starve then drink sour tasting milk. I’m glad you can start again.



    Hi ladies, I have been exclusively pumping for 9months, the LO turns turns one in August. My goal is for the one year mark on breastmilk, so I would like to know how do I stop producing milk? I pump 6X’s in a 24hr period. I don’t want to be engorged or get an infection. My goal is to be pump free for her one year bday. Thanks


    hey 4 week old is EBFed and has thrown up twice due to over not concerned with him throwing up..however i was concerned over the consistancy of his vomit..its almost completely solid (exactly like thick cottage cheese) and smells very sour..he doesnt vomit all the time like isaid..its only been twice..and the two times were two weeks apart so the chance of it being due to what i was eating is there spit up supposed to be this thick and sour? the doctor said its probably fine and is most likely because of what i ate..just wanted your guys’s opinion…i remembered my daughters spit up was think..milk like..and she was formula i figured brreast milk being the best it wouldnt be so icky spit up..anyhoo any advice would be great



    cmmbear – that’s great! i would love to do that but i would seriously be a wreck the next day :S since i had glandular fever, i really can’t do without my sleep or little sleep. even last night, baby was being fussy (bf and formula, he had a grump) and at 2am, that was it for me, i passed out even though he was crying and hubs took over. i know how bad that sounds, but i wish i could tell you girls how much gf has affected my ability to do even the most basic tasks sometimes. i don’t have it anymore, but my stamina has seriously been affected. i don’t let it get to me as much as i used to, i just try to look after myself, take my vit b’s, keep my vit c intake up and my immunity in good condition and sleep well. but the sleeping part when compromised leaves me with days like yesterday – i slept (passed out) all morning, headaches all afternoon, high blood pressure, nauseaus, generally feeling unwell. it’s fine and dandy now when hubs is home, but what about next week when he goes back to work? eeeek



    You can buy it without it. There are still some formula that don’t have it in them but that’s becoming more rare. Some cow’s milk also has it in it. Again, you can buy without it.



    Well I have officially gotten through my first week of breastfeeding (3rd baby tho) with no bleeding or cracked nipples! Yaaay! I started feeling that intense pain that comes right before the cracked nipples and immediately went out and bought the nipple shields you ladies reccommended. Now i feel like I can breastfeed forever! This experience has been nothing like my 1st two where I was always in tears when feeding.

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